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Author Topic: Australian Census: Choose CREATOR for a WHITE AUSTRALIA Instead of NO RELIGION

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Bear in mind that although many Australians have no religion these days, the Muslim population in Australia will all declare that they are Muslim and this fact will be counted to ascertain what type of country we are in regard to religion. Even though you may now have no religion, please consider entering CREATOR (Church of Creativity/Church of the Creator), when answering this question. Otherwise in time Australia will officially be declared to be a Muslim country – because the Australian Bureau of Statistics Census will reflect this.

In short:
NO RELIGION facilitates the Islamic takeover of Australia and Sharia Law
CREATOR (Church of Creativity/Church of the Creator) keeps Australia White

It's a fact, Abos, Africans, Chinks and Pakis will be choosing Muslim as their religion of choice in order to benefit by altering how the Australian demographic is perceived. If you choose NO RELIGION, the Muslim wins. If you choose CREATOR (Church of Creativity/Church of the Creator), then you are taking a stand for WHITE AUSTRALIA.
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