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Title: Internet Messages from Br.MichaelIreland of Rockhampton, Queensland (Australia)
Post by: Private on 18 January 2009 at 13:27
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Racial greetings to my fellow White brothers and sisters. My name is Bro. Michael and this is the Internet Hotline message of the Church of Creativity in Rockhampton https://creativityalliance.com/category/australia/queensland (https://creativityalliance.com/category/australia/queensland).

This message is being brought to you on Monday, 5th of January, in the 36th year of our beloved White racial religion, Creativity. For more information on becoming a member of The Church, or some general information, please view the "What We Believe" section of this website at "What We Believe". Obtain a copy of the true Bible for the White Race, "The White Man's Bible".

Let me first wish all fellow Creators and other Racial Loyalists the best wishes for the new year that lies ahead of us.  Whilst one must admit that the years are becoming more difficult to live within, due to the increasing amount of racial miscegenation, anti-White propaganda and just plain stubbornness of our racial enemies, that we are still here, still fighting is a sign that we will never give up.  In the year 36, the Situation Must Be Fixed; throughout 2009, We Must Stand Up For Our Kind.

As you have probably seen on the latest media broadcasts, the year has started with the usual hatred that is spewed forth from Israel against the native ethnic owners of Israel/Palestine, from which the Jews have illegally occupied their land for over 60 years.  In response to the Jews crackdown on resources and facilities that they govern over for the native Palestinians to live with, the Palestinians have shot a few rockets into Israel.  Now, perhaps the Arabs should have done something a little bit more diplomatic - after all, they have no seat on the UN Security Council (neither does Israel ... oh wait, there is the good old U.S.A. who always backs them !!) and each time another fellow Arabic state tries to stand up for them, such as Syria or Iran, the U.S. always rushes in with a veto or threats of war/attacks on those countries.  So, the Palestinians have limited resources given to them (think water, electricity, etc) and no diplomatic recourse - naturally, they do what they can do and the best that they can do is shoot a few rockets into Israel.  Now, since Israel is no dummy, they would have set up a zone around the Gaza strip, in the which over 90% of the rockets would land without injuring any more Jews - they really do look after their own.  So, when I see an Australian federal government member say that over 3000 rockets have been fired into Israel in the last year, I wonder why we haven't been told by the mass media about how many dead Jews that there are due to these attacks.  Because, these attacks are inevitably a futile gesture of defiance; yet, despite this nonsensical approach, Israel uses this slap across the face as the one and only reason to march into the Gaza strip, after bombing it into submission.  Yes, Israel has bombed into the next Stone Age the Gaza strip once again and the rest of the world just looks on as if it is nothing wrong with the situation at all.  The first bombing attack that was really publicized was that of one  where the Israelis wanted to give an arrest warrant to the leader of Hamas - so, they bombed his mosque he was teaching in, killing both him, his wife and four of his children.  How can anyone say that that was not just an overkill ??  I have seen the TV cop shows and handing an arrest warrant means going into the person's place, handing them a piece of paper and then arresting him there and then.  There was no dropping of bombs onto a religious site, there would have been some negotiations and there sure was no indiscriminate killing of other innocent people who just happened to be in the same place.  Surely, there is no justice here and one must wonder where the UN is and their position on the current situation.

Now, it is amusing that we should admit that the UN is as about as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike, most particularly in this situation.  The first thing that we ever hear from the UN,whenever there is an outbreak of war, is an immediate end to the hostilities and that both sides should come to the negotiating table.  Silence, that is what we hear from the UN.  Yes, there is not one word whatsoever.  Indeed, as of the last time I looked, the UN Security Council are still in a stalemate regarding the wording of their statement about the slaughter of the Palestinians in their own land from an oppressive occupying force, who has been killing them for over sixty years.  How much longer does any group of people or just people in general need to take to make a statement about the killing of innocent people in their own land ??  Have you asked yourself - why are they worried about the wording of the statement ??  I have a statement that they can use - "We reject any and all claims that the Jews have to the Palestinian homeland and that their constant genocidal tactics must be stopped at all costs".  Feel free to use that one guys, not a problem !!  Oh wait, I better get the US's approval first because each and every time that anything negative about "Israel" comes up, the US ambassador gets a text message from the Israeli ambassador saying that they should just veto it.  Is that being a tad cynical ?? Perhaps.  Still, that the greatest institution to world peace, the UN, cannot make up its mind to create a statement about the event that is happening in real time - hey guys, they have done the bombardment, now they are going for a land attack with tanks and soldiers !! - then how effective are they really.  Or are they crippled from within ??  Now, let us not forget that in Israel at the moment, there is their own political machinations going on - particularly who is going to take over control of their respective party in the upcoming elections.  The top two contenders for this bloody crown are the Defense Minister and the Foreign Minister.  Mmmmm, how convenient that a war that is causing massive concern to the larger diplomatic community has just occurred ??  What a co-incidence that the Defense and Foreign Ministers are in a showdown for the leadership and that a foreign war can do so much more to help their individual cause !!  Let me construe something here - if the war ends (and with no high number of dead Jews) with a massive show of military might, then one can assume that the Defense Minister would be shown in the best light; on the other hand, if it was due to the concentrated effort of the diplomatic corp who somehow manages to eke out another cease-fire, then their campaign has been given a massive shot in the arm.  Am I wrong to sense that this war might only just be an exaggerated public office campaign propaganda ??  I hope someone tells the dead, the dying and the scared Palestinians that.

So, another year has started and already we have seen just how arrogantly our racial enemies are, in their continual demand to be recognized as the top dog.  If nothing else, these first few days are showing to the White Folk out there that there is no hope in a larger non-political group coming to our rescue, to save us from against the racial enemies that are hell bent on destroying us.  If the UN cannot even make a statement, let alone send in the armed forces that it has available, to solve a problem where a massively superior armed force is killing the ethnic inhabitants of the conquered lands, then they will basically ignore anything that we say.  Even if we can show them proof that over the last century the Jews have been constantly undermining the White Folk, encouraging racial miscegenation and destruction of all of our values, they would do even less - look at the news tonight and see how many more buildings are being blown apart, people kicked out into the desert as refugees and innocents slaughtered in the some sort of political game and then see how they cannot even agree to the wording for their first statement !!  People are dying here and now and yet the UN are still more concerned over words on a piece of paper ??  The only way that we White Folk are going to end the constant suffering that we are now enduring is to do it ourselves and with the help of the World Church of the Creator, we can overcome any obstacle that is placed before us.  Yes, it does look hard but I suppose that people thought that the conquering of the West, through Manifest Destiny, was hard - but we did it !!  I would have thought that the creation of a massive hydro-electric dam on one of the biggest rivers in the continental US was going to be hard - it was but we did it and the Hoover Dam is still there today !!  Each time we see a grand vision before us, we know that it is going to be hard - there is no use in cotton-wooling the truth of the matter - and yes, I bet that people died to achieve the dream.  However, look at what we have achieved.  From the time of the Roman Empire, when each emperor worked out where to go next, they knew it could be done and done it was - through hard work and diligence.  That was why the Roman Empire was the largest empire that we have known in Europe.  That is why we are able to sit down in the US and look across the entire country, from coast to coast because we believed that it could be done and through a cause (Manifest Destiny) it was achieved.  That is the spark that we still have in each and every one of us White Folk out there - it is the creative spark that the World Church of the Creator is trying to fan up into a blazing might that crashes through barriers and makes the world a better place.  I will not lie to you and say that it is going to be a piece of cake - for it will not be.  I am not going to lie to you and say that no loved one is not going to lay down their life for our Faith - because our racial enemies will use any tactic that they can get their hands on, through blackmail, smear campaigns, accidental deaths and even outright murder, if that solves it for them.  Our racial enemies are not like us, believing in the rules of the game - they are very different from what we can even think of.  Look at what the Jews are doing right now in the Gaza strip - bombing universities and mosques, just to kill one person !!  You and I will balk at that, but they do not - yet they will demand that if we did the same thing, that we are the most bad of all the nasty people out there, whilst they continue to do the same thing.  We must stand up and make things right, here and now.  Get out into the streets and peacefully demonstrate against the oppression that White Folk are undergoing each and every day.  Talk to your fellow White work colleagues and friends and inform them of the situation that is going on right here and now.  Spread the word of our most Glorious Faith and the positive message that is within its worlds !!  It is only together that we can achieve that which we White Folk are good at doing - succeeding against the odds.  From the days of fighting the elements on the Ice Age tundra, from slugging it out in foreign lands around the Mediterranean to conquering new and different lands, we have done it all together and with a common purpose.  Creativity gives you both the purpose and the means to make this world a Whiter Brighter World here and now !!  Let us do it now and show the inferiors that we will not be cowed or  beaten into submission.  RaHoWa !!

That shall do it for this week's message. Call in again next week and let us win this RAcial  HOly WAr !!!!
Title: Re: Internet Messages from Br.MichaelIreland of Rockhampton, Queensland (Australia)
Post by: Private on 18 January 2009 at 13:28

Racial greetings to my fellow White brothers and sisters. My name is Bro. Michael and this is the Internet Hotline message of the Church of Creativity in Rockhampton https://creativityalliance.com/category/australia/queensland.

This message is being brought to you on Monday, 12th of January, in the 36th year of our beloved White racial religion, Creativity. For more information on becoming a member of The Church, or some general information, please view the "What We Believe" section of this website at "What We Believe". Obtain a copy of the true Bible for the White Race, "The White Man's Bible".

As we progress through the year, we already see just how much confusion and chaos that is occurring in the Western nations over the current state of Israel - the sheer genocidal tactics that they Jews are using in their wanton blatant destruction of all Arabs in the Gaza Strip - yet they cannot make up their mind about what to do.  It took the U.N. over three days to issue a statement and even then it was so watered down as to be almost a throw away tag line.  Naturally, the U.S. abstained, as it doesn't want to peeved off the rest of the world and yet cannot be shown to disobey its master in the form of Israel.  Whilst lots of other people out there are talking and writing about the situation in Palestine, I am going to discuss one of the problems that is causing the West from making its mind up - Christianity.

Now, I know that most people who read this column have it already burnt into their retina that I am extremely antagonistic towards the Christ-insanes and that platform is never going to change.  I have personally witnessed and suffered at the stupidity and madness of the Christ-insanes for more than twenty years and it still tears at me just how much these pathetic piece of garbage religion controls the hearts and minds of our leaders, especially.  It must have something to do with the Constitution or the way the government is made up.  Before Christ-insanity even entered Europe, it was already a joke amongst its own native population.  In the Palestinian area - how ironic !! - it was considered to just be another sub-branch of Judaism (a little secret that the Christ-insanes would like to not admit, that they are just a branch of that insufferable Jewish religion) and was along its way to a dead end, much like the Essenes ended up being.  Then something happened and it is still in secret about exactly what happened.  According to the Christ-insanes, a person called Paul Who Was Also Saul came along and turned this little cult on its head and set it up for the spread amongst the Gentiles.  Or maybe it was that the Jews in Palestine were getting a tad worried about just how much their own culture was getting Hellenized by the conquering Romans and their tag-alongs, the Greeks, and so twisted this sect into a weapon to use against the occupying forces.  We will never know for sure but the point I wish to make is that right at the very beginning of this religion's history, its fundamental core belief structure was changed into something that was more palatable for the widespread masses.  Along the lines of, but on a much greater scope than, the name change of the British monarchy during the First World War to something more English-sounding, the Jewish sect was transformed into a multi-cultural message that had nothing to do with the original message.  It is rather ironic to think that the Jews were the only group or ethnicity to nearly fully resist the assimilating quality of the new Christ-insanity - maybe they were inoculated ??  In short, Christ-insanity, within a few decades of its birth, was twisted into something opposite of what it was meant to be - so for over 1900 years, Christ-insanity has been based on a lie.

What was the original Christ-insanity and how do we know about it ??  Well, it is actually due to the new Christ-insanes that we know anything about their predecessors; for, in their early writings, they wrote what were called "apologies" (a statement reflecting their opinion on a subject, usually in a negative connotation to the prevailing society).  These apologies were directed at how wonderful the new-and-improved Christ-insanity was and that the older versions were just plain garbage - and used the older versions' own words against them, as they lined up the pros and cons of the new version.  So, that is why we know that the original Christ-insanity was wanting to just follow Jesus as an inspired Jewish leader and nothing else - not as the savior of the world blather of later groups.  That is why there was so much fall-out over the idea of eating meals with non-Jews.  That is why the new Christ-insanes could not understand why they were not allowed to eat the food of the Gentiles - if they were to convert them over a communal meal, why not eat the foods that the soon-to-be convertees were to eat ??  Everything from the core belief that Jesus was just a human being (though inspired), that there was certain foods that could not be eaten (surprisingly, they were shellfish and pork, amongst others) and that you could not eat in a communal meal with those who were not of the Jewish faith to begin with.  That, my dear reader, was what the original Christ-insanes were all about - a bigoted, close-minded group that really hasn't changed much in the centuries since then, except to change themselves to gain more power (another Jewish trait that was maintained from the very beginning).  This was all changed to gain converts and they changed because several "theologians" of the new Christ-insane twisted their words and made up different statements just to suit their own agendas.  It is amazing just how many different versions of Christ-insanity there was in the early centuries and it has been noted in several books that if you went from one village to the next one, both would claim to be following the true version of Christ-insanity and that the other village was just plain evil - there was that much difference between them.  As it was, the Christ-insanes' most holy book, the Bible, was condensed and sorted out many centuries after the fact - so what was written in there is not the truth as it speaks about the events within; instead, it is what the new Christ-insanes wanted to be the truth but they couldn't quite go hell for lather in their editorial duties.  So, that is why there are many different versions of the "core books" as well as copies of other books that were deemed blasphemous.  Some churches would only recognize one book or none of the core books at all - are you confused, I know I am.  However, this is what it is all about - all this confusion about the beginning of this evil religion is so convoluted and so intricately detailed that if you do not have an open mind, you would go insane trying to make it fit your own belief structure.  I suppose that this is why the modern-day Christ-insanes prefer to gloss over the origins of their sect, in favor of the lovely things that they have done since.  Another Christ-insane tactic - ignore that which is uncomfortable.  As well, they will state that they believe because they just need to believe; I personally like Tertullian's quote, as it seems to be more apt - 'I believe because it is absurd".

If you are wondering where this is going, let me begin to conclude now.  Throughout the history of Christ-insanity, the Christ-insanes have cheated, lied and glossed over everything that is controversial or inconvenient for others to know about, just to maintain their grip on power.  As the centuries rolled on by and rational thought out-swayed religious dogma, the Christ-insanes have tried to insinuate their way into anything else that will allow them to maintain their grip on power.  In the courts ("In God We Trust"), in governments (swearing on the Bible) - all these little touches are there to remind the rest of the world that Christ-insanity is still a power when it is more likely thrashing about like a dying beast, not wanting to give up.  Yet, even when it dies its inevitable death, the effects it has left us will still haunt us for years to come.  How many decisions made by our leaders who were all good Christ-insane folk are going to drain our coffers ??  How many times have the decisions to convert the natives because of some quote in the Bible could be twisted to suit the moment in time and allowed White Folk to die or be tortured ??  How much hand-wrangling has there been because the leaders were trying to work it out in their heads, as compared to the "Good Book" ??  Look at the tele-prophets today on your various TV channels and listen to what they are saying - donate this money to them to make it a better world.  Donate your time and effort to make some pathetic savage somewhat closer to being human, not because it is the best thing to do but because I want to have the most "people" converted award and beat those other Christ-insanes over there.  Donate your time, money and effort to our noble cause because if you do not, you will burn in some fiery furnace for all eternity.  Yes, through their love of fear tactics and their twisting of their own words, teh Christ-insanes are more concerned not with your "soul" but with your bank balance and how much influence you can wield in their cause.  That is how they managed to win their way through to becoming the official state religion of the Roman Empire - not through a ground-swelling, grass roots support but because they convince Constantine the Great that it would be a good idea to use their religion.  Lies, deceit and washing away the inconveniences of the truth - that is what Christ-insanity is all about and that thought, that mode of leadership is what they have handed down to all of Western governments since Constantine.  No strong ruler to rule because he is the best one for the situation at hand; never mind that we need certain things done at a certain time, it is more of how much can doing this make me ??  That is why our governments are so weak-willed, caught up in their own legislation and diplomatic maneuvrings and that is why our racial enemies can attack us, because they know just how much of a lie our whole society is based upon.  They attack the weak-willed in government, to help their own causes.  They pay massive amounts in campaign contributions towards the elected officials and then they tell them to do what they are needing them to do because they will be outed if they don't.  And because our own officials are still hungover from the lie that is Christ-insanity and that they see that they will be humiliated if they are caught out, they do what they are told.  Never mind that if there is an outing of the events that our racial enemies are also caught in the spotlight - we have been conditioned to think about the effect on ourselves rather than having the truth broadcast out live.  So, for example, if a Jew pays large amounts of money to a Congressman's campaign, who then gets elected and is told by the Jew to keep supporting the various legislation to keep giving Israel cheap no-interest loans or low-cost weapons to bomb the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip; and if that Congressman has a pang of conscious and doesn't do what he was told to do, the Jew will then threaten to show the world about his bribe-taking.  Never mind that the Jew will also been shown in a bad light - as a bribe-dealing, racist little pig - the Congressman, due to his nice Christ-insane upbringing, is more concerned with his own personal salvation and that having taken a bribe is more worried about that than the damage he can cause if he continues on.  This is the horrid afterbirth that Christ-insanity has left behind since its creation.  Never mind the community, just think about yourself.  Personally, I think that the apple didn't fall too far from the tree.  To conclude, even though Christ-insanity is no longer the force it once was, it is still present to stifle and hamper the White Folk in its rise to the top of the mountain peak of success.  We must not let this negative thinking and backward religion color our thoughts and deeds any more.  That is why we have Creativity and the World Church of the Creator here to help lift you up and make this the Whiter Brighter World that will happen if you make it so.  Do not believe because it is absurd - believe because it can be done.

That shall do it for this week's message. Call in again next week and let us win this RAcial  HOly WAr !!!!
Title: Re: Internet Messages from Br.MichaelIreland of Rockhampton, Queensland (Australia)
Post by: Private on 27 January 2009 at 13:58

Racial greetings to my fellow White brothers and sisters. My name is Bro. Michael and this is the Internet Hotline message of the Australian Church.

This message is being brought to you on Monday, 26th of January, in the 36th year of our beloved White racial religion, Creativity. For more information on becoming a member of the The Church, or some general information, please view the "What We Believe" section of this website at "What We Believe". Obtain a copy of the true Bible for the White Race, "The White Man's Bible".

It would be remiss of me to not make a comment about the rise of a nigger, as our Beloved Founder, PME Klassen called them, to the ultimate pinnacle of power - President of the U.S.A.  People in our Faith are not that concerned about the rise of this black because we always knew that something like this was going to happen - it is just an extreme expression of how our racial enemies are controlling our world without showing themselves.  As well as, PME Klassen said in our Holy Books that our racial enemies are pumping the black blood of Africa in our White veins and Barack Obama is the face of that despicable crime.

To start with, there has been numerous legitimate concerns about Obama's citizenship, which one would think was already proven without a doubt.  Except that there are concerns, such as the lack of an original birth certificate, among others.  Where this will lead into the future, I do not know but I also found it convenient that just a month or so ago, Obama went back to Hawaii and, whilst there, there was a massive power outage.  Being the educated person that I am, I know that power surges can destroy computer hard drives and it is also very easy to lose paper copies of events, especially if they are decades old.  Did you know that Obama was said to have been born in Hawaii ??  I will let you think about that when you hear later on that all the hoo-hah about his birth legitimacy is all laughed over.  Of course, besides his birth, there are his actual parents who must be looked at to determine just how much they were interested in the affairs of our race as well as our great country.  Obviously, Obama's pure black Kenyan father who was only visiting Hawaii when he knocked up Obama's mother cares for nothing about the White Race nor about the state of the U.S.; indeed, he died nearly two decades ago in a drunken car accident, back in Kenya, without actually doing anything to acknowledge his son.  Now, this is typical behavior for all blacks, especially those who come from the heart of the jungle, like his father.  A drunken slob who has unprotected sex wherever he is - and there is a saying that the acorn doesn't fall too far from the tree.  And how about his mother, the so-called lovely lady from Kansas who allowed herself to be treated like a slut for Obama's father's lust ??  Well, she obviously doesn't like the White Race either and not just for this one-time incident - after "Barry's" conception and birth, she then went off and hooked up with an Indonesian man, and had several children to it as well.  Confirmation of her hatred towards White Folk ??  I don't suppose that it gets much more obvious than that.  As well, it was with a male from a country of know Muslim extremists who also hate all things the U.S.A. has encompassed and loves ??  As one can suspect, right from the very beginning, our new President has been had an education in hating all things White, all things American and is more concerned with getting what he wants than what is good for the country as a whole.  Let us continue with his rocketing career in politics !!

I often wondered why there was no blacks running for the President of the U.S.A. that had a better pedigree than this Obama character.  The only one that ever comes to mind is Rev. Jesse Jackson and I have heard about him a lot, in the newsreels and the newspapers.  Mainly, it is about some so-called "injustice" somewhere which was really just a storm in a teacup scenario but at least he was out there.  Later on, I also learned that he has great power in the black community as a whole because he was present with Martin Luther King when he died, so, I guess that makes it some sort of power player in the black community.  So, why did this most influential black not get elected to power ??  Now, you look at Obama and see his wonderful record in politics. *Tumbleweeds roll on by*  Yes, Obama has done practically nothing to become so notable to make him a presidential nominee.  A mere senator for less than two terms ??  A couple of committees that no-one has heard of and now, he is President ??  At least, Hilary Clinton knows the address of the White House and has the practical knowledge gained from her husband to help her out - yet, instead they decided him over her ??  If you look at the opposition, you will see that McCain was a senator for much longer and had more intimate knowledge of our the political system worked; as well, he has actually fought in a war and knows just how much our own troops are suffering.  Governor Palin actually ran a state, passing laws, enacting statutes and ensuring that the profits coming in were put to the best use possible in her own part of the world.  A step up to the Oval Office would not have been such a dramatic step as others had foreseen.  So, with the caliber of opponents on both sides of the face, why or how did Obama become even elected from obscurity to be the Democratic party nominee let alone actually attain the highest office possible ??  Of course, the Democrat party had a wonderful ally in the stupidity of George W. Bush; whoever stepped into the Republican shoes had to wear that albatross around their neck.  Perhaps this is how our racial enemies go about their business ??  They select certain people, maybe overtly but most certainly covertly, and wait for the best opportunity to enact their plans.  Bush II had lead this country to a place where no one really likes being, causing great distress amongst the populous - making them want a change, a more fundamental change than going back to the opposite party change.  Whoever followed Bush II on the campaign trail for the new election was a lame duck to begin with - they just got the best that they could in case the people learnt the truth.  So, what did the Democratic party do, in this upswell of support for more-than-normal radical change ??  Handpicked delegates, one was a women and one was a black.  It did not matter who won, per se, for the populous was more than happy to have a significantly different change to happen just because they needed it to be changed.  Yet, the black man was one that had nothing going for it - no great diplomatic deeds, no massive political contribution to either a state or federal level; just plain and boring.  And safe.  After all, we wouldn't want a radical black in power - like, oh, I don't know, like Jesse Jackson - now would we ??

