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Author Topic: Geert Wilders: Dutch anti-Islam, pro-Israel, Kosher Konservative MP

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Re: Geert Wilders: Dutch anti-Islam, pro-Israel, Kosher Konservative MP
« Reply #10 on: 23 February 2013 at 07:41 »
Like the typical neo-Con/Kosher Konservative journalist the world over, the Chief Reporter for The Australian, Chip Le Grand, seems to disapprove of gatherings of White people - especially old White people, has a liking for Jews and approves of anyone supporting Israel.

Does Islam pose a threat to the West?

Chip Le Grand | The Australian | February 23, 2013


Geert Wilders ... 500 people ... Melbourne suburb of Craigieburn ... on a bleak Tuesday night?

The crowd was mostly old and white. There were plenty of Dutch expats [Wilders' security detail apparently] and a disproportionate number of Jews. The loudest cheer was reserved for his [Wilders'] call to stand with Israel, a country "in jihad's frontline". [more ...]

Liberals and Nazis gather to support Geert Wilders


Gathered also were a number of young skinheads dressed in neo-Nazi garb.

I wonder, did these young skinheads dressed in neo-Nazi garb reserve their loudest cheers for Wilders' call to stand with Israel, a country "in jihad's frontline"? Or did they wake up and realise that by remaining, they had become as much the tool of the puppeteers as the Marxist demonstrators from Socialist Alternative outside the venue?

What do you want: Zionism (Kosher Konservative) or Marxism (Secular Judaism for the Great Unwashed)? Pro-Islam to defeat our common enemy, the Jew? Or pro Israel to defeat our common enemy, Islam? Remember the top shelf Jewish Supremacists so honoured by the Australian media and government, the Executive Council of Australian Jewry?  Look deeper White Man, you will find that a Jew stands behind your every socially acceptable choice - and it's your faulty, Whitey, for allowing the Jew to take over your nation!

Made your choice yet?

Feeling all boxed up with no real options? Then reach out of the prescribed box, and you can win a future for your children. Stay inside the box, and you and your children are guaranteed to burn with that box. That is your real choice!

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Geert Wilders and his party are the prescription for what the Far Right is heading towards.  Jews are leaving the Left, which is becoming anti-Jewish and anti-gay.  They are making libertarian liberalism coupled with selfish individualism and Capitalism the hallmark of being "right wing". 

They have approached Nationalist leaders such as Nick Griffin of the BNP to ask them to fit into the Wilders model.  To some extent Griffin has done so, but he is on the fence.  He fully admits that Barbara Amiel (see Wiki) approached him to convince him to follow the Jewish agenda.  He turned her down.  Yet the party has yet to act in a way that thoroughly convinces one of that.

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