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Author Topic: In Memoriam: Dr Frederick Töben

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In Memoriam: Dr Frederick Töben
« on: 30 June 2020 at 02:57 »
Born 2nd of June 1944 - Died 29th of June 2020

It is with much regret I announce that Dr Frederick Toeben passed away today after battling an illness for 2 months. He dedicated half his life to fighting the vitriol, lies and hatred against his German people, may he rest in peace and see us continue to hold up and carry his heavy gauntlet.

I will inform you of ceremony arrangements when they become known.

Richard Krege.

From our links at the bottom of this page:

Dr Töben was one of the worlds foremost Holocaust experts. A Holocaust realist based in Adelaide, South Australia, he was attacked incessantly by Jewish Supremacists. Once dragged off of an aeroplane in London by the political police, he was held for months in a tiny cell, awaiting decision on whether to be freed or deported to Germany to answer charges of Denying the Fraud of the Holocaust. He was later sentenced to three months imprisonment in South Australia for what Australia's local Jewish Supremacists termed "Holocaust Denial" - even though denying the Holocaust is not a crime in Australia ... yet.

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