The final part to this essay should entail the dramatic inauguration ceremony of Obama's Presidency.  If you thought that it looked like a revivalist church meeting, then you were not that much mistaken.  Rock stars of all stripes, coming along to show support for this radical change in all things, so as to promote their own desire for radical change in their own campaigns (Bono, is the most obvious example).  Actors who are also on their own agenda as well, notably Tom Hanks who is known to hate certain groups of White Folk.  They were there so much as for their own causes than for anything that had to do with the first black man in the Oval Office.  In a way, it is quite sad for Obama.  Here were all these people saying such wonderful things about him but not for him, just to show their faces in a public cause celebre.  He was not picked because he was the best of the best in political acuity or such.  He was picked because he was a viable black person who was needed so people can be shown that they have an opportunity to make a change.  A nobody who will not, nor should not, make any massive re-organization because he has no personal agenda (like Rev. Jesse Jackson), has no major wars to win (like President Truman did) and is only there because others told him that he will be.  Will people remember Obama for anything else except as the first black President ??  Of course not, he is nothing but a stooge, a puppet as much as President Bush II was, except that he is slightly more eloquent than his predecessor.  He is also only half-American and not even a true African-American, as its father came directly from the jungle (indeed, his paternal grandmother cannot speak a word of English, which is unusual considering that Kenya was once a protectorate of England and has spoken English for the last 70 plus years).  He has no known political aptitude (at least, Bush II was a governor of Texas) and most importantly must rely on his own promoters to tell him what to do or otherwise he will be pulled down, in 2012, if not before.  Is this Obama any greater source of change than Hilary Clinton would have been (nice to see that she got a cushy job after the elections were over) ??  Even worse, any change that does come from his office will surely as not originate elsewhere, making him even a bigger pawn than others who have held that position.  He has already made the now-mandatory obligatory mention of support for Israel, so, I guess the U.S.A. will not be supporting the call for war crimes charges to be leveled at the Jews.  In short, all I can see from this new president is nothing spectacular at all.  However, for White Racial Loyalists of all stripes, it shows to us the truth that we all have known for many years now - our racial enemies are pushing forward their agenda towards the extermination of the White Race.  As it was noted in the exit polls that over 90% of the blacks voted for Obama and less than 40% of non-blacks voted for him.  The blacks have been empowered, the White Folk has been emasculated - one day the blacks will be encouraged to take out their innate hatred out on White Folk without any reason.  Not quite like that today, but we are more closer than before Obama was elected.  Basically, if the White Folk need to join together so that we can fight back against the push off the precipice that is behind us.  One day, if we do not do anything, we will look back and hope for the days of Obama, seeing them as better than the current days.  Let us make this the time to stand up and fight for our rights, to support all fellow White Folk out there and we can all make a difference for the better.

That shall do it for this week's message. Call in again next week and let us win this RAcial  HOly WAr !!!!
Title: Re: Internet Messages from Br.MichaelIreland of Rockhampton, Queensland (Australia)
Post by: Private on 03 February 2009 at 12:55

Racial greetings to my fellow White brothers and sisters. My name is Bro. Michael and this is the Internet Hotline message of the Church of Creativity in Rockhampton https://creativityalliance.com/category/australia/queensland.

This message is being brought to you on Monday, 2nd of February, in the 36th year of our beloved White racial religion, Creativity. For more information on becoming a member of The Church, or some general information, please view the "What We Believe" section of this website at "What We Believe". Obtain a copy of the true Bible for the White Race, "The White Man's Bible".

At times it is sometimes difficult to see how the White Race is going to overcome all the obstacles that are before us.  In our Holy Books, the idea of the struggle is central to the way that we are progressing in our lives, both metaphorical and literal.  Each day that we are moving forward, we are in some form of a struggle and there is nothing out there to say that it will be any better at a later stage or not.  Life is one continual struggle and it is best that we get used to it as soon as possible.

Life is always going to be a struggle no matter how we would like it to appear to be.  It begins from the moment we are conceived, when the sperm was competing against the others for fertilization.  With the act of conception, the struggle continues again, with the various genetic replication errors that need to be weeded out.  As well as the internal mechanisms at work, there are the external forces at work, from the food the mother eats to the environment she is living and working in.  Even the act of childbirth is also filled with complications, with many things that are liable to go wrong - not getting the child out quickly enough, damaging the baby by accident, etc.  Afterwards, there is then the growing up and facing those common childhood diseases that we all know so well - measles, the mumps and the common cold and 'flu.  All of these diseases are just as likely to injure or even kill a child as anything else.  As we grow up into adulthood there is also the consequences of our actions, affecting the way that we are now living - do I get a trade or do I goto college, do I date that person or that other one, do I take up rock-climbing or not ??  Each day we are faced with decisions to make and the consequences of making those decisions.  Each day that we are moving forward, we are encountering new and sometimes dangerous situations that we are not necessarily prepared for - in other words each and every day that we are alive, we are in some form of a struggle.

Now, this is not a defeatist and depressive attitude that we Creators are taking !!  No, there is no Kool-Aid to drink here.  It is just explaining the reality of life that is out there, right now, in front of all of us.  Reality is something that we Creators and White Folk the world around should embrace with the fullness that is the wonder of Nature.  It is a core part of our belief structure and it should be faced each time we are about.  When you wake up in the morning, there is that urge to not goto work or to have greasy eggs and bacon for breakfast versus a bowl of cereal.  Each day we are bombarded with the ever-evolving germs and viruses that our body has learned to defend itself against or, if not right now, then to learn quick before it takes over.  The choices that we make are just as important to the outcomes of our struggle as the environment around us.  For example, we are more likely need to bolster our immune defenses if we are working in a hospital situation and if we have a weak immune system, then we should work elsewhere.  Most importantly is that we should realize that we cannot become more than what we are capable of being and recognizing our limitations is something that is also important in our struggle.  White Folk are at the pinnacle of of the evolutionary ladder and within our collective gene pool we have the talent to overcome all the obstacles that are before us.  The struggle that began millions of years ago has converged into a solid group of people with all the capabilities of doing everything that we can set our mind to.  If you cannot do a set task, then you know that you have recognized your limits and are able to handle that part of life.  As well, you, as a member of that wonderful group called the White Race, know that there is someone else out there who can do the task that you yourself cannot do.  All you have to do is find them.

In the end, the idea of a constant struggle is perhaps the best way to describe the way the White Race has crawled up out of the muck to become the best of the best.  Despite the various natural environmental disasters that have been cast at us, we have survived and flourished.  We have fought off invaders from the microscopic scale to the those bigger than us - and those who could not stand up to muster were weeded out.  There is no reason why we should have to keep the inferior amongst us, those that will weaken us in total.  That is why we are in another type of struggle today, not just for ourselves but for our children as well.  Each day we let the inferior races stay within our society, we are being subjected to unnecessary diseases and violence - just in my newspaper today, there was another Asian gang war murder.  The invaders bring with them diseases that we were once wiped out in our societies, sometimes decades ago, and yet we are once again introduced to them again.  Tuberculosis, bubonic plague (yes, THAT plague!), whooping cough - all have returned with the influx of the savages into our midst.  Add to that the genetic weakening through the race mixing and you can understand why we are in a new form of a struggle than once before.  The struggle today is to overcome the malaise that has drifted onto the shoulders of the White Folk.  We are no longer needed to be demoted, put down or emasculated any more.  Each time we see an incidence where a White person was put down to promote a non-White, we should stand up and yell out that it is not right to demean White Folk in any form !!  We must make our voices heard loud and clearly at every single injustice that is against our own Kind.  And it must loud not for our racial enemies to hear (for they already know that they are in a struggle against us), no, it must be loud to wake up our fellow brethren.  We are in a struggle for our racial identity and it is through our unity and inner strength that we can overcome all obstacles that are before us.  Wake up our fellow White Folk and then they, too, can take up the banner of racial loyalty.  The more people that we can awaken, the more that can help us in ways that we are not yet cognizant of !!  Together, we can fight our way back from the edge of the abyss and make this a Whiter Brighter World for us all !!

That shall do it for this week's message. Call in again next week and let us win this RAcial  HOly WAr !!!!
Title: Re: Internet Messages from Br.MichaelIreland of Rockhampton, Queensland (Australia)
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Racial greetings to my fellow White brothers and sisters. My name is Bro. Michael and this is the Internet Hotline message of the Church of Creativity in Rockhampton https://creativityalliance.com/category/australia/queensland.

This message is being brought to you on Monday, 9th of February, in the 36th year of our beloved White racial religion, Creativity. For more information on becoming a member of The Church, or some general information, please view the "What We Believe" section of this website at "What We Believe". Obtain a copy of the true Bible for the White Race, "The White Man's Bible".

This week we will be discussing the way Nature has evolved us towards the pinnacle of the evolutionary ladder.  The White Race has been through a series of trials and tribulations to become the best that it can be and it is important to note where we came from and how we got to where we are today.  For we are all subject to Nature's Eternal Laws, just like the flowers in the field, the bacteria in our gut and the fish in the sea and are not above these same laws.

When life first began on this planet, there was no way any sentient creature would know who would still be here four billion years later.  That is because of these laws that have been governing the universe since it first came into being.  If we look at the fossil record, for nearly two billion years, the only real form of life on this planet were microscopic bacteria and plants.  How they came into being is something that we will probably never know for certain - the planet's rough and raggedy beginnings would have created countless opportunities for life to form - whether through clay molecules, in the froth of our first oceans or along the scummy edges of tidal pools, we just do not know.  Yet, when life did first occur, then came along the many challenges that it had to face.  There was still impacts to avoid from space, the oceans were constantly changing their chemical constituency, as well as, the constant volcanic activity and the gaseous output that help kick start our atmosphere.  Each time one of those single celled organisms split in two, there was a chance that a genetic flip-flop would happen and that it just may be useful in some way or other - or not, as the case may be.  Millions of potential life forms died and never realized their full potential because at the time of their creation, they were not up to snuff - whether the atmosphere was too toxic or their was a "bigger fish" around - something made sure that they did go on with their inferior genetics to produce more of the same.  I personally suspect that this was the reason why there was such a long time in the first stages of life, from single celled organisms until something a little bit more substantial, like algae or jelly-fish.  They had to go through a competitive stage and, as a result, the best form of life won.  Even as the creatures themselves were changing each time, so was the world around them as well, forcing them to adapt again and again.  Suddenly, there was a lessening of impacts, the oceans became more simplified, plate tectonics started to occur and even the plants themselves changed the atmosphere by giving out the waste product called oxygen.  Which in itself created another opportunity.

As life adapted to the new environment, so did the ways that they could adapt increase.  If we look at the Burgess Shale Formation in North America, we can see that life went through even more different stages than what it is now today.  At first, the creatures that the scientists discovered were almost life aliens from another world, rather than home grown goodies.  As it was explained, us humans are based on have two arms and two legs - yet, over 600 million years ago, we had creatures based on having three, five and six appendages !!  Life constantly changed and adapted to the world around themselves, each time it was in response to a set environmental condition.  The bacteria did not decide one day to become a piece of algae; the crab did not crawl onto the land and start shooting web from its rear because it thought that since it looked like a spider, it should act like one !!  No, each step forward was based on the consistent changes that was happening in their genes, as well as, in response to the environment around.  Those who could adapt, or improvise, overcame the obstacles that were about them, to continually improve their situation.  As the eons went on, so did the changes.  Each time something new came along, it was tested in the real world, to determine if it was worth keeping and, if not, it was dismissed out of hand.  It was not a conscious thing that made the reptiles grow into the dinosaurs that we know about today.  It was all part of Nature's Eternal Laws, the same laws that were in effect from the moment of this planet's creation.  As life on this planet evolved, so did the changes that we now see in our own selves, the human race.  We are the pinnacle of that evolutionary arms race.  It is not because we are more powerful - an ant can carry more than its own weight, unlike us; it is not because we can withstand extreme cold, like the cod with its anti-freeze equivalent; it is not because we can kill a creature twenty times our size with one single bite, like a king cobra.  No, we became more powerful in our right due to the changes in our brains, coupled with our manual dexterity.  As with the ape family, to which we belong to and evolved from, we took the next step forward, much like our ancestors did from the sea to the land.  Each step forward was in response to those Laws.

The question now remains as to what is the White Race doing today that is pushing us down and keeping us from attaining our full potential ??  We are still in that same state of competitive evolution, just like we were, back in the primordial soup.  From the original human species, we have again evolved into the separate races, each in response to the environment around us and within us.  The White Race was the one who pushed the envelope and developed new techniques, as we needed to do so.  Perhaps it was because of the ice-covered lands of northern Europe that forced us to think ahead and prepare, build new devices for survival, that same survival instinct that has been in each living creature since time immemorial.  So, why have we not yet tapped back into that same instinct ??  Is it because our racial enemies have told us that it is bad, in some way ??  Is it because we have not got that instinct anymore, removed it because it is like the ape's tail - useless and redundant ??  Well, the answer to that is simply put as - baloney !!  Yes, our racial enemies are using every trick in their book to keep us from pulling away from their rut, pitting ourselves towards a better position on this planet.  They want us to be like them - but we are not like them at all !!  Look at the other races and see them without your rose-tinted glasses on.  See have basic and primitive they are, even when they are given all the technology that we have.  Note : I said, "given", because they sure as heck could not have made up or thought of all those devices and feats on their own.  Since they cannot create without us, the White Race, they surely do not want us to leave them behind.  The other races need us, plain and simple.  They need our innate creativity, that spark which drives us forward each and every day. That spark is the representation of our basic instinct, the same instinct that kept us going all those thousands of years ago.  It is not redundant in any way, shape or form.  The struggle to survive is one of the basic laws of Nature and to give up on it is like racially lobotomizing oneself, turning yourself into a drooling, hunched-over walking zombie instead of the proud strong in both mind and body White Folk that we know we are.  Each day we can look around us and see the products of our inventiveness and the need to survive.  We do not need the other races - they need us.  So, if anything, they are the redundant ones, the evolutionary dead ends and cast-offs.  We White Folk are the best and we are the prime example of the last 600 million years of evolution on this planet.  We do not need to be dragged down to the level of the Asian, the black or the Jew - they can fend for themselves without our help.  We do not need them; we are capable of surviving and thriving on our own without the need of others.  Why ??  Because we fought the battles within ourselves and our environment and won - those who lost are dead and out of the gene pool.  Now that the battle has been fought within ourselves, the White Race does not need to introduce more of the enemy within ourselves.  Do not race-mix, do not poison yourselves and we can continue our way forward to the next step in our exciting journey !!  Do you want to fight and win for our own Kind ??  Is it not the only way to be, to reach the top - that is why we do apprenticeships or goto university; that is why we train hard at our sports; that is why we spend hours twiddling away at our hobbies - to become the best in our endeavors.  There is no need to accept second place and, in Nature, second place is just the first loser.  Stand tall, feel the strength that our ancestors gave us and use that instinctive creative spark that lies within us White Folk and you, too, can help make this the Whiter Brighter World.

That shall do it for this week's message. Call in again next week and let us win this RAcial  HOly WAr !!!!
Title: Re: Internet Messages from Br.MichaelIreland of Rockhampton, Queensland (Australia)
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Racial greetings to my fellow White brothers and sisters. My name is Bro. Michael and this is the Internet Hotline message of the Church of Creativity in Rockhampton https://creativityalliance.com/category/australia/queensland.

This message is being brought to you on Monday, 16th of February, in the 36th year of our beloved White racial religion, Creativity. For more information on becoming a member of The Church, or some general information, please view the "What We Believe" section of this website at "What We Believe". Obtain a copy of the true Bible for the White Race, "The White Man's Bible".

This week ahead of us, we are going to be celebrating two of the most important Holy Days of the year - Klassen Day and Founding Day.  Each of these days represent an integral part of our Glorious Faith and are essential to understand, if one is to become more in tune with our religion.

Klassen Day.  The day that our Beloved Founder was born, the 20th February.  Unlike other "religions", ours has a factual and realistic date of birth for our Founder because he existed as a real person does - there are no astronomical observations to be made about his date of birth !!  PME Ben Klassen was born in a small Russian town, from German parents.  He survived the Russian civil war that resulted at the end of the First World War and his family eventually moved to Mexico first before settling in Canada, where he grew up on a large ranch.  In his autobiography, he tells of his joy in working hard, as all who work the land do, and the great inspiration that the forces of Nature surrounding him, gave to him.  For an inquisitive man - who would later go on to earn an engineering degree - he saw the effects that being one with the laws of Nature would have on everyone who followed those Eternal Laws.  As well as being an engineer, PME Klassen was also a miner, a teacher and finally ended up selling real estate, thus, giving him a full round education in the many facets of our human society - seeing everyone from blue-collar workers through to family-orientated men and women, looking for a way to settle down.  He invented the first electronic can opener too, from the revenues of which later allowed him the luxury of learning more about the world around him.  In short, he was an educated man who was used to hard work and never shirked his responsibilities in any way or shape.  As an example that the rest of us can follow, there can be no other one better. 

Founding Day.  The day that Rev. Matt Hale designated as the beginning of our Glorious Faith, 21st February.  To begin with, Rev. Matt Hale did not suggest this particular date as a Holy Day, as suggested, because we needed to have two days in a row like the Christ-insanes do with their Christmas and Boxing Days.  No, on the 21st February, 1973, PME Ben Klassen published our Glorious Faith's first Holy Book, Nature's Eternal Religion.  That book set forth the way we should learn about Creativity and the World Church of the Creator.  In it, it starts with the way PME Klassen discovered and learn about these Laws, seeing them in action from his childhood and onwards.  Other chapters in the first book explain how the problems facing the White Race began, how they are continuing and how we can recognize them, so that we can teach others about the same problems that are facing us all.  However, no matter how much we would like to sit back and "enjoy" the gloom and doom that we know is around us, wishing that it will just go away like a bad dream, we know that we cannot just let it slide away into the mud tide that is rising onto us.  Indeed, in the second half of the book, he tells us that there is hope, that there is a chance for us to reclaim our birthright, just like we once had so many years ago.  It is not just empty promises of vague "castles-in-the-sky" stuff either.  No, PME Klassen shows us, in this Holy Book, the many chances we have of moving onwards and upwards, with simple common sense practices.  Yes, we know that this is a problem that will not go away as if in response to a genie's three wishes.  And yes, there will be pain and anguish before it is all  over !!  However, we have a action plan that can work, we have the knowledge of not only that there is a problem but also of the solution to it.  PME Klassen in this first Holy Book gave us all the information that we need to become better than what we are today.  To help stem the mud tide and to push it back into the filthy sewers that it came from.  That is why we can hold our heads up high - because we have the truth before us, here and now.

These Holy Days are more than just an excuse for us Creators to take a day off work and lounge around in front of the television, watching sports or the Playboy channel.  They serve as a reminder of what we are and what we can achieve once we start down the road of being a Creator.  Like PME Klassen, we need to first recognize the problems that are in front of us and then look for an answer to solving them - by ourselves.  There is no mythical "pie-in-the-sky" being that is going to help us by a wave of their hand.  There is no universal rule of chance or karma that is going to help us just as much as it is going to hinder us.  No, as PME Klassen showed in his life, the only way that we can achieve anything is by doing it ourselves, collectively as a whole and as an individual, we can move, literally, mountains.  PME Klassen, when working as a hard rock miner, did not extract the ore from the ground all by himself.  He had help from the other miners, he had machines thought of, designed, manufactured, delivered and piloted by others to help in the same enterprise.  He did his job just as well as the other workers on the site did.  Individual actions within a collective society can gain massive bonuses for all involved.  And as one becomes better at what one does, so does the opportunities arise for one to move upwards in their chosen profession, thus leading to even more advances for both the individual and the whole society that benefits when you do your job well.  When PME Klassen was in real estate, he made people have opportunities for owning their own homes, of having places for them to lead solid lives, rearing families and enjoying their life because he was good at what he was doing - just like the surveyors who plotted the new estate, the concreters who made the sidewalks and the builders who created the homes.  Knowing that we can do this is something that can be found by just reading our Holy Books, especially Nature's Eternal Religion.  In that book, PME Klassen shows you the prize that can be achieved and both the problems that are besieging us now and the solutions to those same problems.  Never in this book did he say that it was going to be easy - it will be a struggle - but that is how life has always been, right from the get go.  That is the reason why would should be celebrating these two days in particular - to look at the situation that is afflicting the White Race today and see the solutions to those same problems.  PME Klassen was not someone we should put on a pedestal and worship - he flatly denied all that "hero-worship" as belonging to a degrading cult movement.  No, we look to PME Klassen as an example of what we can do with our own lives - he went from the same situations as we all do, each and every day.  He smoked (but gave up) and certainly drank alcohol and lounged about every now and then.  But he also worked hard both as a child on the ranch, as well as in college and his working life.  He set himself up and learn about Creativity before devoting his life to spreading the word.  He helped the rest of us have the opportunity to know about Creativity and make our White Race succeed like it once was doing before the slide downwards.  He wrote our Holy Books, to give us a guide towards this worthy goal.  Like an adrenalin rush through a resting body, he jabbed at us, to alert us to the problems that are surrounding us each and every day.  So, on these days, I want us all to live our lives as put forth by our Holy Books and then each day afterwards we continue to make this a Whiter Brighter World for all of our fellow White Folk to participate in.

That shall do it for this week's message. Call in again next week and let us win this RAcial  HOly WAr !!!!
Title: Re: Internet Messages from Br.MichaelIreland of Rockhampton, Queensland (Australia)
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Racial greetings to my fellow White brothers and sisters. My name is Bro. Michael and this is the Internet Hotline message of the Church of Creativity in Rockhampton https://creativityalliance.com/category/australia/queensland.

