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Author Topic: Fighting the Coon at Home - Slashed Tyres, Burned Cars, Attempted Murder

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Australia prides itself on its rights to freedom of speech, freedom of politics and freedom of religion - which all stretch back to English laws that were in place before the colonisation of America. Hence, all three countries have similar philosophies regarding religion, politics, freedom of speech and the right to a fair trial.

England does not have a constitution, but it has rights built into the law through precedence and custom. America has a constitution based largely on those English customs and rights through custom, precedence and law - but it also has a Bill of Rights. Australia has a constitution largely based on the American - but no Bill of Rights.

As such, Australia boasts of its rights to freedom of speech, politics and religion. It instructs every mud that comes to this country that they are free to say, think and act - as long as it is in a lawful manner - in any way they want. When muds first enter Australia, they are instructed that they will never be arrested and taken away by the police for political reasons, religious reasons or for reasons relating to freedom of speech. Time and again they affirm that Australian police are not political police. While true for muds, for the White population it is


The truth is that Australian police are highly politicised. The lowest coppers on the streets obey the orders of their superiors; whom would not be in their top jobs if the politicians that placed them there could not rely on them to take out politically incorrect dissidents on order. And political correctness is behind everything.

In the first half of the twentieth century, the politicians wanted to remove left-wing dissidents and keep the nigger from turning red and staging a black revolution. The second part of the twentieth century was where everything began to change in Australia as it did in America, with Marxist Social Revolutionaries overtaking the universities, becoming professors and then instructing the next generation of Marxist students who became police, lawyers, judges, politicians, journalists and other community leaders. The intent of all was to change society and turn it on its head, and that is precisely what they did.

In 1984, the Australia Act was passed. This act cut all political and legal ties with Britain and essentially made Australia a republic. Not having a Bill of Rights because Australia's founding fathers and the current breed of politician all believe that Australia has rights based on the Rule of Law, means that all precedent decisions are now null and void. The founding fathers believed in the rules of precedence; the current breed of politicians believe in social dynamics as dictated by strategically chosen demagoguery. i.e. The will of (a chosen section) of the people as influenced by Marxist social and political indoctrination via mainstream media, educational institutions, and cultural and social centres.

What it means is that anyone under the umbrella of 21st century political correctness is protected by rights enshrined within Australian law over the last thousand years of English law right up until 1984.

What it means for us that reject the politically correct formulae of a decadent multiracial and multicultural society is that customs change and legal precedents no longer count as the will of the chosen people is now more important to a judge than the rule of law. The Australia Act of 1984 has also been used by judges to discount the use of precedence - if it never happened on these shores, there is no precedence in law. ... And modern custom overrides the rule of law anyway.

* Australia does not have a Bill of Rights.

* The rights to freedoms of speech, religion and politics enshrined in the Australian Constitution are overridden by the Rule of Law.

* The Rule of Law is overridden by the changing rules of modern custom.

* There is no freedom of speech in Australia: White Australians are only allowed to say what is deemed acceptable as dictated by minorities.

* There is no freedom of religion: So-called freedom of religion is confined to a handful of religions that the federal government defines as legit.

* There is no freedom of politics - All police are Political Police: Stray outside the politically correct confines of modern politics and one politician or another will arrange to have the Political Police kick in your door and destroy your life.

* No Australian has the right to self-defence: Under the law, self-defence is allowed provided you only go as far as you need to defend yourself, your property and your loved ones. In reality, White Australians who defend themselves from minorities are guilty of criminal assault or riot and affray. The difference being that in the prior, the minority is there claiming innocence and screaming "RACIST!" And in the second, you've been attacked by a minority in the street, you have defended yourself and the minority has run off ... but the police have tracked you down with the intent to charge you with what is basically public brawling, in order to teach you to never attempt to defend yourself again.

If you think America is any better, then try writing to former Reverend George Loeb, who's been sitting in a Florida cell since the early 90's for shooting a nig that was running at him with a house brick intending to bash he and his wife's brains into mush.

As for England, the Rule of Law and precedence has also been thrown out there and replaced by the rule of custom. Offend a minority by leaving a ham sandwich near a mosque and you'll get six months prison. Get bashed nearly to death by a gang of drunken Muslims and the judge will excuse the Muslims because they are not used to alcohol, and drop the charges.

And the same pattern is continued for Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, New Zealand and old Europa ... It's all logged on this forum as evidence. And worse still, if you want to see your future, look to South Africa, where Whites are often not permitted to work or go to school, live destitute in shanty towns or scrounging on farms awaiting their ultimate torture and death at the hands of marauding government endorsed muds.

There is only one solution ...
White Revolution.



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