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“David Duke Speaks to the Tea Party Movement” video has spurred thousands of activists to ask David Duke to run for President!

Will Dr. David Duke Run for U.S. President?

Year-long speaking tour across the United States starting soon!

By John Darty

Dr. David Duke, a former member of the House of Representatives in Louisiana who served from 1989-1992, is shortly embarking on an extended, year-long speaking tour across the United States to gauge support for a possible entry in the next race for President of the United States.

He is seriously considering entering the Republican Party primaries for President of the United States.

Duke also was elected as Chairman of the Republican Executive Committee in the largest populated Republican district of Louisiana, St. Tammany Parish from 1996 to 2000.

David Duke is launching a Duke for President exploratory committee, and will soon start a year long tour across America from his home base in Mandeville, LA. He plans to speak in every state and gauge the political response to his possible entry into the race for the Republican nomination.

Thousands of Tea Party Activists and many others have urged him to run for President!
He believes that he has the support of the rank and file Tea Party Movement just as he had support of both the Republican conservative vote and Democratic hard hat vote in Louisiana. Over the past few weeks, since the release of his, “David Duke Speaks to the Tea Party” video, thousands of Tea Party activists have urged him to run for President.

In 1991, 1992, Dr. Duke ran for the US Senate and Governor of Louisiana, and won a landslide of White voters in each of those races. In 1993, although he fared better than a number of sitting republican congressmen and senators in some Republican Presidential Primaries, his constituency was divided by the fact that both he and Patrick Buchanan were in the race at the same time.

Dr. Duke thinks that the nation is ready for his candidacy, as he can show leadership on almost every Republican conservative issue. If the Democrats can elect Barack Obama to the President of the United States, the Republicans now have the man who, without doubt, offers the clearest answer to Obama. Interestingly, David Duke also opposes the foreign war stances of both Obama and McCain, and he believes that the American people thinks it is time to spend our money and our efforts in the battle for freedom at home and not overseas!

David Duke was also the first well-known Republican leader to speak out against the massive and destructive immigration that is changing the face of the United States. He thinks stopping immigration will be the paramount issue on the minds of most Americans. His issues are clear cut an powerful.

Here are the basic planks of his platform if he does enter the race for President:
1. Bring all U.S. troops home from foreign nations and put as many as we need to seal the US Mexican borders. Let Europe, the Mideast, and the rest of the world run their own affairs, solve their own issues. Why should our boys be guarding the borders of Afghanistan and Iraq when the greatest threat to our people is along the Mexican American Border and in the smoke-filled rooms of politics and media in Washington, New York and Hollywood!

2. Fair trade not free trade! It’s time to protect American business and American workers! Tariffs on goods coming from slave wage nations, and tariffs. And no more outsourcing of American jobs!

3. Prosecute the criminal International banks! Bailout the taxpayers — not the bankers! Put an end to the Banker control of the Federal Reserve, no more “foxes guarding the chicken coop!”

4. An absolute end to the racial discrimination of affirmative action and diversity. True Equal rights for all! Defend the Constitution of the United States and our American heritage!

5. No more foreign control over our foreign policy by the Israeli Lobby! The interests of the United States must be put absolutely first.

6. Tax Hollywood and use the money to expand, cheap high speed, fiber optic internet access to every corner of America, and let the American people develop their own media.

I would vote for him     ;D    8)

This is what we need a Strong White man to say what is right

Same here , I just found this on his youtube site:

even though hes a moderate
I think he is the most promotable pro white politician
he speaks well and the older crowd is a sucker for his speeches
he has run for senator before and won


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