This message is being brought to you on Monday, 23rd of February, in the 36th year of our beloved White racial religion, Creativity. For more information on becoming a member of The Church, or some general information, please view the "What We Believe" section of this website at "What We Believe". Obtain a copy of the true Bible for the White Race, "The White Man's Bible".

One of the main features that PME Klassen discussed in our Holy Books is the effect that the Jews, our racial enemies, as per his definition, were the ones who were trying to destroy the White Race.  That they have been doing so for such a long time is an idea that our fellow White Folk do not quite understand.  Nor do they understand the lengths that these enemies of ours will go to, just to destroy the White Folk forever.  Considering all the achievements that the White Race has given the entire world over the many centuries, it is a wonder that they would want to kill off the only creative force this planet has seen in millenia.

The Jews have no real history behind them except what they have written themselves, many years after the fact of the events that they supposedly represent accurately.  Indeed, it is only through the records of other cultures that we know anything about these parasites.  The Babylonians knew about them, after they had conquered them in the sixth century B.C., bringing them back to their homeland to act as slaves.  They eventually corrupted that culture, working like an apple with a worm squirming within, breaking down the society and all the boundaries that had been set up.  Indeed, there is strong evidence to suggest that this is not the first time that the Jews - or their ancestors - have destroyed another country/culture from within either.  It is believed that the 15th Dynasty of Ancient Egypt, which is known as the Hyksos Dynasty, were the descendants of the invaders of Egypt, during the years beforehand.  Coming as itinerant workers, then mercenaries, they worked within the land and society, slowly but surely, gaining wealth and power before overthrowing the native rulers and then installing themselves as the Pharaohs.  It then involved a many decade struggle from the native population to oust these foreign invaders before reclaiming their own lands.  So, despite all the intellectual prowess that the Jews have given themselves, their constant lament that they are the oldest continual culture of the world, over three thousand years or more, we can see that they are not really telling the truth.  Besides the attack on Egypt and then their insidious demise of ancient Babylonia, there is nothing until the Romans came to the Palestine area that even recounts the mere existence of the Jews as a "distinct" culturally identity - except their own writings, of course, which are never considered to be biased, right ??  So, if you are looking for a long term culturally identity that has more proof than their own scribblings, then you can look at the ancient Chinese or, closer to home, the ancient Romans, with archaeological proof that their particular culture is at least 2500 years old and still going strong.  The Jews have just copied what they wanted to know about themselves and then spread that story ad nauseum since the beginning of Christ-insanity, using those dupes as their pawns as well.  As PME Klassen wrote that when he saw the ancient Jewish section at a museum, he saw a few broken pottery shards and a stone arrowhead, compared to other cultures of the same vintage with their metal tools and weapons, huge masonry artworks and literature.

Now that we have established that the Jews have no real culture except what they have made up for themselves, let us see just how that has effected the White Race since the races clashed together, just over two thousand years ago.  The Jews are known to hate those who captured themselves with a fanaticism that seems to be out of character to what today's popular caricature shows us.  When you read their writings, they disrespect everything about the Babylonians, thus, the phrase "Whore of Babylon" comes from.  After the Romans conquered their "land", they immediately went on can only be described as a propaganda campaign within their own communities, spreading the lies about alleged atrocities that were committed against them specifically.  Stories of how the Romans destroyed everything around them, burning crops, killing animals and tearing down buildings.  These could have occurred in response to terrorist activities by the more militant Jews of the time and area; however, the stories start to get more exaggerated than before when you read that the Romans captured Jews, wrapped them in their own sacred writings and set fire to them.  Numbers of the alleged victims are in the millions - repeat, the number of victims are in the millions.  Now, these stories were going around for decades before the collapse of the Jewish society after the Maccabean revolts in the second century A.D., contributing to the destruction of their society and the expulsion of all the Jews from the land forever, by imperial decree.  If we look at what the Romans did, we see something entirely different.  Never did the Romans, in all their conquests, ever tried to destroy an entire culture, just because of their beliefs.  They tried to work them into their own pantheon, any of the native gods; they set up efficient and effective government; they quelled riots and promoted self-sufficiency; they built roads, aqueducts and other buildings for the use of all; and they introduced new technologies and inventions to the local populace.  Now, they would have no need to burn their new province's peoples, especially in their holy scrolls, because they knew that this would create rebellions and huge uproar.  Besides, the stories were consistent in saying that there were millions killed in this manner.  Even the most optimistic population census of today would be hard pressed to say that there were even millions of people on the entire planet, let alone in one small part of the Middle East.  It is so obvious a fabrication but the Jews wanted all to believe in the monstrosity for their own decadent purposes - they hated not being in control and wanted to not only shake off the yoke, but kill those who placed it on their shoulders.  Christ-insanity was just the start, but they continued as well in other areas, knowing that they could not use physically violence in a pitched battle, they went behind the scenes where they are still at work today.

Are the Jews just as bad today as they were back then ??  Yes, they are - for they have learn from their mistakes and are destroying the White Race - the descendants of the Romans - for all the wrongs that were allegedly given to them.  That the Jews use the same inventions and technologies that the White Folk created, for their own purposes, to destroy us is something that should be addressed by all fellow White Folk.  The Jews, knowing that they could not defeat the Romans in pitched battle, created Christianity and sent it to spread amongst the White Folk which not only sapped the will of the people, in general, but also subtly showed that the Jews were, morally, their own ancestors because they allowed for this new religion to come from their own, thus, fathering the new morality.  Soon, over the centuries, the idea that the Jews were these bad people who tried everything they could, from poisoning wells, assassinations and the occasional armed rebellion was soon turned into a necessary event for the new religion to come about, to evolve from them.  And, since they were the seed from which Christ-insanity was grafted from, they gained a special spot in the new world view.  Yes, they were important (because they created the situation for Christ to come about) but they were not allowed to become more than what they once were; instead, they were kept from relatively high positions of power and tolerated.  Just as they wanted it to be.  It is because of that new social hierarchy that the Jews could move about the White Folk culture without being destroyed as the armed rebels that they were.  Instead, they became people you could tolerate because of their own self-promoted and Christian-inspired notoriety of their importance.  They filtered into those jobs which no one liked and so, gave to them.  The Romans, the Germans and other White Folk groups were all about nature and the land; so, when it became necessary to become to have bankers, clerks and jewelers, they gave these "untouchable" jobs to those who they tolerated.  When the Christians killed off the native pagan religions, they also removed the wise women who treated the tribes for their diseases and wounds.  However, with the idea of "wisdom from the East" mentality of Christ-insanity, the Jews suddenly became the doctors of choice, men of learning and all that.  Now, we fast forward to today's era and what do we see ??  We see that the Jews are still in control of the banks - Rothschilds, anyone ?? - and look at the chaos that has occurred !!  If we look at what happened in WWII, we see yet another claim by the Jews of "millions dead by fire" and yet the proof is just as lacking as it was nearly two thousand years ago - no bones, no bodies, nothing but innuendo and supposition.  If we look at the medical community, we see that the Jews are in ever niche, including pediatrics where male children are subjected to the Jewish practice of circumcision, a totally unnecessary procedure; in psychology, the field was dominated by the Jews, such as Freud and indirectly but assuredly leading the White Folk to believing that they had problems when there was none.  Throughout universities across the land, the Jews have pushed their own agenda by publishing their own version of history and science, especially breaking down the truth of the differences between the races, which had been proven beforehand with diligence and true scientific understanding.  This is the situation today, fellow White Folk, a world where the Jews are in control but are not publicly involved.  They hide in the shadows using corruptible White Folk who want power or money at any cost, to promote their own world view.  In the end, they are trying to destroy the White Folk and all because of revenge, revenge at being the subjected province of ancient Rome.  It does not matter that Rome, as an entity, has been destroyed for over fifteen hundred years; no, all the descendants of that regime are the inheritors of their hatred and that means each and every single one of the White Folk out there have a large bullseye painted on them, with the Jew lining up its target.  It is a real and viable threat to our own self-survival.  The Jews will do what they can to destroy their enemies - which is anyone who is not Jewish.  This is what PME Klassen saw in the world around him; this is what he read up on when he was studying Nature's Eternal Laws; this is what is happening each and every day.  That is why he wrote our Holy Books and promoted Creativity - not to become a multi-million guru, not to become a god to be worshiped in his own lifetime, not to promote any sick dreams that he may have had.  No, he did everything to promote White Racial Awareness at the destruction of everything that we have created and made.  He wants to stop the genocide of the White Race and that is why he wrote down everything mentioned here in our Holy Books, to show people the proof of what is happening.  Each and every statement was based on research and can be easily referenced from other sources.  There is no lies, there is nothing but the truth and that is why the Jews are our enemies for nothing else but that they are the destroyers of truth, they are genocidal maniacs who want nothing more than a world where they are the leaders and all of us are a mongrelized race of sub-human slaves.  Let us stop their megalomania and stand up for the White Race and together we can create a Whiter Brighter World. RaHoWa !!!!

That shall do it for this week's message. Call in again next week and let us win this RAcial  HOly WAr !!!!
Title: Re: Internet Messages from Br.MichaelIreland of Rockhampton, Queensland (Australia)
Post by: Private on 10 March 2009 at 09:20

Racial greetings to my fellow White brothers and sisters. My name is Bro. Michael and this is the Internet Hotline message of the Church of Creativity in Rockhampton https://creativityalliance.com/category/australia/queensland.

This message is being brought to you on Monday, 9th of March, in the 36th year of our beloved White racial religion, Creativity. For more information on becoming a member of The Church, or some general information, please view the "What We Believe" section of this website at "What We Believe". Obtain a copy of the true Bible for the White Race, "The White Man's Bible".

Diversity is something that we are constantly hearing about, being bandied about in the world's media, stressing its importance for the planet as a whole.  Perhaps it is time that we discuss this question of the importance of diversity and see how it relates to the White Race's struggle to maintain its identity and survival.

In a recent article I was perusing, the scientists in question were discussing the new species of life that they had discovered in the Tasman Fracture, a large body of water off the coast of Australia.  Having spent over a month investigating this extremely deep part of the world's ocean, they found three new significant species of life.  One was a sea squirt that acted like a Venus fly trap manner, a funnel opened to the surrounding water currents, a shrimp alights into the funnel and - bam! - the funnel collapses in on itself, dragging the hapless victim within.  To see an example of the same type of food attraction methods from a plant on the surface, to an animal under the sea, it stresses the huge diversity of the life on this planet and what we could loose if we do not do something to prevent these creatures possible destruction.  Indeed, the article continued on with the discussion of the coral fragments that they managed to obtain as well.  these coral pieces reflect the water temperature within their oxygen isotopes and, adding to that the uranium-thorium decay reaction, we can also gain a time line of the events that are recorded within the coral.  It states that whilst we are living within a relatively stable global temperature that this is not the norm and that we should be expecting more turbulence in our weather patterns.  This then, naturally, lead to the point being made that we should do more to prevent global warming by not allowing the Tasman Fracture (and a similar body of water off the coast of Greenland) from releasing all their accumulated carbon that they have been storing.  Concerns over the variation of life-forms on this planet and the threat of their extinction has led scientists to keep pushing for the removal of these threats from the world today.  A laudable and appreciative task for all concerned.

Reading another article a few days later, I noticed another "diversity" commentary - but this time it was on something just a little bit less tangible than plants and animals.  It was about the diversity of languages and how of the 8,000+ languages that were know originally, more than one thousand have gone extinct and that there are over several hundred on the verge of elimination.  It mentioned that the original language of the Isle of Man, Manx, is gone forever, back in 1974; a Kurdish-type language disappeared in Turkey, in the early 1970's and another Indonesian language was removed forever in the mid 1950's.  To continue, it noted that there were some languages around today that have less than ten native speakers and efforts must be made to ensure that they still exist for the new millennium.  Indeed, the language of southern England, Cornish, has made a revival of sorts and is actually one of the more endangered languages actually increasing in native speakers.  This is somewhat important, as when we listen to the the stories and myths of cultures, completely understanding them without a translator is somewhat difficult.  Just ask any good Egyptologist that question, when asking about the hieroglyphics.  Subtle contexts and the understanding are all important - looking at the English language, for example, and you can see what must be a difficult time for those who are not familiar with the intracies of the language, when you are talking about "a bare bear who bears a beer, barely".  So, the same scientists are spending millions of dollars doing their best to save all these languages from extinction.  They are setting up language repositories, audio files of words, pronunciation and meaning, to help other people recall the language and encourage others to learn it.  At best, this is a nice "cat rescued from a tree" story because learning another language is not going to save these languages because they are not meaningful to the people who are studying them.  Any stories or myths or histories that are of import have already been recorded down and even if they were written in the same language as the spoken version, we can still study them and understand them eventually.  Well, with the exception of Linear A.

So, from the articles mentioned above, what do we see in the pattern evolving before our eyes ??  We see that the world at large is very interested in promoting diversity and is more than willing to spend extremely large sums of money to ensure that we will maintain and have that same diversity that we do now.  Unfortunately, this is not the way of things when we are talking about the most important species or item on this planet - the White Race and their culture.  The highest pinnacle of all things that the species Homo has ever created and made, can all be laid at the feet of the White Race.  It was us who moved out of Africa, conquered the icy wastelands of the Euro-Asia plains and then spread itself across the world.  It was us who created the first agriculture and the resulting inventions, such as the wheel and the alphabet.  No other species of humanity has ever done even the merest 1% of what we have done and yet, they are more than willing to mooch off the results of our hard labor.  In the promotion of "diversity", not only is the White Race is in imminent danger of loosing its cultural identity but it is also on the way out biologically as well.  Each day that I spend at work, I hear the younger generation talk about women as "them bitches" and that annoying customer as "that them nigger over there" - linguistically an exact copy of the African-American mannerisms (and attitude, isn't that right, Mr Chris Brown ??).  No longer do I hear words describing women as "ladies" or customers as "those gentleman" or "these people".  When a racial ethnic group starts to copy another's mannerisms and way of speech, we are sliding down the slope to inevitable extinction.  The reason why these terms are even in use amongst the White Folk today is because our racial enemies has over the last several decades constantly hammered into our consciousness, through their manipulation of the mass media and weak-willed government officials, into saying that the other sub-humans are the same as us.  They have introduced them into our society physically and socially, injecting the black blood of Africa into the veins of White America, as PME Klassen stated.  They have no redeeming values and only seek to destroy what we, as a separate racial unit, have created through the efforts of our ancestors and today's generation.  Yet, millions of dollars are being spent to save a sea squirt that we would have never known about, as well as, on languages spoken by about fifty people, somewhere in the back end of India.  With the purposely aimed destruction of the White Race, not only as a separate racial unit will we loose out (i.e. extinction is forever, ask the dinosaurs), but these same hanger-ons, the same subhuman savages who suck the life and technological genius out of us will also be disadvantaged because they will be forced to do things on their own - and some of them, for the first time.  In this time where diversity is the buzz word to save this that or the other, one must also look at what is happening to the most significant pinnacle of evolutionary success on this planet - the White Race - and wonder why we are being lead to the slaughterhouse, blind-folded and with happy music covering the screams and machinery noises ahead of us.  Whilst we have always supported the Eternal Laws of Nature, the struggle for life, it is because that the White Race is not aware of its impending doom whilst it is happening that we need to stand up and scream out and about of the dangers that are affecting us here and now.  Look at your towns today and recall what they were like over five or even ten years ago - I bet that they have changed a fair bit.  Listen to the music (or what constitutes for music) on the radio, watch a movie today and see how much moral certainties that are there for all of us White Folk.  Ask yourself - when did it stop being the "token black person" and started being the "token White person" ??  The White Race has been deemed for extinction by outside forces and it is up to us, us Creators and other White Folk, who are more than willing to stand up for the righteous of our cause to fight back.  Together, you and I can make this a Whiter Brighter World for all.

That shall do it for this week's message. Call in again next week and let us win this RAcial  HOly WAr !!!!
Title: Re: Internet Messages from Br.MichaelIreland of Rockhampton, Queensland (Australia)
Post by: Private on 17 March 2009 at 19:50

Racial greetings to my fellow White brothers and sisters. My name is Bro. Michael and this is the Internet Hotline message of the Church of Creativity in Rockhampton https://creativityalliance.com/category/australia/queensland.

This message is being brought to you on Monday, 16th of March, in the 36th year of our beloved White racial religion, Creativity. For more information on becoming a member of The Church, or some general information, please view the "What We Believe" section of this website at "What We Believe". Obtain a copy of the true Bible for the White Race, "The White Man's Bible".

Last week, we discussed the importance of maintaining the White Race, amongst the hedonism of multi-CULTuralism and the lackadaisical attitude of the governing bodies.  The case for this reasoning is being made, each and every day that we look out, over our towns and cities, seeing the effects of unleashed immigration upon our world.

Reading an article on line, I noticed that the Australian government is slashing the intake of immigration into that country by 14%, approximately 18,500 immigrants are to be refused entry.  The Immigration Minister, Mr Chris Evans, says that this is to protect local jobs from these newcomers.  Whilst this is laudable, a similar attitude should have been taken over thirty years ago, to prevent the large intake of the disease ridden filth that came from south-east Asia, in the aftermath of the Vietnam War.  Those same local jobs that the minister is trying to save are not all in the hands of the White Race but in the hands of foreigners who have arrived in the last thirty years, sucking the livelihoods out of hard-working White Folk.  In the abbatoir industry, you cannot spot a White face, unless it is some extremely specialized role.  The construction industry has been dominated by Tongans, Fijians and native Australian blacks for several decades, the foreigners sneaking into Australia via New Zealand (which has a revolving door policy with Australia), which has a similar role with the Pacific Islands mentioned.  So, the skilled White Folk, who are financially discriminated against because they will not work for peanuts, are being forced into more meaningless jobs or are forced to go onto welfare.  In some rare cases, they are actually going overseas to look for work - ironic, isn't it that we White Folk are being forced to leave our countries to look for work, whilst the same employers scream out for workers.  However, Australia is not the only country suffering from this same anti-White discrimination.  The classic prototype of this example of discrimination is the influx - or flood - of illegal Mexicans, into the US.  These creatures are breeding grounds for disharmony and disease.  If you are not sure about the intake of these parasites, then all you have to do is look across the border into Mexico, at the city of Ciudad Juarez, where it is estimated that more people are being killed by violence on a daily basis, than in any of the major wars that have taken place in the last century.  Are these the kind of animals that we want entering our country, taking away our jobs, just because they are willing to work for a few cents on the dollar ??

Which then leads me onto the next obvious stage of this argument - how did we let it get to this stage, where White Folk are wanting to flee, rather than stay and fight for their rights and land ??  It has been slow inexorable process but as well, it has been very successful.  If you look at the beginning of the great western push of the US, you will often hear or read about our "Manifest Destiny", a term used to describe our inalienable right to expand our living environment, to create new communities out of the wilderness.  To explore, conquer or be conquered, we are not going to be stopped by an alien thought process that tells we should be happy with what we have.  Imagine what would have happened if we stopped at Illinois and not gone any further ??   The great wilderness of the north-west, Oregon and Washington, with all those wonderful places to visit and return to nature with - GONE.  The immense gold mines of California and Nevada, in the hands of others, and without that financial security where would we be - GONE.  The oil fields of Texas - GONE.  And it is not just the physical resources that we would miss.  The plain lands are the grain basket for our country and if not just for the food opportunities and physical resources, but just the room to spread out and not stuck in a small are, depending on handouts, like Israel.  We White Folk did all these amazing things when we were told that it is okay to be that way - head west, young man !!  Now, what has happened ??  We have been told in the last sixty years that we have to stop being so good at what we do.  The lower races are not up to standard, so, we should drop our standards to better fit theirs or that we should spend all the time and money and resources that was pushing our own development, diverting it to the Chinese, the Mexicans and the blacks.  It is not that they can't get upwards without our help, it is just "wrong" to leave them behind.  Why has our government gone from promoting the White Folk, who make up the majority of the population in our country (well, for now and certainly back then - but not for much longer) and started to leave us, to flower money and resources on these inferior races ??

There is a parasite within our own world that is destroying everything that is nice, decent and great.  It is burrowing its way through our society, destroying the morals and taboos that have done us well for over two thousand years, despite the handicap of having Christ-insanity being forced down our throat.  Corrupting White Folk or blackmailing them, when it is too obvious for them to stick their heads out of the rotting apple, this insidious force has a name that if you mention too loud or too public, then you will be chastised and thrown into the prison - just for speaking the truth.  They have created an aura about them, as if they are untouchable; they have created a belief in their own self-appointed authority that it is like a religion that we White Folk should all clamor for.  No, we White Folk do not need to remove the Mexicans from invading illegally into our hard earned territories - let them come and rejoice in our well earned glory, for they did nothing to help us but we just have to let them enjoy the fruits of our labor.  Failure to do so would make you a bad person and no one wants to be a bad person, right ??  Forget about having that secure job in these difficult economic times - if you do not do what you are told to do, work extra hours or for less benefits, then the company will sack you and get in your place, some immigrant who can barely speak English, has a degree from a back alley Bombay "college" and will work at half your pay.  Oh, and to make life better for it, rather than us White Folk, we will have a television channel dedicated to their culture (much like Black TV), we will build them foreign religious structures that offend everyone else around them and we will also allow them to not be expected to learn English - it is just too hard for them to acclimatise to our society.  Well, it is not too hard to protect our own society from these invading parasites, is it ??  Gone are the days of "a fair's day work for a fair day's pay" - now, the companies have gotten this idea that money is everything and the be all and end all of their entire existence.  Fawning over the dollar rather than helping the society from which they are expected to buy their goods, these companies have been suckered into a never-ending spiral, descending into chaos and racial upheaval.  There is no doubt that money is important in every society, as it stands today, but it is more important to be able to rely on your people who work in your offices and factories.  How can we trust the other races, when all they see, when they look at us White Folk, is higher level of everything, compared to them ??  That breeds envy and eventually hate.  They want what we have created but not put in the hard yards that we White Folk have done.  So, they sneak in, demanding their full rights, subverting our laws and creating dissension in the communities that they reside in.  They refuse to speak our language, demand that we speak theirs; they refuse to recognize our laws, yet want you to respect their beliefs and social strictures.  And the parasite that lies within the sour apple of our government is letting them get away with it because the chaos that ensues will allow them to continue with their goal of the mongrelization of the White Race and to their desire to rule the world, as their "God-given right".  The time has come to stop running away from the creatures that are raiding our lands, turning our towns into battlefields and morasses of degeneracy.  You, White Folk, have to stand up and say "NO!" to the inferiors that are destroying our world, as we know it.  Stop your kids from listening to their slack-jaw jungle music; prevent them from socially accepting the inferiors - they are not the same as you, no matter how much you keep being told that on the boob-tube and in the glossy magazines.  Even in the shiny ritzy world of music, the beast cannot be caged - gangland wars, bashing and raping of women, massive drug use - and you want your children to believe that this is acceptable ??  Our standards are what has driven the White Race forwards and upwards - we have never accepted second best and nor should we.  The universe is a harsh place and that we have found a fertile place to thrive and survive is a wonder of Nature indeed.  So, let us not pollute our little oasis of joy with the mud tide that is rising up to overwhelm us.  Until the Eternal Laws of Nature are enacted, we must ensure that we continue to stop pretending that the black, the Hispanic, the jew, the Asian or the Arab are our equal - for they are nowhere near the same level as us.  Violent degenerate thugs are the only words that we should be thinking of when we look at these creatures.  It does not matter what individuals are like - as a racial group, this is what they are.  Stand up for the White Race and we can make this a better place for our own Kind.

