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Author Topic: London: Petition to Arrest Israel's Netanyahu Nearing 80,000 Signature

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Petition to Arrest Israel's Netanyahu in London Nearing 80,000 Signatures
Arutz Sheva/ Israel National News

The number of signatures on an online petition calling for the arrest of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu during his visit to the UK in September has nearly doubled to reach almost 80,000, Haaretz reported Sunday [Aug. 23]. The e-petition, uploaded to the UK Government's official website earlier this month, calls for Netanyahu to be arrested under international law for "war crimes" during last summer's Israel-Gaza war. It has gained 36,000 signatures in the last ten days, reaching about 77,350 signatures as of Sunday evening, according to Haaretz.

e-Petitions have as much value to activism against Semitic Supremacism as the paper they are written on. In a so-called democratic society, petitions are a tool that is traditionally used to justify the persecution of those seen to be not politically correct. They allow the government of the day to know who's human rights they can invalidate with impunity. Providing that the petition in question is in line with government protocols - to promote the jew as the king of the world, to deliberately create a third world slave society where once there was a free people, to kill off White resistance by genocide - the government will do whatever the hell it likes, because the libtard that champions human rights for chickens and mud people, is the same petitioner demanding that ALL FASCISTS BE EXTERMINATED!

... What's a Fascist? Anyone that disagrees with a libtard. What's a libtard? A tool of the government for the advancement of feel-good Marxist dictatorship.

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