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RaHoWa Rants!

Started by Art, Sat 05 Feb 2022

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"When a man begins to value his life more than the fundamental values of honor and race, then he has taken and overt step towards allowing himself to be enslaved."
-Ben Klassen

Our kinsfolk need encouragement, they need to be told it's going to be ok, we have a plan and we will win... Together! When we begin to think of victory, to talk of victory, when we stop squabbling about the thousand heads of the hydra, stand up and say WE WILL DESTROY THE HYDRA... TOGETHER, were on our way to victory. Trump gave them hope, they listened, he is a treasonous lying sack of garbage yes, but he knew how to lead our people- he just lead them back to sleep while his jewish buddies snuck in the back door and planted a snakes nest in the babies play pen. 

The day we take over OUR air waves, OUR radio waves, take back OUR inventions, OUR weapons, is the day our peoples minds move away from suicide and slavery onto VICTORY... the day we take hold of the information the masses consume is the day the fighting spirit of our sleeping kindred will awaken with a ROAR! Folks wish to be on the winning side, that they have a "majority" with them, so lets start telling them that! "stop being a harbinger of doom and become a carrier of revolution" (quote: james mason), A promoter of white victory, Of strength and vitality, of health and good living for the white race. When we awaken the fighting spirit (instinct) of our "racial body" it will move like a juggernot, like an awakened giant on the rampage! Then we point out the enemy!

We must capture our peoples hearts, their noble nature was hi jacked and their hearts bleed for the enemy unknown to them, they're hearts have been sapped of courage and filled with love for the parasites among us. They're minds are emptied of reality and filled with filth and lies. The fighting spirit (instinct), the fury that accompanies the realization of being lied to and stripped of OUR brilliance developed through OUR struggle, of OUR inventions meant to enhance OUR lives, OUR weapons meant to protect US, OUR songs meant to inspire US, OUR heritage meant to encourage US! this fury, this fighting spirit (instinct) will burn away the filth and lies from our folks minds, it will evaporate the timidness and softness from their hearts, it will awaken the warrior of our ancestral blood! Then we point to the ENEMY! Then we will be one racial body, awake and furious driven by the instinct to survive!


We will win!

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