That shall do it for this week's message. Call in again next week and let us win this RAcial  HOly WAr !!!!
Title: Re: Internet Messages from Br.MichaelIreland of Rockhampton, Queensland (Australia)
Post by: Private on 23 March 2009 at 04:32

Racial greetings to my fellow White brothers and sisters. My name is Bro. Michael and this is the Internet Hotline message of the Church of Creativity in Rockhampton https://creativityalliance.com/category/australia/queensland.

This message is being brought to you on Monday, 23rd of March, in the 36th year of our beloved White racial religion, Creativity. For more information on becoming a member of The Church, or some general information, please view the "What We Believe" section of this website at "What We Believe". Obtain a copy of the true Bible for the White Race, "The White Man's Bible".

Just yesterday , in my home town, there was an event that they called "Harmony Day".  Apparently, this day is to mark the wonders and joys that the multi-CULTurally community has given to our town.  As well, it is also the UN's official day to end racial discrimination.  How ironic that in the listing of the 16 different nationalities, that only one was even majority White.

To list the racial ethnicity of the day, it is interesting to note that a couple, interviewed for the newspaper article, claimed that they are "... an example of racial harmony.  I'm originally from Burma and she's from Bangladesh ..".  They were amongst the following ethnic groupings listed - Bangladeshis, Indians, Nepalese, Brazilians, Vietnamese, Malaysians, Russians (token White!), Filipinos, Turks, Tongans, Kenyans and Torres Strait Islanders.  Yet, if one looks closely at this event, which the Deputy Mayor claimed was a "great success" - 600 people turned out, from a town of over 65,000 - and you will see that they are more concerned with their own homelands than with the country that they live in today, Australia.  Even more disturbing is the claim by the Torres Strait Islanders that they are, too, a different country of origin - they are under the rule of the Australian government and have been for over a century.  These people are so proud of their own origins, of their own race, that they seem to have no trouble flaunting it in front of everyone else, even suckering in relatively decent White Folk into believing that they only want to have recognition of their own beginnings.  How nice that the society at large seems to be happy for this divisive action to fester within the heart of its own community.  Have a closer look at the listing of the countries that they came from (amongst others); each one has been torn apart by violence, disease or just abject poverty.  These people, who we are told are here to help us by us helping them, have fled their own lands, their own culture, to settle in a completely different country and alien society - so, why would they want to help us ??  Why do they want to be recognizing their own culture which is so poor and pathetic ??  Why did they leave, instead of staying and making it a better place, by helping those to help themselves ??

Mind you, what would you expect from these people, really ??  Look at that list above and let me explain a few things - Bangladesh fought a war with both India and Pakistan (when it was known as East Pakistan) to maintain its own culturally, religious and ethnic minority from the persecution of what it saw around them.  Indians have been engaged in civil war within their land, mostly in the country area, particularly between the Hindus and the Christians; as well, they have the second largest population in the world and one of the fastest desertification outside of China - add to that their habit of child brides, widow burning and keeping pests alive because they are some sort of god, you can see the problems that they have.  Nepalese have got a group of Communist backed separatists, trying to divide up a small country into even smaller bits, despite the abject poverty they have and the severe caste system where the rich get richer and the poor just die.  Brazil has its own ethnic problems, with the native Indians wanting more independence, whilst the same groups are chopping down the Amazon rain forest at a rate that will make the rest of us hold our breath with fear - literally, as these jungles have been called "the lungs of the world".  What can I say about Vietnam that no-one hasn't heard before - the war over there destroyed thousands of lives straightaway, as well as forcing the descendnts of the soldiers to have massive health problems, and they are too claiming that they want more money (even though they are nominally Communist!) for the damage that the Western worlds did to them !!  Malaysia is something else entirely, with their history of sexual repression of women and the harsh rule of its islamic rulers, creating more controversary than such a country deserves.  The Russian Federation, the token White Folk country listed in my local newspaper, is not really a solid hegemony of racial solidarity; they are a hodge-podge of differing races, religions and other factions, with Moscow forcing them to conform or they will destroy what they have got already.  The Philippines is also in a constant state of unrest, with kidnappings amongst the many islands that make up the archipelago, ransoms and demands for even more separation of that tiny country.  Turkey is a country where the secular Muslims are trying to hold back the tide of their more militant brethren, who want to rid their land of the US airbases and also to take out the Kurds in the southern reaches - a powder keg, ready to explode.  Tonga is a small pathetic piece of dirt whose only claim to fame is where Australia used to go for the slaves of the cane farms - and, boy, can't they not stop talking about that, demanding more and more money and resources.  Kenya had another Communist uprising within its own land before it was crushed by the British and, after their colonial rule ended, the various leaders were eventually crushed under a military dictatorship, using its abundant oil reserves to feather their own pockets whilst the poor kidnap and kill the refinery workers.  And if you are wondering where the Torres Strait Islanders come from, they are from those little islands between Queensland, Australia and Papua New Guinea and the only item of note that they have is that with their constant tribal movements they are actually endangering the rest of Australia with resistant strains of malaria and other diseases.  Oh, and they are stepping stone for mass illegal immigration, too.

All these facts and figures given above are available to anyone who can read an encyclopedia or who wants to look at the history books.  Basically, all of these countries have nothing of importance in their own racial and ethnicity, with the White Folk of Russian who are still proud to have descended from the Vikings over a thousand years ago.  But they are an endangered minority themselves, with the untold huge amounts of illegal immigration from the Middle East, in the south and the Asians from the east, forcing them out of work and promoting miscegnation.  And is this what these lovely cultures are going to bring to us, with their own baggage ??  Do we have to put up with these savages coming into our lands and promoting their own segregationist ideas and depraved cultural practices ??  When we will have our first widow burning, done under the freedom of religious tolerance, in a land which was created and developed from the powerful White Folk, who gave up human sacrifice overfifteen hundred years ago ??  Will we be forced to have clinics opened in the suburbs of our towns, that allow young women to have performed onto them clitorectomies, because their elders said that they should ??  Is this what all this multi-CULTuralism is all about ??  How long will it be before our own White Folk children follow these "new trends" that these inferiors are bringing into our lands ??  Already, we see the Rastarfarian hair styles amongst the teenagers, the massive opening of the ear lobes, straight out of a national Geographic documentary !!  Culturally, we are loosing the war because our children are thinking that it is easier to speak like a "nigger" from all the MTV rap shows that they are forced fed on a daily basis.  Drinking to excess, unprotected sex with anyone or anything and the whole lacksadaisical attitude to work or having a healthy lifestyle.  They are in the process of destroying themselves and us, the White Folk, in the process.  And the government wants to bring more foreigners into our lands ??  They want us proud White Folk to give up all our of healthy social and cultural norms, the same ideals that created the basis of our society.  The same foundation that let us reach out across the oceans and through unfamiliar lands, to let our Folk create the many and wondrous inventions and engineering feats that let us reach, literally, for the stars.  In the entire history of those countries - and the ethnicities that inhabit them - through all the ups and downs, they have not done anything that was great and wonderful (again, with the exception of Russia).  Bangladesh is more concerned about the monsoon flooding their rice paddies; Indians are too busy killing themselves with the Pakistanis over the Kashmir; Nepalese have nothing except the Yeti to keep them entertained; Brazil is busily making the world's largest rain forest into the world's largest desert; Vietnam is slowly exporting themselves and getting paid by others, on their slow boats to the land of honey and milk; Malaysia seems more concerned over the sexual orientation of their leaders; the Philippines have got more corruption than shoes; Turkey is waiting for the inevitable split along ethnic minority lines; Tonga is worried about rising sea levels, sinking their land; the Kenyans have to see whatever they can survive without the oil that they are pumping out for their own pleasures; and who honestly cares about the Stone Age savages in the northern part of Australia ??  What have these people done ??  Nothing !!!  If you say that Turkey gave us great philosophers and thinkers, just because they lived there over two thousand years ago, just remember that they were all White Greeks, before the great population explosion from Saudi Arabia came along and destroyed that land.  These cultures have done nothing, given us nothing but violence, disease and social uproar for the last fifty years.  There is no harmony with these creatures amongst us and I am wanting all of you proud White Folk out there to stand up to the promoters of this cultural atrocity that is being committed against the White Race, by pushing for the removal of the scum from our land and then we can truly continue along the way towards promoting our own Folk.  We can fly to the outer reaches of space if we are not dragged down with the baggage that are these sloppy muddy trash.  Most people want to climb out of a septic tank, not put rocks in their pockets and then start cleaning the walls with a toothbrush.  Let us reach out to our fellow White Folk, open their eyes to the dangers that are around us and you, too, can make this a Whiter Brighter World for us to live in !!

That shall do it for this week's message. Call in again next week and let us win this RAcial  HOly WAr !!!!
Title: Re: Internet Messages from Br.MichaelIreland of Rockhampton, Queensland (Australia)
Post by: Private on 13 April 2009 at 10:05

Racial greetings to my fellow White brothers and sisters. My name is Bro. Michael and this is the Internet Hotline message of the Church of Creativity in Rockhampton https://creativityalliance.com/category/australia/queensland.

This message is being brought to you on Monday, 13th of April, in the 36th year of our beloved White racial religion, Creativity. For more information on becoming a member of The Church, or some general information, please view the "What We Believe" section of this website at "What We Believe". Obtain a copy of the true Bible for the White Race, "The White Man's Bible".

I recall reading an article in a scientific magazine, discussing how if we designed the human body for maximum effiency and long-life use, what changes we would implement.  It was quite interesting in that the article also showed a picture, cartoonish, of what that human being would look like - more like a cast member from Star Trek, than a normal human - but it does show that there are changes in the system, both within and without the White Race.

On this website, there is an article from my local newspaper that discusses the differences between the number of nephrons in the kidney between a native black of Australia and a non-native black of Australia (i.e. a White person).  The number is quite significant with nearly a third less in an Aboriginal than in a comparable White person.  A short article, yes, but it is significant in that this is an integral part of the human body, something that we would not want to change because of its importance to our ability to excrete waste materials.  It has been suggested that the reason behind this difference is because of the amount of alcohol that the White Race has been participitating in since it was founded anywhere near ten thousand or so years ago.  The native Australian black is the only culture in the world that never developed a form of alcoholic beverage (for whatever reason); islands in the Pacific Ocean, mountains in Peru and the whole sub-Saharan Africa, all of these places had people sitting down, having a drink, for millenia.  In other words, these races evolved to cope with the consumption of alcohol; those who could not handle it, died out or were not allowed to reproduce.  A rather coarse example of evolution within the Homo species but it is accurate and very measurable.  Of course, there are other differences that evolution processes forced onto the many sub-species of humanity and thus cause each species to go forward in a different way.  Such an example is the effect of high latitudes on the ability of the eye to cope with light coming in.  Again, this is something that cannot be forced upon a person with any degree of obvious deformation - except when Nature takes it course.  To begin with, the effect is that light, at the higher latitudes, comes in at an angle that our equatorial beginnings did not evolve with to cope.  As such, with that effect and the lack of light for lengthy periods of time, the human species evolved two separate mechanisms - one was the lighter-colored eye and the other was the epicanthic fold.  The lighter-colored eye (i.e. blue, gray and green colors) are what the White Race evolved with, to cope with the refraction and angle of light within the human body.  On the other hand, the Asian race used the epicanthic fold (i.e., the slanty eye look) to physically cope with the same effect.  So, the question then gets begged to be asked, with, at least, these two examples - why are we afraid of discussing the fact that the human race has evolved into separate species ??

Many people know that there is a difference between the races but have been brain-polluted into thinking that the "racists" are doing so, based purely on skin color.  The same vast majority are repeatedy told that this skin color is wrong and that we should judge people by their other merits.  To a degree, I concur.  It is not just about skin color and, yes, we should look at the other differences between the races.  One can actually use the same information network that is polluting our very own social fabric to see that there is more than meets the eye when it comes in regard to the differences between the races.  The federal government is, at the moment, trying to get everyone to eat healthy, do more exercise and stop becoming the obese slobs that we are heading towards.  A laudable goal and one that I personally look forward to seeing a very positive outcome.  However, in all the glitz and glamour of the advert, there is a small written comment at the bottom of the screen, near the end.  It states that the advice given may not work to the full suggested capability, based on the different ethnicities.  Hang on, "different ethnicities" ??  Why would an Arab, believeing in Allah and eating camel meat and goat's curd, be any different to the stated goals of weight loss than from an Vietnamese who eats rice and raw fish, whilst praying to the numerous Hindu saints ??  After all, isn't that what is implied when people say that you are of a "different ethnicity" ??  If these two people sat down to a meal, say of McDonald hamburgers, and were then told to do the same exercises to loss the weight that they gain, according to the official government advertising, there will be a significant difference in the result between the two of them !!  Significant for the same government to make sure that it is stated on their health promotion so that they are covered by any spurious lawsuit or such negative publicity.  Is it not because that there are physical and biological differences between the races ??  Is it that the Asian metabolism might have difficulty in eating, say a camel burger, because over the many thousands of years, its digestive system has become attuned to eating vegetables, rice and seafood ??  In short, what is being stated here is that there is known differences between the different races out there, beyond the stigma of skin color, and it goes deeper than what the public have been told about.  All these years of saying that "diversity is good" and that "we are all equal" when Nature quite unequivocably states and shows us that all that propaganda is exactly that - propaganda.

This then leads to the next question - why would the government lie to you ??  Okay, once you have finished laughing, let us see about the seriousness of this matter.  If there is no differences, then why is there so many different events, programmes, shows and public holidays about promoting diversity ??  I am pretty sure that if something was so obvious then we would not need constant reassurance that it is normal to be different.  As an example, the American Indian and the pioneer White Folk settlers probably both agreed on that the rattlesnake was a dangerous animal - they did not need the King of Spain to keep giving them both pamphlets on the dangers of reptilian poison.  It was logical and obvious and everyone who was not blind, deaf or dumb could see that.  So, we are constantly told and reassured that having these different races living together is all good, that we should all hold hands and sing songs of praise and love.  What a load of hooey.  First off, these non-Whites are not the same species as us White Folk and, for those who would state that the biological offspring of is viable and thus proving that we are the same, let me talk to you about tigons and ligers.  The tiger and the lion are separate species, right, we all agree ??  Yes ??  Okay then, so, these creatures who are quite separate can produce offspring when forced to, the cubs are viable but are often sickly and do not live anywhere near the same life span as either parent does.  Are we going to lump together all these two animals and say that they are the same because they can produce viable offspring ??  Of course not, and thus we can say the same about the different human races, even though they can produce children.  The other physical differences between the human sub-species are many to list but they include other non-changeable-by-drugs-or-exercise regimes.  Predominant blood types, immune systems, length of the arm to leg bone ratios, hair follicle type and color.  All of these are physical and measurable and repeatable results that can be seen time and time again.  Yet, this all changing and not for the best.  Returning to the question above - why are we afraid to talk about the different races ??  The answer is that I am certainly not afraid because I no longer hold onto the belief that this subject is taboo, so, why should you be afraid to talk about ??  Is it that social stigma that it is not polite to talk about such things ??  Well, it is not polite to see the rampaging hordes turning our once clean streets into a version of jungle law that is applicable to the African savanna ??  Of course not, but if we say that it is the blacks who are doing this to our cities, well, we get hit with a lawsuit and sent to jail for "inciting racial hatred".  That these same blacks are causing such devastation, to continue the example, to make us White Folk "promote/incite racial hatred", then why isn't the lawyers going after these blacks ??  Okay, it is not fair to just pick on the blacks but they are the most overt and obvious examples of non-White violence and destruction of the same culture that we White Folk created and nurtured.  The Mexicans are just as bad - how many times do you hear of people being tortured over a small quantity of drugs, just because these cartels can ??  Oh yes, that's right - along the Mexican border !!  Then there are the Asian gangs of Canada and north-western USA - once more, we cannot discuss this in public because it is bad.  Again, I say, why is it that these non-White's get given a free pass to cause such havoc without anyone saying "Hey, it's the Asians/Arabs/Mexicans/blacks doing this !?!?!?".  As you would not let a untamed tiger into your house nor would you let an infestation of killer bees into your town not only because they are inherently dangerous but also because they are the same as us White Folk.  These creatures have different rules, different agendas and different ways of living to achieve their goals.  What about the lady on the east coast, whose face got torn off by a "tame" chimpanzee ??  I rest my case - non-Whites are not only separate sub-species, they also have different goals to aspire to that are contrary to our own.  We White Folk are creators, we are the ones that move forward and colonized the new lands.  We are the ones who tamed, to a degree, the raw elements of the Earth to our will.  We are the ones that created civilization as it is known today.  The other races have only copied us, and most times only half-heartedly, or envied us for our success.  As such, they try to use "diversity" and "equality" to say that they are the same but they are not - they only want you to think that.  Put a ban or social taboo on a subject and they can then sneak in and ruin our whole lifestyle.  Are you going to let them get away with this ??  Are you going to look around you and see just how much devastation that these sub-humans have caused and say "Oh, its okay because I can't say that it is because they are black, as I will be sent to jail".  Well, the time has come to hardened up before we lose everything that our ancestors have fought for, before we lose what it means to be a member of the White Race today.  Do your bit to help the World Church of the Creator and together we can make this a better world for ourselves and our children.  RaHoWa !!!

That shall do it for this week's message. Call in again next week and let us win this RAcial  HOly WAr !!!!
Title: Re: Internet Messages from Br.MichaelIreland of Rockhampton, Queensland (Australia)
Post by: Private on 20 April 2009 at 06:23

Racial greetings to my fellow White brothers and sisters. My name is Bro. Michael and this is the Internet Hotline message of the Church of Creativity in Rockhampton https://creativityalliance.com/category/australia/queensland.

This message is being brought to you on Monday, 20th of April, in the 36th year of our beloved White racial religion, Creativity. For more information on becoming a member of The Church, or some general information, please view the "What We Believe" section of this website at "What We Believe". Obtain a copy of the true Bible for the White Race, "The White Man's Bible".

Exactly one hundred and twenty years ago, today, a great person was born.  He is well known in the White Pride movement and did many great things in his life before passing away in 1945 and, yes, I am talking about Adolf Hitler, the former leader of the German Republic, who died whilst defending his land from the encroachment of sub-humans, on one side and Jewish-inspired propaganda, on the other.

To begin with, it must be stated clearly and fully that the World Church of the Creator is not a member of the Nazi Party, nor do we hold up Adolf Hitler as something like the next Messiah ora saint for us to pray to each and every other day.  No, Hitler was a very influential man (he made the cover of Time magazine, as the Man of the Year) and was probably the greatest proponent of White Pride that the world has ever seen, especially in the last century.  PME Klassen, as written in our Holy Books, has stated that Hitler is a person to be admired for what he did but we are not Nazis, nor shall we ever be.  PME Klassen knew that we would be drawn in the same likeness as this political party of Germany and went to a long way in making sure that it was noted that we are not Nazis.  Many times it has been mentioned but despite our protestations contrary, the media keeps on drawing the same conclusions.  So, for the record, we are not Nazis and, yes, we do admire Adolf Hitler as an example of what a person can do when they are proud of their race.  Of course, we know the truth of what he did and do not believe the same lie that has been repeated over and over for the last sixty-five years or more.  Indeed, he did many amazing things that the public do not know about, so, why is it that he has been painted in this negative color ??

Born in Austria, Hitler followed the same rules and upbringing as everyone else did at that time.  The rumors of his upbringing have been long shrouded in mystery and we shall probably never know exactly what his family was like in full.  Yes, his father married his cousin (they had to get a papal dispensation to do so) and yes, his father was quite abusive to both his wife and his children.  However, it could be said that this regimental structure was common in German oriented families at this time and, so, nothing more special than anyone else (for example, the great philosopher, Wittgenstein, was brought up in the same manner).  As always, the point is brought up as to whether Hitler had a Jewish ancestor, most likely through his grandmother, being impregnated whilst working as a servant in a Jewish house.  That he tried to not discuss his parentage, whenever it was brought up, and that after the Anschluss, he turned his home town in an artillery range - all of these issues were cited as "proof" of his misgivings of his parentage.  However, he was born a Hitler, legally and legitimately, and his reticence about speaking of family is nothing more sinister than anyone wanting to maintain privacy of their family life.  As to the artillery range, well, so what ??  The records that would have been present would have been transferred to another place and the people there would have moved as well, thus, anyone could have still have access to that information anyway !!  So, let us end this abnormal focus on Hitler's family with another comment from PME Klassen - it doesn't matter what Hitler's parents were, but it is what he did with his life that is more important.  And this is so true.  When we looked at his life, we can see that there are as many mistakes as there are breakthroughs, but as he grew older, he made less mistakes and continued with his goals of the saving of the White Race.  Left as an orphan after the death of his mother, he was penniless and forced to eke out a living as a postcard artist - another "derogatory" point made out by his enemies, but one that we can say shows his initiative and zeal.  He signed up with the army at the outbreak of the First World War and, though he never rose above the rank of private first class, he managed to gain his country's highest military award not only once, but twice, in his role as a runner along the front line.  Afterwards, he managed to get involved with a revolutionary political party, on the behest of his army superiors, and eventually he turned this into what the world now knows as the National Socialist Party.  He then tried to overthrow the government, as it was suspected of being involved in the loss of the war, but was caught, found guilty and sent to prison where he did his time.  Afterwards, everything he did, he did within the laws and legal system of the time and country.  No rigged elections, no stand over tactics - just honest political speeches and talking to the people.  It is one of the great misinterpretations that people do not know that Hitler was actually elected to his leadership by the majority of the people.

