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Author Topic: Abo's are breeding like rabbits while Whites are dying out

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Every day the media, whining Abos, Reds, politicians and the generally gullible but politically correct tell us that we are destroying Australia's indigenous people. Well, it's another Red lie to make you feel guilty and now allow you to believe that it's ALRIGHT TO BE WHITE. At the time of White settlement, Australia's indigenous population was 315,000. Today it's estimated at more than half a million.

According to Wikipedia:

Based on Census data at 30 June 2006, the preliminary estimate of Indigenous resident population of Australia was 517,200, broken down as follows:
New South Wales – 148,200
Queensland – 146,400
Western Australia – 77,900
Northern Territory – 66,600
Victoria – 30,800
South Australia – 26,000
Tasmania – 16,900
ACT – 4,000
and a small number in other Australian territories[53]

The State with the largest total Indigenous population is New South Wales. Indigenous Australians constitute 2.2% of the overall population of the State. The Northern Territory has the largest Indigenous population in percentage terms for a State or Territory, with 31.6% of the population being Indigenous.

All the other States and Territories have less than 4% of their total populations identifying as Indigenous; Victoria has the lowest percentage at 0.6%.[53]

As of 2006 about 31% of the Indigenous population was living in 'major cities' (as defined by the Australian Bureau of Statistics/Australian Standard Geographical Classification) and another 45% in 'regional Australia', with the remaining 24% in remote areas. The populations in Victoria, South Australia, and New South Wales are more likely to be urbanised.[54]

The proportion of Aboriginal adults married (de facto or de jure) to non-Aboriginal spouses was 69% according to the 2001 census, up from 64% in 1996, 51% in 1991 and 46% in 1986. The census figures show there were more intermixed Aboriginal couples in capital cities: 87% in 2001 compared to 60% in rural and regional Australia.[55] It is reported that up to 88% of the offspring of mixed marriages subsequently self identify as Indigenous Australians.

At the rate Abos breed, the population should double every ten to twenty years. As it becomes more popular to embrace their indigenous heritage and claim an extra handout, I wouldn't be surprised if their population soon begins to double every five to ten years.

So next time you are told that we Whites committed genocide on Australia's indigenous population, give them the above facts and figures, then get stuck into them about the genocide against White people the world over.

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Re: Abo's are breeding like rabbits while Whites are dying out
« Reply #1 on: 16 March 2010 at 22:16 »
As Ben Klassen points out,  it's   ironic how  we subsidize the  muds  at our own  long term expense.  We are

in fact   unwittingly  destroying ourselves !  I had never quite looked at it like  this until  I  starting reading

Creativity books. 
RAHOWA ! is  INEVITABLE . It is  the ULTIMATE  and ONLY  solution !


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