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Author Topic: Abos: Australian Women in Mixed Race Marriages More Likely to be Murdered

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Quote from: Private
“Sadly, indigenous women and children are more likely to experience family violence than any other group in our nation,” said Mr Shorten.
“An indigenous woman is 35 times more likely to be hospitalised as a result of family violence — and five times more likely to die.”

No government employee or politician - elected or just hopeful - will ever point out that those statistics are higher still when it is a White woman with an Indigenous Australian spouse. The reason being the same as the US: When blacks chimp out, they turn violent and attack their spouses; but when the spouse and children and White, the violence is all the worse. This accounts for the rise in women's and children's deaths in interracial relationships.

Once you go black, you are at least five times more likely not to come back.

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He told Parliament that, for example, “When people are fleeing family violence need a safe place to stay, cuts will mean that shelters close.

“When having a lawyer can determine whether a first-time offender gets a second chance or a prison sentence — these cuts will rob indigenous Australians of legal aid.

“When family and children’s centres are supporting children in those vital early years — these cuts will see doors close.”

Liberal moderate Russell Broadbent said he had walked out because “Bill should be above the fray at times like that”.

Mr Broadbent said Mr Shorten had referred to “cuts” which were in fact forward outlays to “a peak body organisation” which were not delivered.

“Leaders should be above the fray on times when speeches are being delivered at times like that,” Mr Broadbent told

“In fact I think the nation is crying out for leaders who would be above the fray at times like that.”

The CEO of the Aboriginal Family Violence Prevention and Legal Service Antoinette Braybrook acknowledged it was her organisation affected by the funding changes.

Ms Braybrook supported the “positive recognition” of family violence by Mr Shorten and was encouraged by it.

“I’m not encouraged by the continued cuts to family violence services and in particular the de-funding of our national family violence prevention legal service program,” she said.

“We have an epidemic on our hands.”

But Tasmanian Liberal Andrew Nikolic accused Mr Shorten of “an appalling lack of judgment and lack of leadership” for including “a party-political attack in his reply speech”.

“Closing the Gap and reconciliation are important objectives requiring commitment, focus and above all else bipartisanship,” Mr Nikolic said.

“Liberal and Labor leaders are at the heart of driving progress towards improved indigenous health, education, and jobs outcomes.

“Those objectives are not helped when leaders choose blame over bipartisanship.”

:'( :'(
* Who let the boongs drink? That was once prohibited? Wasn't it?
*Why can't the abos just be held accountable for their actions?
* Why doesn't the government just finish this mess? Send Tasmania up to complete the task?!Arm them to the teeth!

I say let them bash each other up if they are always getting pregnant and them misscariaging I am not going to grizzle!
I'll sit back and watch the fire works.. as long as they duke it out in a place that's not near me or is going to take up any hospital beds white people need! Have a Coloseum for crying out loud!
The Price is Reich!

Find me on Stormfront as QueJumpingAfghan where I have been banned!

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