So, despite the wherefores and what's-its of the aftermath of his election to power, it must be stated that Adolf Hitler was a very great powerful person who could do whatever he wanted to do.  He learn from his mistakes and then went on to make the best of what he had until he was in a position to change it for the better.  In this manner, he is an inspiration for the White Folk out there to look up to.  The propaganda that has continued for all these many decades since his death (defending his country and race, mind you) has only shown to the rest of the world the sheer impact he has made in history.  The victors write the history books but it must be stated that despite these years of derogatory comments, he is still remembered for his many good things that he did for his country.  You do not know about those as well, do you - ask yourself why is that so ??  Here is a list of some of the great things that he did - he encouraged the growth of the family culture, designed the most popular automobile ever made (the Volkswagen), he built dozens of dams and constructed the largest highway system (the Autobahn) ever in Germany.  He also established the first European group for the protection of animals (equivalent to the ASPCA), promoted healthy living through correct eating and exercise and also oversaw the medical research that confirmed the link between smoking and lung cancer.  Obviously, he was not there personally, doing each and every one of these points but he allowed them to come about.  I suppose that that is one his greatest gifts that he had - that he encouraged people to do what they were good at.  He, to put it in terms of our Faith, fanned that spark of creativity that lays within all of us White Folk, letting it stoke up their innate genius and possessed them to go on and create.  He was a facilitator, letting people do what they were good at.  How many other leaders out there can state that on their curriculum vitae ??  Instead of trying to maintain control over whatever power that he had, Hitler instead made use of his power for the benefit of the German people (and, ultimately the White Race); he took a bare minimum salary as a politician, content to live off his earnings from his authorship of Mein Kampf.  In the end, he gave his life for his country, defending it from the subhumans of the Russian steppes, not laying down in a bunker with a poison tablet.  In short, his aspect has a proud White Man who could do what he could is something that everyone should aspire to.  The constant attempts at painting him in a negative light just shows how much his enemies hated him, both then and now.  If he was so obviously bad, then why the constant hate campaign against him and everything and everyone associated with him ??  I see that this campaign is like trying to pull down a mountain with just ordinary grappling hooks.  Tall and proud, willing to stand the test of time but by constantly wearing at it, bit by bit, inch by inch, the haters of this man-mountain are ripping the shreds off of him, trying to reduce him to a mere pile of rocks.  Given enough time, he will be torn down from the deserved place as one of the most important people in the whole world, not only just for the White Race.  Think about what he did and not the propaganda that is promulgated each and every day.  Look at his capabilities and see how it can work for you to do what you want.  Yes, he was a great man but, in the end, only a man.  However, his ideals and how he accomplished what he did is something that we can all aspire to.

That shall do it for this week's message. Call in again next week and let us win this RAcial  HOly WAr !!!!
Title: Re: Internet Messages from Br.MichaelIreland of Rockhampton, Queensland (Australia)
Post by: Private on 28 April 2009 at 23:34

Racial greetings to my fellow White brothers and sisters. My name is Bro. Michael and this is the Internet Hotline message of the Church of Creativity in Rockhampton https://creativityalliance.com/category/australia/queensland.

This message is being brought to you on Tuesday, 28th of April, in the 36th year of our beloved White racial religion, Creativity. For more information on becoming a member of The Church, or some general information, please view the "What We Believe" section of this website at "What We Believe". Obtain a copy of the true Bible for the White Race, "The White Man's Bible".

I am taken back in time, to that wonderful year of 1918, when the First World War was declared over and that the end had come to the barbarity.  It also was the year of the Spanish 'flu, a grand pandemic, spreading towards all parts of the world, from the Arctic to the USA, from Spain to the Pacific Islands.  Once more, we are facing another potential pandemic, the Mexican Swine 'Flu, and with this high level of global transport and travel, it is all too easy to see it spreading to the world in no time flat.

This is no time for despair, as we are more aware of the effects of various viral infections, such as HIV and Ebola.  Indeed, it may well seem that we are nowhere near such a level of activity and destruction, as caused by the most infamous of the pandemic influenzas.  Still, it is interesting in that, yet again, this particular strain has occurred in a place where sanitation and standards of living are not of the highest order.  Much like the SARS outbreak in 2003 (30 A.C.), which was caused by the intermingling of birds with both pigs and humans.  Unfortunately, in this new case, the virus does not need an associated animal stage to migrate from birds to humans - it can go straight from one person to another.  No mass culling of birds will allow us some room for hope and a chance to defeat it.  It seems that all we have to do now is to just wait to see the long term effects of this outbreak.  So, just how did this virus start up and what can we do to stop it from occurring again ??

The first comment to make about this is that it is impossible to stop the influenza virus.  This particular virus, like every and each species that has evolved on this planet, is determined to survive.  Like the fast breeding and quick speed of rabbits help them survive, this virus has that wonderful capability of constant mutation.  By constantly changing itself, the chance that a species has developed an immunity to it slims down.  As well, sometimes it can hide within another species, doing them no harm, yet leaps to another host animal where it causes the infection to occur, much like the SARS virus which went from birds to humans.  Now that we know that we can never rid this planet of this virus, what can we do to keep it at bay, as with all the other nasties out there ??  One has to look at the problems that arise with such an outbreak - again, poor sanitation leads to a breeding ground for the virus to have an opportunity to mutate into something that is fatal.  Again, this is of no great issue if the filth-infested area is isolated - there must have been times in the long distant past where a pool of water trapped several animals, their corpses creating the perfect environment for the viruses to breed.  However, once the self-imposed quarantine has been broken, then it is hell on earth for the rest of the population.  Now, let us look at where this virus originated from - Mexico.  Let me think - would this nation be capable of having such lax sanitary procedures that would allow such an event to have a chance to occur ??  As well, would it have the capability to recognize what was happening ??  Would it have the ability to implement a disaster management program, so as to contain the infection and prevent its spread ??  Well, now that we cases of this same virus popping up in places as diverse as New Zealand and Spain, I guess that the answer to that is a plain and ordinary "No".  Are we really surprised ??  Let us look at the SARS virus outbreak - it occurred in South-east Asia, before spreading around the world.  Again, it was to do with water birds and the associated mixture of their lifestyles with the human beings around them.  I know everyone has heard about the HIV outbreak and its possible connection with monkeys in Africa but I will not discuss that particular pandemic that has now almost become benign in influence and scariness.  Indeed, I shall talk about Ebola, a particularly horrid virus that causes severe bleeding and a relatively quick death - it does, though, come from Africa and it is believed to be transmitted by monkeys, kept deep in the jungles and forests of that dark continent.  It has been surmised that even the grand-daddy of all pandemics, the 1918 'flu, originated in the Far East, attacking the Central Powers, weakening them to the point where that might have been the real reason why the Allies won the First World War.  Are you seeing a common connection here ??

If you look up the Wikipedia article about pandemics and such, you will come across a list of all the major epidemics that history has recorded and, yes, there is a larger number of those pandemics that have occurred in both Europe and the USA.  Note that I have stated "history has recorded" and so, naturally, in places where more history is recorded, we will know more of what has happened.  Still, it also shows that the real point is that poor sanitation and lack of comprehension in what to do when you have a pandemic about to start is much more common in non-White controlled areas.  Okay, that might have been fine over a hundred years ago, when the Europeans may have not care one iota about what new cholera outbreak happened in the Oogga-boogga village of central Chad because there was no reason that it would even migrate outside of its immediate area in any great hurry, if at all.  Today, we are not afford the luxury of being to distant in time and distance from outbreaks.  If the same thing occurred today, then that same virus could be transmitted to a tourist or aid worker and back in mainstream White communities in much less than a week.  Along the way, the spreading of this virus continues at the international airports and onto other countries.  Then, it is up to us White Folk to combat this disease that we would never have been exposed to if we didn't associate with the subhumans who allow such accumulation of garbage and filth to occur in the first place.  What are tourists doing in Chad anyway ??  Why are we risking the lives and health of aid workers in Nepal, Ethiopia and the Brazilian rainforest, if they can only do damage to us White Folk ??  Why do we want to have these creatures living amongst us anyway, especially when their "relatives" come from the homeland and continually infect the population surrounding their more affluent family members.  Rare is the community of the subhumans that is clean and pristine for all to live healthy lives - filth and grime, disease and strife-ridden are always adjectives that come to mind when we think of the American ghetto today.  And the skin colour of said ghettos is not white.  Is this racist to say that the non-Whites are causing disease and destruction to the areas that we have built up and developed ??  Apparently, it is and, as such, our propaganda ministers (i.e. Federal government) is actually allowing the high risk of a mass infection, like what has happened in Mexico, to crop up here in our own country.  Are we going to allow this to happen ??  Are you willing to walk around the mess that needs to be cleaned up, thinking that distance alone can keep you alive ??  How far is New Zealand from Mexico ??  Indeed, in a newspaper article I read today, one of the conditions to contain this infection included the American embassy in Mexico to prevent visiting visas to Mexicans; I laughed, as we all know that they just walk into our country on a daily basis anyway, carrying all their diseases and filth with them.  The old saying that good intentions pave the path to ruin is something here that we should be most concerned about.  All those liberal heart bleeders who want to set up drinking posts in the deserts to aid those illegal immigrants (hey, remember that it is ILLEGAL for them to come here, right Mr. Law Abiding Citizen ??) and those same idiots who want to send our doctors, nurses and teachers over to the pathetic nations that seem to produce only more wannabe immigrants and other natural disasters, answer me this - wouldn't you prefer to have all those talented people here, to help our nation, you know, the same nation that gave them to chance to obtain their education and opportunity to become what they are ??  Wouldn't you want all those valuable resources and man-hours that you have put into drinking fountains, to be put into our public schools or hospitals ??  I know that at my local hospital, a working drinking fountain would be a blessing, as I wait for hours to see a doctor that my taxes are paying for.  As well, you could say that if we helped these pathetic countries, we would be helping ourselves, well, would we ??  Of course not !!  Look at we have done and see the results of our kind actions.  Have any of those countries actually any better and moving forward from when we helped them ??  I thought it was ironic that Ethiopia is having yet another famine, especially growing up, watching the Live Aid concert that donated all that money to help them.  Let's face facts and figures here - the sub-humans do not know how to look after themselves and, as a result, are more of a liability than the viruses that they allow to spawn up around them.  They are little better than the average animal circus act - trained animals.  We deserve a better world to live, one when outbreaks occur after a major disaster only (heck, even Hurricane Katrina did nothing because of what us White Folk did to fix the possible problems to begin with !!).  Do you want to live in fear of what is happening over in Mexican, what is happening in your country because of these "immigrants" migrating babies and bacteria, vermin and viruses into our communities ??  Send them back.  Send them all back to where they came from and if they are just as equal as us White Folk then they can look after themselves without our help and benefits.  I don't think that they can do it because it is not in their nature nor their genes.  They chose to live like animals and, as such, there is no need for them to drag us into their gutter because we apparently feel guilty about their patheticness.  We White Folk are, naturally, the best on this planet and it is time for us to wake up and smell the midden heap before we are crushed under its immense weight !!  Do something today to save your Folk now !!

That shall do it for this week's message. Call in again next week and let us win this RAcial  HOly WAr !!!!
Title: Re: Internet Messages from Br.MichaelIreland of Rockhampton, Queensland (Australia)
Post by: Private on 06 May 2009 at 21:14

Racial greetings to my fellow White brothers and sisters. My name is Bro. Michael and this is the Internet Hotline message of the Church of Creativity in Rockhampton https://creativityalliance.com/category/australia/queensland.

This message is being brought to you on Tuesday, 5th of May, in the 36th year of our beloved White racial religion, Creativity. For more information on becoming a member of The Church, or some general information, please view the "What We Believe" section of this website at "What We Believe". Obtain a copy of the true Bible for the White Race, "The White Man's Bible".

It is sometimes quite difficult to understand the world we are living in at this moment, with the various different breeds and groups of "humans".  Each of these groups are doing what they can do to make the world a better place and yet, instead of the global harmony that is what we are constantly being informed is happening, we are getting the opposite.  Chaos and destruction, not law and order, are what we are getting today - and all thanks to our leaders who are taking advice from our racial enemies.  Let us look at what is happening today.

Today, it was noted in my local newspaper that China is being told that it has committed yet another human rights violation.  I almost skipped over it, as there have been so many of late that just one more seemed to be not necessary to learn about.  Except that it made mention, in the headline, about Mexicans.  Okay, now you have piqued my interest.  It appears that the Chinese government has quarantined approximately 70 Mexicans, as a preventative measure for the influx of the swine 'flu virus into the country.  Mexican diplomats say that this is not proper, as the people have no signs nor symptoms of the virus, and demand that they be released now.  So, the Chinese government is doing something that sounds quite logical and fair for its citizens; a similar quarantine occurs in Australia, but for horses, because of the potential risks of viruses and such.  Do the Chinese people, over one billion of them, want to be suffering from the 'flu virus of Mexico ??  Of course not and just because the people traveling there were from Mexico does not mean that the government is phobic towards these sub-humans but that they are looking out for their own kind.  I would suspect that if the same virus outbreak started in either Finland, Nigeria or Tonga, then the same response would have been meted out.  Yet, the Mexican diplomats are jumping up and down, demanding that the police/custom officials let their people go.  Sure, and potential spread the virus throughout the largest populated country in the world ??  Think about the consequences, you idiots, and see that this government is actually trying to ensure that their people exist in the long term and without any major epidemics.  And what did your government do to protect you ??

Still, it is not all bad, is it ??  Our government is out to help us and make us feel better, right ??  Of course not !!  They are out to make a name for themselves, as well as pamper their own nests.  Short term goals over long term interests, that is what is going to stuff up your land and the future of our race.  In Australia, the latest influx of illegal immigrants are coming along, with the idiots who, apparently, pay the people smugglers many thousands of dollars, to let them live in the Great Southern Land.  This is how sophisticated the scheme has now become - by the time the illegal immigrants have entered Indonesia, they have already arranged the boat needed for the voyage.  So, instead of going to a travel agent or going into a refugee camp and seeking proper permission, they illegally set up a way to enter this White Folk land.  Despite the fact that these "people" are over 90% Muslim, despite crossing at least two countries that are proudly Muslim in nature and tolerance, they do not stay with their co-religionists but desire our non-Islamic ways !!  How is this possible, if they do not like our non-Muslim way ??  Perhaps it is because both Malaysia and Indonesia are not exactly the greatest countries to live in, especially with the soft cushions that are available just across the waters.  So, the people smugglers, flattering them with the wonders and joys, pull out their modern boats (which they bought from all the previous trips), drag out an old fishing trawler and tow them across the Arafura Sea, towards Australia.  They use sonar, GPS and have codes for approaching Australia officials; when they come in sight of Australian land, they unhook them and send them on their merry way.  Much like a tourist on a Kontiki trip.  Instead of wanting to be helped, the illegal immigrants destroy documents (it takes longer to confirm their identity, thus, they are more likely to get permission to stay), have women about ready to give birth (wow, that tactic works just about everywhere!!) or, if that fails, they throw their children overboard or set themselves on fire, in sight of the Australian officials, so that they will be helped right now, without question or hesitation.  So, these criminals are given a helping hand out, money, food and resources that are better placed for our White Folk, are handed over to them because the Australian government has been told that it is the right thing to do.  Is it right for those Aussies to have taken off of them all the benefits that they and their ancestors have created, just for criminals ??

Now, we have mentioned two governments here and we can see which one is looking out for their citizens and fellow same race peoples.  If China is so backward, why aren't we doing the same for our own White Folk as they are doing for their own Chinese people ??  Because our government has been brain-polluted into thinking that the scum that floats across the sea is just as good as the people already here.  Well, a rude shock for some but, guess what, they are not the same nor are they better.  They are different.  Just as different as the swan is from the goose as from the duck.  All birds of a feather but they rarely congregate together, let alone, interbreed.  Each has their own lifestyle, their own particular food choice, their own social mating calls and such behavior which allows their species to continue on.  Despite all of them being on the same lake or pond, you do not see goose/duck hybrids - goslings or ducklings or cygnets.  If a bunch of water birds can do that to maintain its own racial integrity, why can't we White Folk do the same ??  Simply put - you are being told by our governments that it is not right and that it is bad to think like that.  Yes, it is okay to be teaching primary school children about the consequences of gay marriage but not that we can't say that homosexuality is a crime against nature ??   Yes, it is okay to teach Jewish theology in the form of Christ-insanity but if you want to teach them the lessons of Darwin's evolution or the physics behind the atom, then you are attacked by the left-wing liberals.  All up and against each other and all because they have been cultivated by our governments to act as "public interest groups" when they are really tools, to keep us White Folk split and divided.  No united front, no common direction, no sense of true community, unlike what we had over a mere century ago.  Today, our governments have betrayed us, to make us the scapegoats for the world's failures when the White Folk are less than 6% of the world's population !!  If the world is in such a messed up way, then why not look at the other 94% of the population and get them to pull their act together.  No, instead, like the blacks, the Asians, the Jews and the Arabs have of old, they always fall back on the same strategy as before - blame Whitey !!  Zimbabwe is not in the gutter because of poor judgment from the black leaders but because the former White colonists did not set it up properly before leaving, as an example.  And the worst part is that our government is letting them get away with it, by fear and guilt, they feel that we are to blame for their failures.  How can we White Folk be blamed for the subhumans' errors ??  It is a non sequitor and as such, we should tell ourselves it is not our fault that we White Folk are better than the scum of the world are.  We White Folk are the ones that got this planet moving in the direction that it is - towards the stars and a better life for us White Folk.  Instead of doing the same, the pathetic tribes are blaming us for their inability to do what we do.  Then the bleeding heart liberals want us to stop, even go backwards, our forward momentum to let them catch up.  No other species on this planet puts its future and progeny at risk to aid a competitive species a chance to win.  So, why do we need to do this for the White Race ??  In short, we do not and if our governments does not shake up and look towards our common good, then they will fall and be replaced with those who do think like their populace does.  It is time, friends, for us to shake people awake, show them what is happening to our people and our way of life and cleanse our society of the ills that is infesting it.  Only together can we create a Whiter Brighter World !!

That shall do it for this week's message. Call in again next week and let us win this RAcial  HOly WAr !!!!
Title: Re: Internet Messages from Br.MichaelIreland of Rockhampton, Queensland (Australia)
Post by: Private on 13 May 2009 at 04:30

Racial greetings to my fellow White brothers and sisters. My name is Bro. Michael and this is the Internet Hotline message of the Church of Creativity in Rockhampton https://creativityalliance.com/category/australia/queensland.

This message is being brought to you on Tuesday, 12th of May, in the 36th year of our beloved White racial religion, Creativity. For more information on becoming a member of The Church, or some general information, please view the "What We Believe" section of this website at "What We Believe". Obtain a copy of the true Bible for the White Race, "The White Man's Bible".

In this world today, we are all faced with the various difficulties that make our struggle for recognition as a legitimate religious force.  Most of these forces are deceptive and misleading, making our job even more harder than what it should be.  Still, even though we are told that we are a "true" religion, it must said that we are - each and every day.  Another step forward is to practise what we preach and stay steadfast with our Faith, despite the odds that are against us.  Remember, it is through the strength of our will and our character that we shall win the day.

Some of you maybe wondering - what difficulties could we be facing ??  The short answer is that there are many and not just our racial enemies, as defined by PME Ben Klassen in our Holy Books.  Sure, they are the ultimate super villain but they are not the only target of our ire and desire to remove them from our lives.  No, our greatest enemy is probably the one that is called apathy.  The sheer lack of wanting to put in the effort to achieve a goal - one of the better descriptions of that term that I have read.  We need to realize that if we just sit back and let others do the job then the job will not get done - whether you are building a shed or wakening the sleeping racial giant that is the White Race about their imminent destruction, each and every day you must do something to help push that job through.  If you think that, well, organizing street marchs is hard work and I can't do one every day of the week, then you are correct - it is hard work and not a good idea to have one every day.  Several marchs per year are the better option, as it gives you time to do the preparation correctly and proper.  No, each day you can do something that will help to push forth our creed with no real hot and sweaty labor.  Do not eat at the restaurant that we all "know" employs illegal immigrants.  Support your local White Folk in their businesses, even if it means traveling an extra ten minutes or spending an extra 10% on the same product.  These White Folk are striving towards a better place for our Kind, even if they are not aware of it, by doing what the White Folk have done for centuries - create and nurture, both business and pleasure.  If you are one of those that work in a mundane office job for a multi-national corporation then, yes, it is worth your efforts to do this for these people.  Whilst we all have a need to earn money for our material aspects of life, the greater need is to help our White Folk build their own piece of creativity.

Another difficulty that is not-so-obvious is the one that seems to be that we are ignoring the threat around us.  Whilst I am not suggesting that we should be jumping at shadows, I am saying something more dangerous than just the apathy that is mentioned above.  We all want to reach the ticker tape at the end of the race, preferably in the lead - that is a normal everyday feeling we White Folk have had built into our genes for millenia.  It is the same driving force that allowed us to create civilization, arts and science.  Unfortunately, as it has taken us years to lose the lead that we once had, so it shall most probably years to gain back our natural position on top of the pyramid.  Yet, if we do not do something with the dangers around us, it will make life even more difficult.  I have had the experience of living in my hometown for the majority of thirty years and I can certainly see the changes that have happened - and not all of it is good.  No, it is not a story about an old fellow who muses about days past.  No, it is a story about the reality of the situation that we are now facing.  It is only in the last nine years, since I became a proud member of the World Church of the Creator, that I can see the massive changes that are occurring in my hometown and, most defiantly, in yours.  Looking at my old primary school photographs, there was the few native black in the line up but the rest were young White Folk, with shining blond and light brown hair (just like mine, before it has turned to grey).  Today, driving past the same school, I find it hard to see any blond haired children but a lot more blacks, all the new Asians and the rest of the mud races that are proliferating our town.  The fast food industry, once a strong staple of Italian and Greek descendant families, all are now dominated by Chinese and Indians - I once made the point of not only having to listen to these people on the phone call center, now they are serving myself burgers ??  Seeing a mixed race couple was something that was, literally, pointed out to us and being told that it is wrong to see that happening in our day and age.  Now, not only are there mixed race couples walking around without a care in the world, but those same older examples, their offspring are polluting the next generation of White Folk children - not quite dark, not quite White.

