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Author Topic: Digitizing "Survival of the White Race"

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Digitizing "Survival of the White Race"
« on: 04 May 2008 at 15:16 »
Digitizing Ben Klassen's "Survival of the White Race" Lecture

A little history about that lecture and how it came into Mp3 format is in due order. 

A long-time Creator in town had the luxury of actually meeting P.M. Klassen himself back in the day.  Klassen had on his church property a large shed or garage of some sort, within which he had cartons full of his books, but also a few of this record.  This Creator was given a copy of the record free from Klassen himself, and during my discussions with this guy several years ago he passed it off to me to borrow.

At first I wasn’t even sure what to do with it, seeing how I gave away my record player years ago.  So I made a trip to another friend’s house about 30 minutes from my place and borrowed his premium home audio record player and brought it back. 

I set everything up and ran the record player through the stereo and into the computer. After a few false starts with getting the proper volume level set, and fiddling around with the software settings I was off and recording. 

The result, however, was quite terrible.  The audio sounded terrible and had plenty of pops, clicks, hiss and warble due to the dust on and the warping of the record.  The voice came through okay, however.  I realized these side effects were why I never really got into vinyl much.  I filtered out what I could and cleaned it up as best I could, but there were still noticeable defects that had to be remedied.

So after getting it read in and hacking around on it a bit, I promptly sent it down to a friend in another state who specialized in audio and video production, and he worked some techno-magic on his end and sent it back. 

The results speak for themselves: We have an audio recording which almost sounds like Ben Klassen is in the same room speaking to you.  The voice is a bit flat dynamically but the quality is unsurpassed and you can now burn in as many copies as you want on CD.  I know of one guy who would leave burned copies in the CD players of rented cars, for example.

For those curious, you see pictures of the original record in the pictures gallery section:;cat=6

Consider yourself lucky: few people these days get to see what the original record actually looked like.

Finally, here’s the original text off the back of the record album (which had to be touched up for legal reasons).


This record sets forth in short summary the purpose and goals of the creed contained in NATURE'S ETERNAL RELIGION, the Bible of the CHURCH OF CREATIVITY. Basically those goals are the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race, the finest and most intelligent creature ever conceived by Nature. It is narrated by Ben Klassen, P.M., Founder of CREATIVITY.

Not only does CREATIVITY have a powerful new creed for the Survival of the White Race but it also has a dynamic program to achieve that goal. It goes beyond that. We not only are interested in the survival of the White Race but also its expansion until it inhabits all the good lands of this fertile Planet Earth. We go further. While insuring its survival and expansion, our program seeks to encourage the genetic, cultural and esthetic advancement of the White Race for the next million years.

Our creed is firmly rooted in the Eternal Laws of Nature. We shun the superstitious beliefs of most past and present religions which cater to imaginary Spooks in the Skies. We believe in reality. We do not believe in "Pie in the Sky when you Die", nor "Fry in the Sky when you Die", nor that there are a host of spooks in the sky controlling our destiny and forever threatening us with eternal hell fire.

We are realists. We mean to bring the White Man back to reality – to the realization that the White Race is the most precious value on the face of the earth. We believe that promoting the welfare and best interests of our own kind, the White Race, here on earth – the only place man has ever been known to live – is a thousand times more important than catering to non-existent spooks in the skies.

In order to help your race and yourself, play this record to groups of your friends as often as you can. Distribute the White Man's Bible, NATURE'S ETERNAL RELIGION to as many contacts as possible – SPREAD THE WORD.

I hope that fills in some gaps for ya.

Download "Survival of the White Race" from

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Re: Digitizing "Survival of the White Race"
« Reply #1 on: 11 April 2013 at 11:20 »
Great work! wish I had one of those old records just as a collectors item.
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