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Never in my political activism have I been with or visited our Enemy the Creativity Movement and boom! Check my Emails today and I have 5 days worth of Emails from the Movement talking and posting * about the Kike and their TalMud. WTF?



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Author Topic: A Race-Traitor Visits My Home ... Can't Run Fast Enough to Escape

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A race-traitor paid me a visit; wanted to debate, got aggressive and insulted me basically because I wont fück non-Whites. I threw it out & forced it to run for its life.

Friendly libtards should be used as a tool for #WRL's to hone their debating skills. Aggressive libtards should be used as an opportunity for sport. Libtards that lose the debate typically become aggressive libtards.

The libtard race-traitor followed what should be a familiar pattern to all #WRL's ...

This one followed the new alt-Right anti-PC, Trump style method of adopting what it thinks is our terminology and combining it with the standard libtard belief that the mud races will not prosper without our "superior Anglo-Saxon culture" and we have to give everything we have (including our existence) for the good of one global culture, one global (mixed) race, one global economic construct. i.e. The same old globalist, libtard neo-Con methods with an admixture of PC self-denial.


* Began by going on about how it thinks Asian women are sexy.

* Adopted a patronising tone congratulating me on my logic and intelligence.

* Was offended that when it mentioned Adolf, I didn't immediately begin to rant about Adolf's evil deeds and instead began insulting Churchill.

* Admitted that it is racist because it wants to take White culture and the White standard of living to all the mud races of the world. Claims the mud races are trying their best to live just like White people and we should assist them in every way we can. Refused to accept that the mud races want what we have, but have their own cultures and do not want any part of ours.

* Claimed that Black on White violence is "Reverse Racism." Went on to say that it rarely happens. Refused to accept that "reverse racism" is comparable with "racism" by White people. Has compassion for non-Whites in Third World nations, but has no compassion for White victims of out of control "immigrant" violence. Expressed disbelief that anyone could be compassionate about their fellow countrymen/racial kin.

* Stated that it wants open borders ... claimed every non-White coming to our formerly White Nations is doing so in order to assimilate completely into our superior "Indo-Aryan" culture.

* Continued in its patronising tone, asking how can somebody so intelligent refuse to understand the basic economics of mass immigration ... how can somebody so intelligent be so heartless?

* Confirmed it doesn't care for the future of White children and again stated that it cannot understand why I should.

* Losing the debate it got aggressive and began to shout about Russians and Italians assimilating into "Anglo-Saxon" culture as proof that the Third World mud races will follow he same pattern.

... So I threw out the monkey fücker, telling it I would cut it in half if it came back.

When it challenged me claiming it would be back, I said "We'll do it now!" and began walking determinedly towards it. The traitor panicked and ran down the street shouting that I was a "Racist cünt" (I'm so hurt :P) ... while I replied in my own charming way, and ran just behind it forcing it to run faster - I was trying desperately to not laugh too loudly at the perverted, traitorous coward desperately running away. It was half my age and twice my size; I could have caught it and put it down in a second (and I did consider doing so), but it was never any threat to me.

I stopped at the end of the row houses and watched it running off into the distance, swallowed up by the night. #ROTFLMWAO If this was America, I'd have fired a few parting shots over its head just for fun.

If the traitor does return, it'll be as a threat and I will put it down without hesitation.

It probably thinks I am a savage and it was lucky to get away alive. If so, then good. People that cannot learn via rational discussion and debate need to fear us enough that they stay out of our way while we win this war to Save the White Race and what remains of our nations. If it passes that message on to its friends, even better.


Update: As I expected, my Muslim neighbours across from me heard the argument and me chasing the libtard off, and are desperate to find a way to use this against me. No crime was committed. As far as other neighbours are concerned (I found this out this afternoon), I removed a drug fiend from the area that was banging on doors day and night menacing nice ladies and demanding cannabis from them.

Can you imagine some stranger showing up at your door demanding to buy weed ... and if you don't have it, demands to know who does? I've seen that and worse over the years, but people usually try to crawl up my arse rather than take a threatening tone with me, so as much as I hate those types, they are not a threat to me.

Other people I now see don't have that luxury of relaxation that comes with capability, preparedness and self confidence. I always thought those people were few and far between, but I now see that they are everywhere. I'm shocked to say that I'm only just now learning that most of the world lives in perpetual fear ... and there's always some piece of garbage trying to milk it for their own selfish gain. It just makes matters worse for everyone when it's some foreign muck desperately playing that age-old race-card in order to f. up Whitey.
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