And that leads us to the final point - between apathy and ignorance, we are losing the war for our own racial survival.  Having been told for over thirty years all the things that our ancestors once avoided like the plague is now good, we are losing our sense of community and well-being.  "Who cares if she dates a black ??" and  "Hey, he is banging some Asian  - lucky him !!" - these attitudes are nothing but the simulated responses that we have been force fed during our childhood years, especially in my day, when multi-CULTuralism was being exploited as the new religion for all.  Nowadays, we are seeing the results of those same attitudes.  She dates a black, maybe not settle in a relationship but falls pregnant and has a little mongrel - who is neither black, nor White.  What does this offspring do - which world does it live in ??  The same with the Asian female, again, what are its options in this world ??  Since we are told that these are normal people, that they can do no wrong and that if you say anything else then you are a bad bad person, we let them proliferate into our society.  Suddenly, a black-White mud has the intelligence gained from their White parent but with the viciousness of their black parent.  Slum areas are set up in where they use their intelligence to avoid doing anything meaningful in live (but still manage to live off social welfare) and their innate viciousness to enforce their new beliefs on the rest of us.  "How dare you invade our areas and tell us how to live !!!" - a common catchphrase, as the mixed-race mongrel is saying that they want to be separate but are using the genius to make sure that they are allowed to maintain that separation at the cost of the greater White Folk community.  Our racial enemies are also contributing, as they are often the main stayers in the legal, finance and governmental bodies that create, operate and maintain the same institutions that allow this disorder to begin, continue and now defend against by us, after seeing what the results of the years of apathetic ignorance have given us.  These mongrels then get into positions of power themselves and allow even more of their own kind to come along and be part of their new world, not just on a global scale, but always starting on the local small scale.  Slowly but surely, they will outnumber us, then outrank us and then usurp the power that we unwillingly gave away without raising a hand in anger - because we were told not to by our racial enemies, believed their lies (as smiled to us on the cameras from the racial traitors) and gave up any fight because, well, it was just too hard to do something about it.  Sorry to burst your bubble but guess what ??  The job needs to be done and, yes, it will be hard work and, yes, it will take a very long time.  Reconstruction of our society, our environment, our bodies and our minds are something that will take the years to bring forth to fruition.  These new sub-humans will fight back with tooth and claw (literally, in some cases), using the very same institutional models that we built for ourselves against us, despite our best efforts to work within the same laws that we created for ourselves.  The time has come where we must stand up and fight for our racial survival - it is not a choice we have to make, as it was made for us years ago by those who allowed Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and Filipino brides to enter our country.  By those who allowed our borders to go undefended whilst the brown tide surged across into our lands.  By those who believed that the almighty dollar is more important that family, community and racial unity.  Our decision to decide whether we should fight or die has been made.  In the next two decades, I feel will become the most important for our racial survival.  There are 1.2 billion Chinese in China alone; 1.1 billion Indians in India alone; there are over a billion blacks in Africa - over half of the world population is against us !!  Yes, they will take away your jobs and your children's jobs.  Yes, they will demand more of the very limited resources that we already have left.  Yes, they will goto war to obtain the arable land to feed their massive population, just like a locust or rabbit plague does after a healthy productive season and a long harsh drought.  They will come after us, because we have what they do not have - the willpower to create and unite ourselves - and we must be ready for them.  Splintered, as we have been, now is the time for us to join up and formed a defensive wall, pick our little skirmishes to fight the war that is coming to us and then, once we have regained our White Folk racial soul we can defend our Kind from the savages that threaten to destroy it.  Let them wither on the vine, as the sour fruit of poor husbandry, while we continue to grow and thrive without their poison amongst us.  Together, through our Creed, through our Faith, we can turn the tide and make this a Whiter Brighter World to live in !!

That shall do it for this week's message. Call in again next week and let us win this RAcial  HOly WAr !!!!
Title: Re: Internet Messages from Br.MichaelIreland of Rockhampton, Queensland (Australia)
Post by: Private on 20 May 2009 at 05:23

Racial greetings to my fellow White brothers and sisters. My name is Bro. Michael and this is the Internet Hotline message of the Church of Creativity in Rockhampton https://creativityalliance.com/category/australia/queensland.

This message is being brought to you on Tuesday, 19th of May, in the 36th year of our beloved White racial religion, Creativity. For more information on becoming a member of The Church, or some general information, please view the "What We Believe" section of this website at "What We Believe". Obtain a copy of the true Bible for the White Race, "The White Man's Bible".

The irony not withstanding is that in one of the more wealthiest parts of outback Australia, Mount Isa, there is some pretty poor people living there in squalor and filth.  Dogs roam the streets, just as scrawny as the near naked children, as they do what they do best.  There is garbage laying in the streets, the yards are unkempt and untidy and there is no sign that people are looking after the houses that they have.  All in all, it does look like some Third World country, as stated by the news reporter.  So, how does this happen, not only just in Australia but in a wealthy mining town ??

A twist to the story, though it should not be so obvious to you, is that the residents of this street are all black.  Yes, the native blacks of Australia are living in this rubbish dump and are, as you can also guess, crying foul over their "treatment".  As I was watching this article on the current affairs show, I heard one of the female blacks state that they are not cared for by the government or the big mining companies of the area because they are black.  I turned to the person next to me and asked them : "Why don't they look after themselves ??"  That person had no answer.  Indeed, as the show progressed on (and it really did look like it was staged), one has to ask oneself - how could people live in such degrading situations ??  Each of the houses shown were all run down on the outside - yards unmowed, trash littering the gutters and front yards, paint peeling off the walls.  On the inside, the same was also occurring  - more trash, more peeling paint, as well as, the human detritus of unwashed dishes, literally overflowing from the sink, and the piles of dirty clothes laying about.  Now, I have seen some pretty poor people live their lives out, trying their best to make their lives just that little bit better and, no matter how ordinary the food is, no matter how second hand the clothes are, they always make their home tidy if it is threadbare.  Of course, these are White Folk, so, maybe there is something there to be mentioned, perhaps.  Still, the question bugged me - why should the government or others look after these blacks in the first place ??

The native blacks of Australia won their right to be recognized as citizens of Australia over forty years ago.  There was long winded public campaigns, carefully placed propaganda and the usual hype of the sixties to make this a better world for all of us to live in.  The government was to no longer take care of the blacks, releasing them on their own recognizance.  They were just the same as you and me, so, they needed no protection, no hand-holding, nothing.  They were just as good as us.  Just how badly off were the blacks back in those days that make these days so much more better ??  Firstly, the majority of the blacks back then worked in the outback, living on cattle and sheep properties, where they did the general duties of a stockman.  Rounding up livestock, repairing fences, fighting fires, etc.  The government usually held their wages for them, releasing a minimum of "fun money" whilst the property owners fed, housed and looked after their workers.  They called it organized slavery but it was perhaps the best state of survival for these unfortunates, who were quite susceptible to the ravages of alcohol and other substance abuse.  They also were in touch with their "people and culture", being within close proximity to their fellow tribesman and still living in the area where they could practice their whatever they do.  Suddenly, the liberal bleeding hearts said that that was all wrong and that they should have the right to do what we White Folk could and should do.  Of course, the same liberals forgot to determine for themselves whether the blacks could live in our society with all the advantages that the blacks saw - housing that didn't blow down in a gentle breeze, regular nutricious food and an incoming welfare cheque so that they didn't really have to do work - without looking at all the disadvantages, such as obeying our laws, paying taxes, doing justice for the community.  They were told that they were just as good as us and given a free pass into our unsuspecting society who was told that it would be all good.  And look at what happened.  Forty years of continual government spending (to give them a head start, a catch-up to the rest of us), forty years of regular training and job emplacement, forty years of free medical care in areas where there are often no permanent doctors for anyone.  All these benefits, just for them, just because they were black.  The end result of this grand experiment - whining on TV that they were left to fend for themselves and they failed.  How pathetic.

Of course, it is not the black's fault that they can't live within our society because they are completely and utterly different from the rest of us.  Just like asking a lion to live amongst the gazelles, it just does not happen, no matter how hard you try to teach that lion to eat tofu and goto Gazelle Awareness classes.  They can't be expected to learn how to wash their dishes, how to clean their clothes, obtain a job and live within their means.  How to avoid substance abuse or obtain help if they do fall for the trap of alcohol and drugs.  How to maintain a clean and decent, if spartan, home and lifestyle - people are poor or have poor paying jobs all over the world.  What made this story even more interesting was that one of the female blacks (actually, besides the male children, the only other males shown on the show were asleep in a gutter) said that she should not be expected to maintain the same standards because she was seventeen years old, with two kids and one on the way.  Whatever her reasons but the point is that she is a generation or two away from what the blacks were like before their freedom.  This young female black was given every single advantage that the blacks have been given over the last forty years - permanent access to education, taught all the subjects needed to determine what job that they wanted, life skills on domestic duties (Home Ec) and even sex education classes.  Government handouts and freebies, cheaper medical care, their own political support group (until recently, ATSIC, but it was shut down).  All these benefits, all these bonuses, all these gifts to help them not be like what they were before, during her grandmother's or great-grandmother's day, when they walked the deserts, hunting down goannas and eating raw emu eggs.  Yet, what happens, even after all these donations of the White Folk's time, money, genetics and inventiveness - they still sleep in filth.  Despite decades of building this female black's capability to live in our collective society, all the infrastructure and efforts - they still can't let go of what they are.  Sub-human primates.  I have never seen such complete and utter degradation in any society that lies within a modern Western European based civilization.  In the middle of the civil war stricken Chad, yes, and that would be expected.  But in a booming mining town of Australia ??  Surely, this could not be and yet there it was before me, in technicolor too.  Is it our fault, us White Folk, that allowed these blacks to stay in the poverty ridden slums ??  No.  Yes, you heard me - NO !!  And why do I say that ??  Because we have done every single thing that we could do to make them become part of our society, given so much of ourselves to help them and they have shown us their true colors.  Despite all the government funding, these blacks can't support themselves: they keep having more children instead of doing the sensible thing and practice birth control; they cannot afford the rents so they let their homes run down, to make it cheaper to live in because of the poor conditions that they are living in (Note: these houses would have not been built that way brand new !!), instead of finding that better job or moving to another town or giving up excesses like alcohol.  The blacks are just the most poorest excuse for an example of humanity as there can be.  They are so primitive that despite decades of somewhat forced integration into the society that they wanted in, they still sleep on the dirt.  As PME Ben Klassen stated once - "You can take the nigger out of the jungle but not the jungle out of the nigger".  No truer words could have been spoken, to represent this situation.  They are just not good enough to live in our society.  They cannot integrate with our society, as they are too alien to begin with.  It is not their fault - they are a product of their genetics, just as much as you and I are.  Years of effort and they cannot stack up to the expectations that you and I can do and do so, on a daily basis.  They should be removed from our society before the rot sets in amongst us White Folk.  And I do not mean just the flies, rats and other diseases that can come streaming from their midden heaps within our towns, but also their lazy and slack ways of not doing anything, of expecting others to look after themselves.  This is not how White Folk operate !!  Manifest Destiny is not just a catch-phrase for the American West but something that can be expressed wherever there are White Folk.  Australia, Europe, South Africa - it does not matter what part of the world we are living in.  No, we are White Folk, proud people, born with the zeal to push forward, to stretch our imaginations, to overcome, evolve and adapt to whatever the surroundings throw at us.  So, let us rid ourselves of the cancerous tumor that is festering inside of our lands, cast them out to live on their own, to wither on the vine all by themselves.  When you are reaching for the stars, it is time to drop the millstone around your neck.

That shall do it for this week's message. Call in again next week and let us win this RAcial  HOly WAr !!!!
Title: Re: Internet Messages from Br.MichaelIreland of Rockhampton, Queensland (Australia)
Post by: Private on 03 June 2009 at 04:00

Racial greetings to my fellow White brothers and sisters. My name is Bro. Michael and this is the Internet Hotline message of the Church of Creativity in Rockhampton https://creativityalliance.com/category/australia/queensland.

This message is being brought to you on Tuesday, 2nd of June, in the 36th year of our beloved White racial religion, Creativity. For more information on becoming a member of The Church, or some general information, please view the "What We Believe" section of this website at "What We Believe". Obtain a copy of the true Bible for the White Race, "The White Man's Bible".

It appears that racism is once again the big headlining news, in the Land Down Under, called Australia.  At first, there was a relatively minor uproar over the CEO of Australia's largest tele-communications company, Telstra, by Sol Trujillo, who stated that we are a backward and racist country.  Add to this the recent attack of an Indian student in Melbourne, Victoria and one would assume that Australia is the land not only famed for its kangaroos but other difficult hard to catch creatures - the nasty racists.  What a load of bunkum.

I personally like Australians, as they are hard-working and decent folk.  They are so laid back in their attitudes to the majority of events in our lives, that they only rarely get their duffer in a dander - and usually when someone attacks their beloved country.  Speaking to my Australian friends, I inquired of them about this attitude and they were not sure as to the meaning of my question - they are what they are, so they said, apparently confused.  One of them stated that perhaps because Australia is such a harsh environment to live in, with dramatic changes in climate, they often had to rely exclusively on each other to survive.  With such a strong attitude to the most basic needs of survival, comparatively everything else is a breeze !!  Okay then, so we now know that the Aussies are so relaxed in their general attitudes because they have to suffer the natural disasters that come with great frequency in their land.  So, why would the former CEO, Sol Trujillo, make such a statement about our attitude.  Probably because as a Mexican-American, he is looking for people to take him down because of his own ethnicity.  He is so insecure with himself that if he perceives a slight coming from someone else, then it must because of what he is, not what he has done.  And that is because they can do no wrong, right ??  Those lovely Mexican-Americans who butcher themselves on a daily (almost hourly basis) on the Texan-Mexico border, running their drugs across into our land.  Or what about the massive gang wars that are flaring up wherever they are situation, not only between themselves but also with the blacks and the other non-minority (i.e. us White Folk) ??  Violence over a slight perception of one's values is a common event with these Latrinos, as PM Matt Hale once stated, and that they cannot look after themselves without the need for putting someone in their place.  It is really quite sad and disappointing that this CEO should treat the company that gave him over $4 million in a goodbye present, as he left the company in financial limbo, struggling to compete with the other telcos, over whom they had a strong dominance.  When complaints about a person's abilities are made it because of those faults, not because of race, Mr Trujillo, you racist piece of Mexican trash that was dragged on the hoof across the border all those years ago.  Nearly four years in the country and you did not understand the people who gave you all that money and trust.  One word - pathetic.  Three words - don't come back.

Next on the list is that of the alleged racist attack on the Indian student in Melbourne.  Now, due to work commitments, I have not been able to see the initial event at the time (thus, the reason for the missed weekly message, my apologies for that), only seeing the ever popular footage of a Indian, laying on a bed with a stitched up wound in the belly.  As always, when reviewing the preceding information, one comes across just the standard bland statements made by the people involved.  To what extent is there needed a specific organization for just Indian students (FISA) - is that not discriminatory in of itself, not wanting to work with the student body as a whole, separating themselves ??  Mr Gupta, of FISA, said that Australians were, at a whole, nice people and that it was just a certain element of the public causing all the dismay, also adding that the media was also hyping it up.  The Police commissioner, Simon Overland, said that in the course of the resolving of the Indian-initiated rallies, they were given several chances to leave quietly but refused until, after several hours, the police responded as they normally do in standard situations of this type.  He also stated that the attacks on Indians had actually gone down over the last few years and that they were just caught up in the rising street crime. Mr Gupta denied that this was the case and also stated that the joint police-Indian forum was broken down because the Indians weren't allowed to speak in their native language.  What a fuss over, basically, one person who was attacked !!  Naturally, the Indians are not the aggressors, right ??  Well, of course not, as they so want to blend into Australian society by speaking the language of the country, by acting in the proper manner and doing their best to join in with the rest of the social standards.  No, instead they continue to let themselves become discriminatory by not doing anything at all to become one with the society at all.  Separate language, separate organizations, separate social views (like the burning of surviving widows on the pyres of their dead husbands or the worshiping of disease infested rats).  No, why should they become one with the rest of Australia !?!?  They are not Australians, they never will be because they are not wanting to give up their specific rights and lifestyle aspects.  Indeed, they are displaying racist and discriminatory behavior !!  That they want the rest of Australia to change their society to accept them, well, I am offended on behalf of the Aussies Down Under, that they have to give up their lifestyles and their societal standards for a bunch of sub-humans who can only whine and cry out "Racist!", each time that they are a victim of crime.  Of course, if they were that offended and cannot handle the stress, why do they return back to their own universities, back in India, and continue their education there.  Surely, their unis are just as good as ours, right ??

It must be sad that the minorities who come to Australia, or any other country, cannot understand how to live within their new societies.  As well, it must also be very difficult when the same society that they are trying to integrate into do their best to make life easier for them.  Setting up English training classes, adding street signs in other languages, changing the laws - all for their benefit.  Of course, it must be hard for them to comprehend just how much the White Folk are bending over backwards to help these pieces of slime to get all the goodness that we, us White Folk, have developed over the many centuries, whilst they were lolling about, eating fruit and being chased by large carnivorous animals.  Every time I have met one of these minorities, they always seem to resent us White Folk in some way or other.  Some of the more common resentments are : 1) not understanding our culture, 2) not understanding our language, 3) not understanding our laws, 4) not understanding the need to earn your way through life.  I am sure that there are more out there that you can think of, just by yourselves.  Ironically, the first time I came across this was with an Indian geologist who was extremely annoyed that my country did not recognize its doctoral degree it had gotten back in India.  Of course, he did it by correspondence course and it had nothing to do with his original geology degree and was just basically a diploma mill.  In his country, it was as good as gold - here, it was not worth the piece of paper it was written on.  So, it was very upset at us, for not recognizing his best points when, in reality, they were not good points at all (and thus, was he relegated to a lower paying, lower privileged job).  Sorry buddy, if you cannot show us that you can do the job, no matter what piece of paper you have, you will not get the job.  And this is what we White Folk are suffering from in these new years of the 21st century.  Bombarded from all sides by the so-called educated and qualified sub-human minorities, our own culture, society and values are being eroded, degraded to fit these muds' own perceptions of what is good.  It is right for us White Folk to give up what we have earnt through hard labor and decent honest toil, to give up all the time-honored values that we know that works, just because little Jamal Singh Goldstein Chong Bakuloo can live with us ??  Of course not !!!  We White Folk are not here to be forced to give up our standards, to drop them in an effort to compete with savages who could barely scratch out enough food to feed their herd of family relations a mere century ago.  It was these same values that led us White Folk to formulate and create the wonderful world around us !!  It was us who led the world in technological and engineering advances !!  It was us who developed new species for better food production !!  Not these savages who sat on the sidelines, waiting for us to come and train them up to look and be like us, much as they did with the chimpanzees on television.  And just like those apes, these prehistoric mentality thugs cannot get past their own innate savagery, their own need to destroy that which they cannot understand.  We can lead them around and give them a good home but they are resenting us, each and every day because they know that they cannot compete with us.  Our racial enemies use this resentment against the White Race.  As PME Ben Klassen stated that they are pumping black blood into the veins of the White Race.  Their mission is to make everyone exactly the same (except them, of course, for they are "God's" chosen), to make us all become the Tan Everyday Man - no White Folk, no blacks, no Asians, no Arabs, just a brown robot clone.  Now, for all you non-Whites who read this, let me spell it out for you - our racial enemies hate you just as much as they hate us; they are using you to destroy us White Folk because we are the only ones who can dismantle their plans once and for all.  They do not care about the "racist attacks" on you - they just want to get new laws passed so that it will make it harder for us White Folk to live with even less chance to rid you from our society.  In fact, us White Folk really don't care about you minorities at all - you can all go back to wherever you come from and wither on the vine, without our support.  Which returns us back to the resentment, as the minorities know that they can't live without us and we White Folk can live quite happily without them at all.  So, to all the minorities out there - go back home and live on your own skills and capabilities.  Apparently, you can, so, do it without us White Folk holding your hand.  In fact, just go back home, go away and don't come back at all.  Don't go away mad, just go away.  Can you understand that ??

That shall do it for this week's message. Call in again next week and let us win this RAcial  HOly WAr !!!!

Title: Re: Internet Messages from Br.MichaelIreland of Rockhampton, Queensland (Australia)
Post by: Private on 09 June 2009 at 20:43

Racial greetings to my fellow White brothers and sisters. My name is Bro. Michael and this is the Internet Hotline message of the Church of Creativity in Rockhampton https://creativityalliance.com/category/australia/queensland.

This message is being brought to you on Tuesday, 9th of June, in the 36th year of our beloved White racial religion, Creativity. For more information on becoming a member of The Church, or some general information, please view the "What We Believe" section of this website at "What We Believe". Obtain a copy of the true Bible for the White Race, "The White Man's Bible".

Sometimes, I am amazed at the irony of the events that I see in the world, whenever I watch the television news of read the local newspaper (which often grants me an insight into the greater world outside of my home town).  Add to this the current book I am reading, and I often wonder how these events just happen to co-incide.  A couple of days ago, I was watching the D-Day landing anniversary celebration, listening to the usual blather and then I saw that President Obama went to a concentration camp, laying down a white rose.  Since the "White Rose" was the name of the resistance movement in Nazi Germany, my current reading selection of "The Hoax of the Twentieth Century" seems somewhat appropriate.

Did that depositing of that particular flower was of significance and not just a random choice - if it was anyone else, perhaps; yet, this is the President of the USA, whose entire life is being monitored 24/7, so, I do not think that it was chosen randomly but picked for the special reason of the resistance movement.  A symbolic gesture for the resistance movement which never really got anywhere except the deaths of the students who founded the group in the first place (indeed, it was said that at their university, after the execution, their fellow students celebrated).  Still, it does show just how much of an effort there is to keep up appearances whenever the President is showboated about, dropping in subtle hints of how bad White Pride is in any shape and form, such as the Nazis of Germany; though I doubt that many people these days would have known of the actual group in any detail, let alone the significance of the flower.  However, it does lead me to believe that there must be a conscious effort to maintain the symbolism with everything that Obama does, which concludes, for me, that he is not really his own person but is on a leash of others.  We all know who is controlling this monkey, so, it should not be of a great surprise to see that he is being controlled by his handlers.  So, the original event, the celebration of the D-Day landings, was marked by the making of the point of the death in the holo-hoax of the Jews which leads to the book I am currently reading.

