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Author Topic: In Memory of Ben Klassen

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In Memory of Ben Klassen
« on: 31 March 2010 at 16:16 »
In Memory of Ben Klassen
by Rev. Dan Hassett

In Memory of Ben Klassen

He was born in a time of extreme tyranny.
In Communist Russia, many years ago.
Where sadistic jews were in charge of the show.
Tens of millions of our Kinsmen-they inflicted a large toll.

To escape hell, he migrated here to the west.
His fortitude and intelligence was put to the test.
He lived in Mexico, Canada and then the U.S.
He worked very hard and became a success.

In America he achieved the American dreams.
He then realized that everything is not as it seems.
He noticed our decadence and continuing decline.
He stood tall above the masses who are very blind.

He learned about the jews and their aim.
He now knew where to place all the blame.
Our self-destructive course is totally insane.
He wanted to remove us from our shame.

He studied very hard both day and night.
To develop a religion that could win this fight.
And gain control of our destiny and our lives.
So we might again regain our might.

All his studies and experiences planted a seed.
Which manifested itself in the Creativity Religion and Creed.
Throughout history, no one has ever accomplished such a deed.
If we are to survive, its principles we must heed.

He committed all his energy and resources so that Creativity will win.
Now he rests in peace with all of history's great men.
For Creativity it is not an end.
But the beginning of a new era! RAHOWA!
"United and organized the White Race is ten times as powerful as the rest of the world combined."


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