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Author Topic: Brisbane: Aspley Caravan Park too tough for Coppers?

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Quote from: Private
Alpha Accommodation - where police fear to tread
Alison Sandy | May 29, 2009

ONLY five minutes' drive from the mansions of Bridgeman Downs in Brisbane's outer north sits a tiny, poverty-stricken community which has a reputation for being one of the city's most dangerous places.

At Alpha Accommodation in Aspley the stench of a cabin destroyed by fire fills the air and residents angrily trudge through large puddles of water left over from last week's storms.

It's a different world and one that is hard to comprehend for an outsider.

It's marred by constant violence, destruction and reckless behaviour – police compare it to walking into Wacol prison.

They would know, they visit almost every night.

Its tenants would also know, as many come straight from that prison.

Fights, stabbings and other criminal activities are common and it seems like no amount of sunshine could bring warmth to this place. [more ...]

That dump should have been bulldozed twenty years ago. I stayed there for a week in 1989 and the description the media gives today is much the same as I would have described it back then. In the week I was there, there was a stabbing in the toilets, fights day and night, and couples copulating in the showers.

Yet, there is one thing the media is missing out on that separates it from every other caravan park I ever lived in: Three-quarters of the population were non-Whites. In those days, almost totally New Zealand Maoris and Australian Abos. Who knows what species of primates populate that zoo now.

I severely doubt that "police fear to tread" Alpha Accommodation. It's more likely the coppers are giving them the same refusal to charge non-Whites with criminal offences as they always do. i.e. Nothing has changed.

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Re: Brisbane: Aspley Caravan Park too tough for Coppers?
« Reply #1 on: 07 June 2009 at 15:38 »
I have been to Brisbane twice, there is not a huge amount going for it. To many non whites in large numbers. No wonder they have that kind of problem there.

Abbos need to be set far out into the sticks, and away from white communities.