I have heard of this book for quite a few years and finally decided to buy it recently.  It is very interesting in what it maintains and sets out to achieve, though I am only about one-third of the way through it.  The author, Arthur Butz, is not a historian per se but is a technical expert in his field which allows his book to come across as being a write-up of an experiment or research project.  This is quite interesting because it does not allow the emotional content to come on through and mar the evidence that is laid before the reader.  So, what is it about the holo-hoax that has such a grip on the lives of people today ??  The answer is, as it always seems to be, about the Jews.  With this race of malcontents, we are constantly berated in everyday life about this alleged event.  They have gone so far as to encourage other countries to change their laws to suit this travesty of both history and justice, jailing people for wanting to get to the truth of the matter, no matter what.  Why do they not let independent archaeologists in to excavate at the alleged death camps ??  Why is it that after sixty years, the Jews are still hunting down these frail old men for crimes that any honest person would say are impossible to prove either way in a court, no matter how "painful" it was ??  Why is it that this new religion of the Jews has become like a club that is threatening over us, each time there is a need for a legitimate claim of the Jews causing their own little genocide of the Palestinians ??  Why did Arthur Butz had to search hard for any publisher to print his book, despite the well-researched notes that he offers to his reader ??  Even in popular culture, there are numerous references to this holo-hoax in televisions shows, magazine articles, fiction stories and so forth.  It just does not go away, no matter how hard you try.  Why is that ??  What about the extermination of his own people, by both Stalin and Mao, which has records of people in the tens of millions being killed ??  Where are the articles about those genocides being promulgated each week ??  I do not see any "movie-of-the-week" commemorating these events at all, let alone any allusion to them in our popular culture.  It is almost as if these events where insignificant, of little importance, as compared to the alleged Jewish holocaust.  Is it because it is racist to assume that any other group of people can be subjected to a genocide ??  Is the alleged Jewish genocide of WW2 of more greater stature than the many millions of Chinese that died under Mao ??  Or of the many millions of various ethnicities and cultures that were killed by Stalin and his cronies ??  I do not hear of any one in Austria being deported or locked up because they thought that the Mao-induced genocide  was just another method of birth control under a Communist regime ??  Where is the justice in all of this that allows for all the great crimes of the twentieth century be brushed aside as mere footnotes to history, just because it did not allegedly involved the Jews ??

The simple answer is that the Jews don't want you to know of other peoples' suffering and hardship. They want you to think and believe that they are the only ones who have suffered hardship under a totalitarian regime ever and are willing to enforce such a belief on you, whether you like it or not, by all and every available means that they can.  That this is actually a mockery and an oxymoron is beside the point for these people because they only truly care about themselves.  The Jews are probably the only race of humanity that can be classed as entirely composed of narcissists.  They are the only ones that are human, according to their religious beliefs - the rest of us are just animals made to look human.  They are the only ones who were crafted by a higher being for a cause, naming themselves as "The Chosen Ones"; no other gods exist and they are the living proof of their god (which means that, for example, if you slap a Jew across the face, you are effectively slapping "God" across his face).  They are the only ones who cannot maintain an empire or even a small country for any significant period of time without it collapsing underneath their hubris or being invaded because of their internal struggles; as an author (Charles Pinckney) once wrote that a nation of vampires cannot live off other vampires.  They build a state within the state and then they slowly strangle the host nation by the use of financial means - I believe that I am paraphrasing Benjiman Franklin here.  Nevertheless, no matter how hard you may believe that this is a conspiracy, that this is akin to aliens giving us humans technology in return for abduction rights, the fact is that there is literally tonnes of information and proof about this actually happening (the Jews, not the aliens, sorry).  The laws that have been changed in countries specifically for the Jews.  How the Jews have created Israel as a Jew-only country, systematically discriminating against the native Arabs and other minorities who were living there - and no-one bats an eyelid at this turn of events.  That the Jews are the only country in the Middle East to have nuclear power/weapons, and has even bombed other nearby countries' installations to prevent them from having the same level of technology - and no-one bats an eyelid at these turns of events.  How the Jews are the largest lobbying group in Washington D.C., always pestering for more money, more grants, more material support from the USA - all of these resources to go overseas to a little country of no significant value, which uses apartheid methods to be biased against the native population, which kills innocent people in foreign lands, which has more United Nations sanctions proposed against them than even Iraq and North Korea combined which is than vetoed by the USA ??  And no-one bats an eyelid.  Is there something I am missing here ??  How can such a small group of people, a pathetic little country on the Mediterranean Sea, wield such a power over the minds of others, blatantly using torture, destruction of private property and other human rights violations with no-one in the modernized Western world standing up publically to denounce their actions ??  Oh wait, that's right - they suffered in the .... holo-hoax.  Right.  Okay.  The event that we are not allowed to investigate, that we must accept what the Jewish archaeologists and historians tell us about what is behind the curtain, that we can't debate over any of the details, that we have to keep paying for in both money and industry resources forever and a day.  That such a hoax has been played upon us in the modernized Western world is bad enough - that it has continued for over six decades tells us that our leaders do not care about the truth, that they do not care about how your taxes are spent and that they do not care about the rules and regulations of a modern civilization at all.  And that they are being controlled by these people in one form or another.  Each time someone stands up and points out that there is an elephant in the room or that the emperor has no clothes on, the state slams them into prison, condones the use of punitive financially crippling lawsuits against the speaker or even covertly allows them to disappear.  The time has come, my fellow White Folk, that the lies must be exposed, that the veil be removed from our faces.  The facts are there, the proof is out there.  Our Beloved Founder, PME Ben Klassen, researched this topic, enabling us to use his skills to show the falsehoods that the lies have caused us, the damage it has done to our society and, more importantly, what we can do to fix the problem.  Once we get this information out there, once people are willing to let themselves admit that they have been fooled (and we all hate that) then we will turn the brown tide and we shall end up making this a Whiter Brighter World for us all !!

That shall do it for this week's message. Call in again next week and let us win this RAcial  HOly WAr !!!!

Title: Re: Internet Messages from Br.MichaelIreland of Rockhampton, Queensland (Australia)
Post by: Private on 10 June 2009 at 09:32
A good book exposing the BIG lie - free ebookhttp://www.vho.org/GB/Books/thottc/ (http://www.vho.org/GB/Books/thottc/). A good visual, including a jew-boy turning on his own; four hour video on the hoaxacasthttp://www.codoh.com/video/onethird.html (http://www.codoh.com/video/onethird.html). Get it while you can ! Obviously ZOG is constantly telling us that these are lies ... and for good reason.
Title: Re: Internet Messages from Br.MichaelIreland of Rockhampton, Queensland (Australia)
Post by: Private on 02 July 2009 at 21:28

Racial greetings to my fellow White brothers and sisters. My name is Bro. Michael and this is the Internet Hotline message of the Church of Creativity in Rockhampton https://creativityalliance.com/category/australia/queensland.

This message is being brought to you on Tuesday, 23rd of June, in the 36th year of our beloved White racial religion, Creativity. For more information on becoming a member of The Church, or some general information, please view the "What We Believe" section of this website at "What We Believe". Obtain a copy of the true Bible for the White Race, "The White Man's Bible".

Maybe it is the scientist in me but it seems that the entire society seems to be akin to a human body, in terms of actions and reactions.  As the swine 'flu epidemic seems to continue its world-wide spread, it shows just how much it has affected our various different societies and cultures.  Let us look at the commonalities between the two.

Let us see just how much the similarities are present.  if we consider the White Race as a standard human body, we can see that the introduction of non-Whites as being something akin to germs or other foreign bodies, such a the swine 'flu virus or a splinter in the hand.  The white blood cells come along to attack the invaders, consuming them and even dying in the process, to ensure that the whole body survives.  You could be correct in saying that those who are proud of their Folk, such as us, are those white blood cells, laying down our lives (literally and metaphorically) to defend against these foreigners.  It is also very similar on how the rest of the body goes on about its daily routine without really noticing the fight that is taking on within its borders.  Sure, there is a rise in temperature and things maybe a tad shaky but overall, it is life on as normal.  Does this sound familiar to the rest of you out there, doing your jobs without any real knowledge of what is happening ??  Is that why you see the change in the norm around you, looking for those hot spots or the little tremors and seeing where the original source is ??

Of course, there is that other form of disease that comes into our lives, one that threatens us all.  It is those diseases that make the body attack itself, thinking that it is trying to protect itself.  The classic example is that of the HIV virus and its partner-in-crime, AIDS.  Through unnatural acts or through good intentions, the virus enters our body, hiding in our blood cells, especially our defenders - the white blood cells.  As the virus propagates, the body does not immediately reacts to the change because, for all intensive purposes, these are still the same cells as they were before.  Silent but deadly, hidden vipers within our breasts - these are the ones that slowly take over the body defense system and then it destroys it completely.  However, it does not actually kill people - as the systems are down, the body is open to relatively simple diseases and it is these that eventually kill.  If you think, like it was stated by our Beloved Founder, PME Ben Klassen, you will see that our racial enemies influence the defenders of our lifestyle by both good intentions and unnatural acts - the government, the church and other community leaders - all are told by these enemies that to do the opposite of what they should do.  How many of our racial enemies have been "outed" with the majority of the people out there thinking that they were members of the White race ??  How many wars or other conflicts have we lost our own kin, due to the good intentions of these leaders, listening to "good advice" or being told to "do or else something bad happens" ??  The similarities are there for all to see, as well as the end result - death to the whole.

So, what do we need to do to keep the wolves from our throats, to toss the barbarians out the gate ??  The answer is that we must educate our fellow White Folk.  It is a simple answer and one that seems all to simple to actually do but it is something that we must do - no ifs, no buts - just do.  What our fellow brethren are afraid of is that they will be ostracized by their fellow peers, they will lose their jobs or they will be severely injured/killed because of the spreading of the truth.  Yes, you will suffer somewhat to a degree these unfortunate events, at least, in the beginning.  The hardest yards will be the first ones that we take, in this marathon of willpower.  We have the will and we will succeed.  We must teach our fellow White Folk that not only is it right to feel negative attitudes towards those who do not belong with us, it is also quite natural !!  If you take a drop of slug blood and put it into your body, the body will react the same way as if the reverse also happened.  Repeat : it is natural to feel righteous indignation against those who threaten us.  Secondly, we must expose the reason why we are fighting off this latest disease - show them the rising immigration numbers of non-Whites into your country, show them the rising crime rates due to these non-Whites, show the property damage in your local area, show them the reason why are losing access to our White Folk culture at the expense of these interlopers.  Then show them what happens when, like a weaken body is hit by an outside illness, the outcome overall.  Your society is overcome with non-Whites, Jews masquerading as White, White people pretending to be black, crime rate is up, chaos is rampant - then the banks collapse.  People already struggling in a weakened environment are hit with a massive body blow and are unlikely to recover to full health.  Well, this is the perfect time for the white blood cells, i.e. pro-White Folk, to come out and take on the new disease before it destroys as a whole.  We mus take this opportunity, sad as it is, to attack and drive out those that are ruining our world and our culture.  No more Black History month, no more multi-CULTural fairs, no more sending money to Israel, Mali or other shitty little countries.  It is time that we remove the splinter, swallow the pills, and get back our lives and our culture.  For if we do not do this - and do it now - then we are lost, forever.  Extinction is complete, there will be no more White Folk left - ever.  Gone, vamoose, see ya later alligator !!  Do you think the price of having some new foods around and different color skinned school children is enough for the destruction of the White Race ??  Are you prepared to let our Folk be removed from the planet's history with a whimper and nothing else ??  So, why not get off your butts and go out and talk to our Folk.  Explain to them the situation, send them to a website, hand out literature, do anything to help us help them.  If the White Folk die, as other species have died, then I want to go out in style, fighting and sinking my fangs into the throat of my enemy if necessary, even if that is the last act of defiance that I can do.  Most importantly, we have to do something and we have to do it today.  RaHoWa !!!

That shall do it for this week's message. Call in again next week and let us win this RAcial  HOly WAr !!!!
Title: Re: Internet Messages from Br.MichaelIreland of Rockhampton, Queensland (Australia)
Post by: Private on 09 July 2009 at 07:56

Racial greetings to my fellow White brothers and sisters. My name is Bro. Michael and this is the Internet Hotline message of the Church of Creativity in Rockhampton https://creativityalliance.com/category/australia/queensland.

This message is being brought to you on Monday, 6th of July, in the 36th year of our beloved White racial religion, Creativity. For more information on becoming a member of The Church, or some general information, please view the "What We Believe" section of this website at "What We Believe". Obtain a copy of the true Bible for the White Race, "The White Man's Bible".

If I look around my home town today, what would you think that I would see, as compared to the days of my youth ??  The answer is, quite simply, that nothing is the same - it has all changed and not for the better.  I see crumbling businesses, I see too many foreigners and I also see that the White Folk have been taken advantage of again.

Crumbling businesses is not an entirely new concept and reality for us - businesses have come and gone in a natural cycle, just like everything else in Nature.  However, what we are seeing is that the middle-class businesses, those "mom-and-pop" stores, those ones that offer the best in customer service for the goods they sold, these are the ones that have virtually disappeared.  Now, I know that people are out there, reading this and saying that that too is part of the cycle of businesses.  The small either get bigger or they are taken over by the larger businesses anyway.  Yet, the small businesses are more concerned with maintaining a small profit and emphasize the customer service; this correlates into having better products and more staff working - which in turns, leads to more employment country-wide and a greater diversity of businesses.  A large company is more concerned with protecting investors' money and paying the wages of the senior management, often leading to detrimental business practices, such as, closing stores and dismissing the workers.  This then leads to more unemployment and less money being generated within the community; and this bad cycle is continued onto people relying on welfare, which creates a drain on the rest of the workers via increased taxes and so on.  The picture is a lot more detailed than what I can described here but this should give you a decent view of what the situation is.  Of course, we know that our racial enemies are behind the world's largest companies and other mega-corporations, much like they are behind the mass media, as described in an earlier article on this website.

As to the statement that there are too many foreigners, well, the simple answer is that, yes, there are too many foreigners in our land - more specifically, too many non-Whites.  With the possible comment of myself being an old fogy, I can still state that back in my day, the number of non-Whites in my neighborhood and school could be counted on one hand - literally.  The native blacks were certainly there but they sort of occupied the position of being just another icon of my country, much like the kangaroo or emu.  Then it started to happen, probably around the early to mid 1980's.  At first, the most infamous was the Filipino bride syndrome - where lonely older men went over and picked up for themselves a nice relatively adoring compliant wife from the Phillipines.  Well, they were probably that way to start with but they soon learn that if they have a few children, they could claim even more of a residential status.  Add to that they could then bring in more family members from their country and we suddenly have an increase in non-Whites and as well, an increase in mixed-race bastards - whom go on to infect the children of other White Folk.  Still, even this was relatively minor (except in certain areas, such as large mining boom towns) and was almost tolerated; heck, after years of interbreeding with the Spanish and, later the Americans, the brides were passable as not being so non-White as some of the others.  Yet, it did not stop there.  Suddenly, people found that non-Whites were more attractive, though how this actually came about. I am not all that certain.  I will say that the role of the mass media in its constant blasting through the airwaves of how the White and the non-White can hold hands and make the world a better place, even though that has never happened in real life, would be the first source of brain-pollution regarding this problem.  If you keep on repeating the same lie over and over, people will, eventually, believe you - despite the truth and facts that dispute it being even more obvious.  So, with that latest fad taking place, suddenly White men decided that Japanese, Chinese and Indian women were more attractive than those from their own communities or even from Europe as a rule.  An increase in the number of mixed-race unions started, with an additional increased in mongrelized children - which always take after their non-White parent in both looks and temperament.  In the spate of recent attacks on the Indian students in southern Australia, I found out that the selling of Australia's education "product" is actually the third largest "export".  So, we also have that influx of non-Whites not only coming into our heartland to learn that which they could not figure out by themselves, but they are also infecting other White Folk by casual sexual liaisons (leading to mixed race bastards and an increase in diseases) and by their alien mindsets, such as the constant bargaining that is more appropriate in a Afghani carpet stall than in a major electrical retail store.

With these many problems facing us today, surely it would be easier to give up and crawl back into our hole and make the best of what there is available to us.  Sorry, that is not an option in our case.  If we let this situation escalate any further, what we will have is a world without White Folk.  Sure, there will be some that claim to be "White" just like those blacks who are actually more like one-sixteenth black but claim to be black for social/welfare reasons; yet, those who are actually part of the White Race will be dead, gone forever - extinct.  No, I am not being alarmist, I am being a realist.  Already, it is becoming a regular habit to play "Spot the Aussie" when traveling in the bigger cities down south and soon I will have to introduce this "game" to my own local town.  The non-Whites are taking over and we are being told to sit back and accept it !!  No, we will not roll over and die, just like a well-trained dog would do.  We will fight and we will survive.  There is no other option available to us here.  Each day that you and I are not out there trying our best to win people over to the reality of the situation, the more that we are losing.  Yes, we are down now to days, not each year or each month - DAYS !! The mud tide, as predicted by PME Klassen, has landed on our shores and it is already beginning to stink up the place.  He stated that us White Folk who are awakened need to reach out and awake the sleeping giant that is the White Race and get together to fight back for our own survival.  Every other species of animal or plant does this on a daily basis, fight to survive, and, as we are part of Nature, we too are subjected to its laws - this is the biggest one.  There is no more time to sit back and wait for someone else to come along and do the job for you.  That attitude didn't let the ancient Romans conquer their known world.  That attitude did not let the Vikings to expand out of Scandinavia, conquering Russia, Iceland and even discovering the Americas.  That attitude didn't let Shakespeare, Watt, Faraday, Gutenberg and Beethoven from creating the achievements that they did, which contribute to our continual existence today.  We no longer have the luxury of time in this matter - we need to strike now, right now.  The time has come for us to awaken the sleeping giant and only then can we achieve a Whiter Brighter World for all of us.  So, what are you doing still reading this article ??  RaHoWa !!

That shall do it for this week's message. Call in again next week and let us win this RAcial  HOly WAr !!!!
Title: Re: Internet Messages from Br.MichaelIreland of Rockhampton, Queensland (Australia)
Post by: Private on 15 July 2009 at 21:05

Racial greetings to my fellow White brothers and sisters. My name is Bro. Michael and this is the Internet Hotline message of the Church of Creativity in Rockhampton https://creativityalliance.com/category/australia/queensland.

This message is being brought to you on Tuesday, 14th of July, in the 36th year of our beloved White racial religion, Creativity. For more information on becoming a member of The Church, or some general information, please view the "What We Believe" section of this website at "What We Believe". Obtain a copy of the true Bible for the White Race, "The White Man's Bible".

Being a trained scientist, I often enjoy reading the scientific and technical journals that are available to the public, especially relating to my own field of interest.  Some of these magazines are more for the general consumer without being too dumbed down to remove the effectiveness of the science that is being displayed.  In a recent Scientific American magazine, I noticed something that should be of interest to all.

The article mentioned is titled "Could food shortages bring down civilization?".  Whilst my technical interest in this field is extremely limited, I do enjoy reading these types of articles, especially as they relate to the story of our proud White race.  In short, instead of discussing how previous food shortages affected the world's history, the author discussed the three main points that he considered that leads to food shortages and, thus, the collapse of our civilization.  The three points are : water shortages, soil losses and rising global temperatures.  I will not go into full detail on the author's ideas here but to give a basic summary - increasing the main points leads to less food which would lead to the breakdown of society (Sci. Am. May, 2009).  However, I will quote an side bar in the article that is of particular interest: "Failing States: Every year the Fund for Peace and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace jointly analyze and score countries on 12 social, economic, political and military indicators of national well-being.  Here, ranked from worst to better according to their combined scores in 2007, are the 20 countries in the world that are closest to collapse: Somalia, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Chad, Iraq, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Afghanistan, Ivory Coast, Pakistan, Central African Republic, Guinea, Bangladesh, Burma (Myanmar), Haiti, North Korea, Ethiopia, Uganda, Lebanon, Nigeria and Sri Lanka." (Sci. Am. May 2009, pg 40).

Look at those twenty countries that is listed above and check to see if you can see anything that is missing.  Hint ??  There are no European dominated country listed.  No Iceland, Germany, New Zealand or Latvia.  Nothing.  It is quite logical to assume that our homelands are relatively secure in their food shortage potential, if nothing else.  However, let us pick the eyes out of the above countries and see what happens when you put them under the microscope.  The first one that is of interest to me is that of Zimbabwe, a long time study in this forum here.  Zimbabwe was once known as the bread-basket of Africa, exporting grain to other countries, as it had such a large surplus.  Suddenly, the White farmers are murdered, kicked out of the country or removed from their properties - it all falls apart in a few short years.  Even countries that are relatively close to our ideology and practices, such as Pakistan or Haiti, still have the same problems, despite this application of the White Folk way.  As soon as strongman of Pakistan was deposed, we see incursions of terrorists into the country and who can forget Haiti !!  Establishing its own constitutional government based on the United States model, in the early 1800's, yet they are still having problems with food production, soil erosion and even managing their own transportation, as their constant failures there remind us.  At least the other countries listed here have the disadvantage of being physically far away from White Folk help - Haiti is right offshore.  Finally, you have nations that were once quite fine and stable, whilst they were still colonies of the various European states.  Uganda, Sri Lanka and Nigeria, all of these countries prosper while they were still under control of the White Folk.  There was no war with the Tamils under British rule of Sri Lanka; Uganda was once considered to be a second Scotland, with wonderful scenery and friendly environment; and Nigeria would not have the environmental problems it does have, if they were still under colonial rule.  Instead, these countries demanded independence from their "masters" and when it was given, they slowly decayed into the chaos that we see before us today.  Note also that the vast majority of these countries are often more stable when under the rule of one single figure, a tyrant or dictator as the case maybe.

