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Author Topic: Edinburgh Military Tattoo

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Edinburgh Military Tattoo
« on: 15 December 2012 at 08:57 »
Just watching this year's (39AC) and found it's the best I've seen in more than twenty years. No Nogs so far (3/4 into it). Anyway, if you are a fan of massed pipe bands and other military style brass bands, try to ignore the Australian Defence Force Band going disco with Highway to Hell and the Americans with their cartoon theme, and give it a download. I just hope the South African Defence Force Band doesn't show up doing a Zulu dance. After Rorkes Drift, that would would plain insulting. Maybe with luck they'll show up and sing "Kill the Boer" and change the world for the better ;)

Update: Impressed with the Swede and other Euros, but nothing can outdo the Massed Pipes and Drums. Seems that Euro Armies retain a military perspective throughout and just add to that. American and Australian go for the popular entertainment package (the American set played in at Edinburgh was a variation of one I heard when nine years old by an Australian Army band - disco again). When I "marched out" of basic training, they played the theme tune to Monty Python's Flying Circus. I know now that it didn't originate with Monty Python, but I nearly cracked up laughing as I marched off that torrential rain sodden parade ground that day, back in 87.


I hope they have reinstated the Lone Piper at the end on the castle ramparts.

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