So, what can we say about this list besides the obvious ??  That the non-Whites can't look after themselves and that this is proof ??  Of course, this is the case and it is no less obvious this way than in any other criteria that we could be using to discuss the differences between the non-Whites and the Whites.  There were some countries that have major problems of their own that were not on that list because of the criteria used.  China and India are the two main countries that were discussed in the body of the article.  Massive deforestation, increased desertification and the loss of irreplaceable water supplies are forcing those two bigger countries into more desperate measures - which are working, for now.  In the very near future, we will have even bigger problems than these first twenty basket case of nations.  Those countries have nuclear weapons, large armed forces and are integrally tied into the economy of all major civilizations of Europe and North America.  The question we are now facing is what to do when these hibernating bears wake up.  I can hear the bleeding heart liberals saying that the best way to stop this from happening is to help these countries overcome their problems, just like we did.  Hang on, can you see the point here ??  We, us White Folk, have realized the problems, remedied the situation and ensured that it worked with further study and repairs.  These countries do not have the capability of doing what we did.  The Chinese, sure, can make millions of computers but they did not invent the transistor, they just copied it.  The Indians may produce the world's most efficient telemarketing system ever but they did not invent the telephone.  The problems that we are facing show us, in drastic measure, that the non-Whites of these countries are not capable of both recognizing the problem and fixing it, on their own.  They are mentally and morally ignorant of the potential danger, willing to let it run its course because they can always go backwards in societal advances, as they are not that far removed from that state as we White Folk.  We have advanced onwards and upwards - these muds are clutching at our coat tails, dragging us down to their level.  If that is the case, what we need to do is to drop them, like the albatross around our neck they are, so that we are not destroyed by their uncontrollable excesses.  As a surgeon removes the cancerous tumor from the body, so the healthy tissue survives and thrives.  As the farmer removes the weeds from his crops, the sick animals away from the herd, so we White Folk must remove the diseased parts of our world from ourselves, leaving it out of our society.  We cannot let these creatures, these sub-humans, destroy our way of life, our culture and our society just because they have not mentally or conceptually moved on from the donkey and cart days of the not so distant past.  They are dragging us down, they slowly strangulating us with their ineptitude and carelessness.  Remove them from our midst, let them wither on the vine - we do not need them, they need us to survive.  It is time for the White Folk of the world to unite and legally remove this threat to our way of life.  Before we all go down in a collapsed starving mess.

That shall do it for this week's message. Call in again next week and let us win this RAcial  HOly WAr !!!!
Title: Re: Internet Messages from Br.MichaelIreland of Rockhampton, Queensland (Australia)
Post by: Private on 05 August 2009 at 18:49

Racial greetings to my fellow White brothers and sisters. My name is Bro. Michael and this is the Internet Hotline message of the Church of Creativity in Rockhampton https://creativityalliance.com/category/australia/queensland.

This message is being brought to you on Tuesday, 21st of July, in the 36th year of our beloved White racial religion, Creativity. For more information on becoming a member of The Church, or some general information, please view the "What We Believe" section of this website at "What We Believe". Obtain a copy of the true Bible for the White Race, "The White Man's Bible".

Looking at a issue from one viewpoint can lead to an askew opinion on the topic at hand, so, it is often necessary to look at all things from all points of view.  Still, it is written that the one thing that we should always do is that when we see something of interest, how does it affect the White Race - this is the first question that should come to mind.  As always, PME Ben Klassen was right in stating this but I shall explain why it does not contradict the former statement, mentioned above.

We have in front of us a topic, an issue that needs to be looked at.  It can be anything from a spillage on the floor to an invasion of the Mongol horde, a.k.a. Genghis Khan style.  Either event still has the same rationale behind when we look at it from the viewpoint of the White Race's survival.  So, the mess on the floor, when looked at from any angle, always says that the best action to take is to clean the mess up - from a White Race's point of view, it is so that our fellow White Folk cannot hurt themselves from slipping on the floor.  When the invasion occurs, we should know that we must either run and hide or fight the invaders.  This is important in that some liberals will say that maybe we should talk to these invaders (whether they are from Mongolia, Mars or the mall), determine why they are invading us and what we can do to help them.  Excuse me ??  When looking at the event from all angles, this is a point of conjecture that comes on up but will it actually be of help to the White Race, as dictated by PME Klassen's determination.  No, as we know that any invaders that enter our eco-system must be eliminated at all costs - plants, insects or sub-humans, it does not matter.  Even from the point of view of the humble daisy in the field - when you introduce a new species, it will determine whether that species will affect it, if so, what its response to it will be.  It is a natural reflexive action taken by all creatures from the microbe to the mammoths of old.  Looking at whether the daisy can cope with the new species is entirely mute as it either does or does not affect the plant's need to survive.  When we are invaded, the point of view that should be taken is - will this be detrimental to the White Race ??

What is the underlying reason behind the whole idea of looking at the object at hand, from several points of view ??  This rationale came about because we all got caught up in the hysteria of being politically correct, according to some obscure set of rules which, frankly, I do not believe any knows of nor do they completely understand them.  For example, the invasion of the subhumans from Cuba and Haiti into our great United States.  Point of view - is this detrimental to the survival of the White Race; Answer - yes, it is.  Now, for the reasons behind why these creatures shove themselves onto something that can float are many and varied - economic, militaristic or even political.  So, why does that concern us, here in the US ??  It does not concern us whether the various Castros of the world can create a society that can look after its own people - if they cannot do so, then the civilization collapses until another chest-thumping alpha male comes along to enforce calmness amongst the chaos.  However, we know that societies can be created that will look after their own, making sure everyone has something to eat, somewhere to live and so forth.  You seem them everyday when, as White Folk, we look at our towns and cities that we created from the bottom up.  Now, if we can do it, then so should the blacks, the Asians and the Arabs, right ??  You can look at the situations in all of those countries/areas and you can determine the many different reasons behind their lack of success but it still will not stop the fundamental question that should be asked - is this detrimental to the survival of the White Race.  Yes, it is, so, we should not become involved in their petty power struggles for the limited resources that they are holding onto.  If they are able to do what we can do, then we must let them struggle, slip and fall, learning from their mistakes just as we did, all those many centuries ago.  Did the Zimbabweans come to the financial aid of Columbus when he was looking for money to discover the New World ??  Did the Emperor of China hand over large sums of money or technical support for the building of the windmills and dikes of the Netherlands ??  And what was the tribal leaders of southern Yemen doing, when they could have had the opportunity to develop the printing press in central Europe, and did not even send a congratulatory note ??  That's right, they all did nothing - because they honestly do not care about us White Folk and what we are doing, except when it impacts upon them.

Thus, we come back around to the original question of looking at all issues from every point of view before making a decision.  Yes, it is important to take into account the various reactions to your actions when a decision has been made but, at first, a decision has to be made.  That decision should be made with the only point of view that matters - is it detrimental to the White Race.  If it is, then we should take steps to rectify the situation and ensure that it is no longer a threat to us physically or to our culture/way of life.  These are the points that we should be making whenever we are discussing our Faith to all who want to know - it is not that we hate the subhumans (they are what they are) but that we really don't give a cracked cup over what they are doing.  Except if it is going to affect us.  Curiously, this is the same method that these subhumans use against us White Folk.  These creatures know that they can utilize and abuse the very system that we have created for our own White Folk's security for their own profit and stability.  So, they come along, plant their seed, grow, send out roots and the next thing that you know, we have a garden bed full of pests.  We prepared the ground for ourselves and they have taken advantage of it - not us.  If we try to remove the pests, the liberals and other bleeding-hearts will tell us to look at it from their point of view; they are leaving an unjust situation (financial, environmental, political) and so, we must take them into our bosom, to let them grow up strong and healthy.  On our hard work ??  Let these creatures live off the largess that we have created for our own ??  They are not here because they like us - these creatures are here because they are getting a better deal here !!  Hang on then, Mr. Bleeding Heart, ask yourself this question - why have they left their own lands ??  If they are capable of establishing and maintaining the type of society that we can (because, remember, they ARE equal to us, apparently), how come they have not ??  How come they have all this political turmoil (yes, we had it but we fixed it - no rioters in the streets letting off machine gun fire nowadays!!) and cannot fix it ??  How come they don't know that if they chop down all the trees, the soil washes away ?? (In Australia, there are laws that will fine people up to many hundreds of thousands of dollars for the amount of land illegally cleared because of this very reason)  We have worked it out and we are now even reverting back to the best semblance of the original landscape to make sure that we can work within the harmony of the environment.  There are many more points that could be made but the general points are already stated - we White Folk can, the subhumans can't, period.  So, is it in the best interests of the White Race to have these barbarians within our society and culture ??  No, it is not.  They do not contribute - if they did, then they would have a lovely society to live in, but they do not.  They do not care about the areas they live in - look at the filth the next time you go through China/Mexico/Arab-town, and then compare it to your own area.  We can initiate clean up days and public awareness of the problems, plus give viable and reasonable methods to rectify the issues at hand, but they can not.  They do not care about their health problems - whenever there is a major outbreak of any disease, you can almost guarantee it to have initiated in a non-White country/area.  They continue the cycle, still living in refuse and garbage whilst we have regular trash days and organized dumping grounds.  They can not do; we White Folk can do.  It is in our blood, in our bones and in our mindset to get off the ground and start ensuring stability for our immediate family and then for the whole White Folk community.  So, why would you want to introduce, let alone keep, something that is completely alien to our way of life, does not worry about the various impacts that it will have on the original occupants and then start to destroy the very community that is there (because we just have to help these unfortunates, which shows that they are incapable of living our way of life anyways) to help them ??  In short, you do not.  So, we remove them from our sphere of influence, let them go back to wherever they come from and let them wither on the vine.  Remember, they need us - we do not need them.  Let them go their own way and we will have a Whiter Brighter World as a result of their ineptitude.

That shall do it for this week's message. Call in again next week and let us win this RAcial  HOly WAr !!!!
Title: Re: Internet Messages from Br.MichaelIreland of Rockhampton, Queensland (Australia)
Post by: Private on 05 August 2009 at 18:51

Racial greetings to my fellow White brothers and sisters. My name is Bro. Michael and this is the Internet Hotline message of the Church of Creativity in Rockhampton https://creativityalliance.com/category/australia/queensland.

This message is being brought to you on Tuesday, 4th of August, in the 36th year of our beloved White racial religion, Creativity. For more information on becoming a member of The Church, or some general information, please view the "What We Believe" section of this website at "What We Believe". Obtain a copy of the true Bible for the White Race, "The White Man's Bible".

Adversity is something that we all have to deal with in our lives.  Sometimes, it can be as drastic as a natural catastrophe; other times, it could be just a mere car accident, forcing you to find alternative means of transport to and from work.  Just this week gone by, personally, I have lost my job and so, I am now affected by the new adverse condition.  It is a difficult time to be looking for a job when you consider my age and the current economic outlook but, as always, it is not the fact that this has happened to you personally but how you deal with the situation.  An old saying states that the rain falls on both the just and the unjust; its how you survive the weather that tells the world about your character.

On several occasions, I have spoken about how people have managed to survive a great natural disaster and then moved on to make things a better place for the future.  A classic example is that of Hurricane Katrina, hitting the southern coastline of the continental US.  Lots of people died, buildings and other structures were destroyed and others managed to rise above, both in the form of cream and scum.  We had the White Folk helping out other people, including the local blacks and Latrinos, bringing them out of the deluge to safety.  These same people were the ones who maintained shelters, temporary dwellings outside of the disaster zone, arranged for food and medical supplies to be trucked in and kept a tight leash on the overall organization of the event at hand.  Yet, despite the strong character that these people showed, those in the exactly same situation but were not White, did practically nothing at all to help.  If that was the case, we White Folk could have probably lived with that inbuilt laziness and self-righteous attitude of the subhumans.  However, what we saw on the local news was that these same savages not only not helping themselves, but were actually helping themselves to various goods and household items.  I had to wonder, staring at the TV screen, what use would a refrigerator would be, as floodwaters and naked sewerage were rising up faster than the body count; was it really worth all that effort to climb over debris, drag this item out and then cart it all the way back to your dilapidated home ??  Surely, your own life would be more important, to escape the imminent danger, taking with you, your loved ones and precious memories, right ??  Needless to say that the subhumans who were doing this were also of the same tribe that hindered rescuers as well, even to the point of firing upon, as they were trying to save these savages !!  As I have said before, adversity makes or breaks your character - in this case, we have seen what happens when the subhumans are forced into a situation that not even they can claim to be a White Race problem.

It is not just the sheer environmental catastrophe that can show the real deal behind the facade.  Yes, all natural disasters are terrible and we will all respond to them in different ways, depending on what the actual situation is.  Note : the Hurricane Katrina is but one disaster; droughts in Somalia and Ethiopia have created warlords, terrorizing their own kind, desertification in China has forced the ethnic minorities (yes, they are not all Chinese in China!) into more dramatic terrorism against the Communist government, these are other examples.  There is another catastrophe that can happen as well.  This type of disaster is one that affects the social and moral taboos of a group of people.  An example of this would be the affect of the AIDS virus and the resultant HIV death sentence.  A disease that was spread across the races but yet they all had the common goal of being either drug addicts or homosexuals.  So, what did people do once this became common knowledge ??  Well, to start with, their was a sudden turn around in the public's perception of homosexuality as being a threat to the entire society rather than just being a nifty trend or "just a phase" in young men.  Governments world-wide, especially those in the Western nations (i.e. predominantly White), started educational programs amongst both the affected groups and the entire society as a whole; this was a serious long term threat to our entire civilization.  Drug addicts were treated with better equipment and facilities; sex education came into vogue, teaching our children the reasons behind safe sex.  All of these government instituted reforms have helped reduce the AIDS/HIV threat in our White Folk dominated countries.  Look in Africa, pick a nation, any nation.  South Africa's president said that AIDS was not transmitted sexually and that this was only stated so that his government would be forced to buy expensive drugs to treat the ill.  The Congo, Chad and Equatorial Guinea, these countries have in their own society rules that state if a husband dies, his brother must marry his sister-in-law, thus, furthering the spread of this virus, especially if the husband had infected his wife.  Despite the financial offers that we have given to these countries, despite the widespread community programs to help these people, that we fund as taxpayers, what we see is that they just do not care.  So, whilst the infection rates have basically halted in the Western democracies, in some African countries it has continued to rise, with some having 60% or higher infection rate in the adults.  They are incubating this disease through their own ineptitude to solve the solution, despite all the offers of help and proof of what the situation is.  The data is there, look at it people, and you will see the facts that prevention halts an infection rise.  These subhumans are exactly the same in Africa, south-east Asia and throughout the Pacific islands.

Eventually, we must come to grips with the effects of adversity.  It is not a crime to think that the  odds are insurmountable; after all, we are always looking for the simpler easier path over the hill, as it is logical and makes common sense.  Despite this natural tendency, we must realize that sometimes we need to sit down and look at the situation, determine the course we need to take and start the process. Whether it is the lack of a job, the loss of your livelihood or a new unknown terrifying disease, each time we must step up to the plate and take a swing.  This is what PME Ben Klassen was referring to as being part of the Eternal Laws of Nature, that there are always going to be hard times and that you must be prepared for them.  You cannot hide behind rhetoric or old tribal beliefs, you have to face the situation and either conquer it or "die" trying.  In each of the cases I have described above, each time that a problem has occurred, it was solved or rectified to the best possible outcome in the shortest time possible by those of the White Race.  We White Folk do not shirk at the responsibilities that are given to us each day.  We get up, we do what we need to do and along the way solve the problems, small or large.  We do not sit on the ground and wait for someone else to come along and lift us up.  We do not steal from the community when calamity surrounds us all.  We do not believe in old cultic vestiges to which we must continually subdue ourselves to, despite the evidence otherwise.  So, it should be with this positive attitude and mental superiority that enables us to literally move mountains and create a new world for us to live and work within.  So it is with this innate ability that we should get up and kick start the sleeping giant that is the uneducated White Race out there.  Each time we see that the situation is tough, granted, it is always going to be hard for us to show the truth, but we must do it.  Extinction is forever and we will never come back to fix this problem later.  Even in my short lifetime, I have seen my country town turn into a stirring pot of different bickering species, all striving to make their own vision of the world as the only one, whilst us White Folk, who created the foundation for the foreigner's exotic ideas to be set up, watch as our world is torn down and rebuilt in another's image.  A multi-CULTural world is like a building made up of different building materials, straw, mud and wood; bound together by rope, mortar and wooden nails; with doors of cloth, metal and opened.  A total unrealistic artifice that would not survive a passing rig, without falling down.  At this moment in time, us White Folk are at the precipice of utter annihilation, where we are doomed to destruction by attrition and lack of interest.  We are in an adverse situation that threatens our very survival, so, I urge you all out there to stand up, as I know that our White Race can do, and fight for our White Folk, to save us from the eternal end.  Together, I know that we can make this a Whiter Brighter World.

That shall do it for this week's message. Call in again next week and let us win this RAcial  HOly WAr !!!!
Title: Re: Internet Messages from Br.MichaelIreland of Rockhampton, Queensland (Australia)
Post by: Private on 20 August 2009 at 18:23

Racial greetings to my fellow White brothers and sisters. My name is Bro. Michael and this is the Internet Hotline message of the Church of Creativity in Rockhampton https://creativityalliance.com/category/australia/queensland.

This message is being brought to you on Tuesday, 18th of August, in the 36th year of our beloved White racial religion, Creativity. For more information on becoming a member of The Church, or some general information, please view the "What We Believe" section of this website at "What We Believe". Obtain a copy of the true Bible for the White Race, "The White Man's Bible".

To end on this latest discussions on adversity, I would like to relay that the effects of what survival does for oneself, after the bad times are over.  Some will say that the bad times are never over, that they are just differing levels of severity.  That maybe true but I would think that with our innate common sense and strength of character, the White Folk can recognize the difference between bad times and good times.  For example, at this moment, I am in a good time, personally, because I have found a new job.  How we cope with our bountiful harvest is just as important as when we are down and out.

As I mentioned above, it is said that there is no difference between the good times and the bad times and yet, I disagree.  Yes, Nature's Eternal laws are constant and they are forcing us to continually thrive or die, as it is with every other living creature on this planet and elsewhere in the universe.  Universal laws do not change just because we are clever enough to understand them.  Still, that does not mean we are locked into a cycle of with no hope of change.  As the laws of Nature allow us to evolve, we are constantly changing in response to our environment.  Another example is the bubonic plague that went through Europe in the 1300's, as well as, on and off, for the next couple of centuries.  This was an adverse time for our White Folk, faced with an "invisible" foe that we could not slam a sword into, to defeat it with that same certainty as we have always done before.  Still, even at its worse, we tried our best with management controls such as quarantine, isolating the sick and seeking the cause of the infection (even if it took us several centuries to be sure of our results).  At the end of it all, we survived and that is what Nature is all about.  The good times that have happened since are that in the aftermath of the original wave, the people who were left had developed an immunity to the plague and, when the resulting waves of new infections came along, we were able to ride out the bad times.  We knew that we were special because we won a battle against an unseen enemy and can now face that enemy with impunity and without fear.  It encouraged us to look at the way our society was at the time and eventually led to the civilization that we have today.  The good times, despite the years of other waves of diseases, showed that we have an inner strength to battle against all foes - we won against an enemy that wiped out one-third of our population !!; that we can discover the cause of our destruction and then strike back at it to win the day.  The good times let us do that.

But what of the consequences of the bountiful harvest that we have reaped ??  Do we need to be more aware of the dangers or should we be more generous to those less fortunate ??  The answers to these are, again, best left to the simple laws of Nature that are immutable and unchanging.  The fact is that each species strives to survive and thrive, at the cost of the other species around it.  The weed is not concerned with the prettiness of the rose, as they grow next to each other in the garden bed; it wants that rose dead, so its children can seed and grow, feasting on the rotting petals.  Of course, flowers do not go around with such homicidal thoughts but the principle is there - each species wants to expand to its natural limits and survive.  Yes, there will be chance events that will affect us all, from the single-celled organisms in the ocean, right up to the elephants and whales.  So, when there is a good time around, we need to take advantage of it for ourselves.  This is not a greedy strategy.  This is not some self-deluded belief structure that makes us think that we are the best of the best.  No, this is just the standard normal procedure for the creature to go through each and every day it lives.  The wheat plant does not think about the corn or the barley in the other fields, when its own soil is fertilized, watered and weeds removed.  No, it takes advantage of this "good time" and grows to its maximum capabilities.  That such a chance event was manufactured by us humans is no different on the outcome as if the chance event was a volcanic eruption or an asteroid impact.  Now, as White Folk, when the good times do arrive, we should not squander all the benefits but we should do what we have always done from the time on the ice fields of Euro-Asia: prepare for the future and defend our way of life.  Yes, it is difficult to not go crazy and blow it all away but we have evolved beyond the simple need to be just splurge and then wonder why we have nothing left.  Indeed, this is what has separated us from the sub-species of humanity.

When we have the good times, we do not waste it all but instead we should conserve it for the time that we know is coming, when we will need our reserves.  Just as hibernating bear, with its fat reserves, does not run about crazily, chasing butterflies, but conserves its reserves for the hard winter ahead, so should the White Folk be.  We need to be reminded that the bad times are always just around the corner and that we cannot afford the luxury of waiting for someone to give us a handout - that is what the blacks, the gooks and the other sub-humans do.  Of course, the hand out is always from the White Folk because we are the ones that have conserved and reserved our harvest for the times when it is not so good.  Perhaps it is built into our nature, wired into our brains, but it seems to be the natural course of things.  When we have a good paying job, we put the excess money into the bank, to pay for the repairs on the house, or for when we are in between jobs or for that sudden operation on a loved one.  When the wheat field is full and the seed is reaped, we put it aside, store it for when a drought comes along.  The good times, we know, are not always there.  So, we are inbuilt with a need to survive for the bad times, even when we are in the good times.  This is what separates us from the savages that are around us.  They have no concept of survival past the day-to-day that all animals go through.  The savages think that when times are bad, they will just come to us White Folk for help, even though they had the same opportunities as we had, when the times were good, to prepare for the bad times.  Somehow or other, they manage to think that it was not their fault but it was ours, due to the lingering effects of colonialism, the pillaging of their resources or the guilt factor of just being plain better than them.  Well, the good times are there for all creatures, great and small, and have been since the first animal crawled out of the oceans, all those millions of years ago.  We White Folk are better than the other sub-humans and not just because we are White but because we are accepting our responsibilities for our own Kind.  We prepare because it is in our nature to care for our community, for us White Folk.  We want the best and, as such, we ensure that the good times will weaken the effects of the bad time.  We do not need to be sent into a guilt trip just because our "neighbors" cannot do the same thing, even though "apparently" they are just the same as us.  Now is not the time to initiate our downfall from the peak of evolutionary success by mixing with the sub-humans, by wasting our hard earned resources on those who couldn't be bothered to scratch themselves unless they were paid to do so.  No, we are in the bad times for our White Folk and our resources are stretched thin enough as it is without squandering them on the pathetic refuse of humanity who could not be bothered to do anything for themselves.  It is up to us to continue on the grand tradition of being what we are - better than the rest.  Nature's Eternal Laws state that it is within each and every species purview to survive to the best of their abilities and we White Folk have done so with our own means without the "help" of the lesser species of humanity.  We must let our fellow White Folk out there understand the situation that we are in, that this is the worst time of our species life.  We need to stand up and promote our Kind and only then can we have a Whiter Brighter World.

That shall do it for this week's message. Call in again next week and let us win this RAcial  HOly WAr !!!!