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Easter: The Big Event That Never Happened

Started by Rev.Cambeul, Sun 31 Mar 2024

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A Revolution of Values Through Religion
Book II - The Wildest Stories Ever Told
Part IV - The Story of Easter, The Passover, and the Parting of the Red Sea

In this analysis we are going to review three different Bible stories, which, although separate, are inextricably interwoven in one common Jewish theme. The commonality of that theme is terrorism.

Every year the Gentile Christians celebrate the mythical story that three days after being crucified, Christ arose from the dead, walked out of his tomb, and after some further hocus-pocus zoomed upwards back into heaven from whence he had presumably come. At about the same time of the year, the Jews, not to be outdone in a major Christian holiday, also have to have a "holy" religious affair to demonstrate that they, too, have something comparable going at Easter time, just as at Christmas time they trot out their Hanukkah, a fairly recent innovation. This is to seemingly demonstrate to the world that Judaism and Christianity run parallel, only with a slightly different twist. After all, we are all part of the same Judeo-Christian ethic, are we not? And the Jews and the Christians are coming closer and closer together, are they not?

Last Easter various articles appeared in the religious sections of our Jew owned newspapers, trying to equate Easter and the Passover as seasonal religious holidays that have, oh, so much in common. Since the meaning of these two events are really poles apart, nevertheless, the Jewish scribblers without too much trouble can equalize them, more or less, as they can equalize the N's and the White Race. Here is how one story ran in The Atlanta Constitution on Good Friday, April 1 (April Fool's Day) of 1988. it was headed "Christians, Jews observe solemn days." The story then starts out with a number of contortions of fictitious history, reflecting back on events that never happened, interrelating the similarity and common origins of the Christian and Jewish religions.

"In Rome, Jerusalem and around the world, Christians and Jews gather today to celebrate one of the most important holidays of their separate ecclesiastical years. "

"For Christians, Good Friday observes the day Jesus Christ died on the Cross. For Jews, Friday is the first night of Passover, a time to celebrate one of the most momentous events in Jewish history, the Exodus."

After much further verbiage about the Christians' Easter, the story then goes on to say "Among Jews Passover is a week-long holiday marking the Exodus of Jews from Egypt about 3400 years ago. The story, told in Chapter 12 of Exodus, is retold at a Seder, or ritual dinner, traditionally held on the first night of the Passover. At the climax of the dinner, the Jews recite the phrase: "Next year in Jerusalem."

It all sounds very chummy on the surface, and the Jews and the Gentile Christians seem to have, oh, so much in common. Why, didn't the Jews give the Christians their God, Jehovah, and in fact, their very religion, Christianity itself? We dumb Gentile goyim should be eternally grateful to the Jews for this magnanimous gift, and we should be indebted to them forever and a day. (We are! We are! Ask the Federal Reserve.) So, having received so much from the Jews, we owe it to them to subsidize these parasites wherever they live, and especially the state of Israel. After all, they are God's Chosen and God promised Israel to the Jews, didn't he? In fact, didn't he promise the Jews that everything the Gentiles owned was theirs to take? Isn't that what the Holy Scriptures say?

That is the Jewish point of view, and we goyim have this version drummed into us daily. In the news media, on TV, in the movies, and yes, from the pulpits of the Christian churches. Now let us look at it from the White Man's point of view, as we Creators specifically insist we do on all matters, and we clearly spell it out in Creative Credo No. 2 of the White Man's Bible. Let us also look at the three stories of Easter, the Passover and the Exodus from the viewpoint of reality, authentic history, and with a modicum of common sense.

When we do, the first overwhelming fact to confront us is that there is not a shred of historical evidence that any of these "momentous" events ever happened. It all originates from the pens of Jewish scribblers concocting a fictitious history for themselves and a slave-mentality religion designed for the destruction of the goyim.

Starting with Easter, that Holy of Holy days for the Christians, when Christ supposedly rose from the dead and catapulted back into heaven to be with his "father", we find this story not only unsubstantiated by any historical records and facts, but we find so many contradictions and absurdities in the story itself that even a six-year-old would have to wonder about the sanity of the story teller. Here are a few of the absurdities.

1. If he (Christ) was in heaven before he came to earth ("He always was," the Jewish book says) then doesn't that make a mockery out of the story of him emerging from Mary's womb? Of Joseph becoming his father and tracing his ancestry back to the "seed of David"? You can't have it both ways.

2. Supposedly, he (Christ) was sent "down to earth" to save us poor sinners from hell. In order to do so, God (the father) sent his "only begotten son" down to earth (ugh! what a let down!) and had to have him humiliated, tortured and nailed to the cross in order to achieve this objective (saving us sinners.) Was all this hocus-pocus really necessary? if so, didn't he (Christ) go through a sort of pre-written movie script in which he played a part already decided in advance? So why blame his crucifiers? Weren't they, too, merely playing their part as scripted by the Almighty? Again, I repeat, was all this nonsense really necessary in order to save us sinners?

3. Since the Father and Son (who are really one, along with the Holy Ghost) thought it was necessary to put on this farce, this super drama, this "Passion Play" that is now being reenacted in several parts of the world, the question we raise is this: Why didn't the gimmick work? With supposedly the best brains in the universe to plan the spectacle, with two thousand years of hoopla and super promotion, why was it all a miserable failure? Why, after all this time are there more sinners running loose than ever? Why are 99 percent of the people alive today doomed to go to hell? Why are the enemies of Christ, the Jews, really in control of the world? Did the Father and Son scheme fall flat on its face? Was it a major boo-boo? Didn't they know what in the hell they were doing? What about that, you Christian preachers?

4. Examining further the ongoing project of saving all of us miserable sinners, which has become such a major but lucrative racket for such con- artists as Jimmy and Tammy Bakker, Jimmy Swaggart, and a number of electronic evangelists, if the Lord (Father, Son and Holy Ghost) really wanted to save us from the fiery torture of hell, why did he (they) construct that goddamned, miserable booby-trap in the first place? Obviously, they wanted to put is in there by the millions and see us fry, squirm and sizzle. Obviously, they must be cruel sadists of the most major magnitude. Why then this pious scam, this phony hypocrisy of wanting to save us from a hell they deliberately constructed? Can you think of any terrorism more horrible than hell? (Read "Hell", Creative Credo No. 49 of the White Man's Bible.)

5. Furthermore, if the devil is the root of all evil in the world today, (as well as the past and the future) why did "the Lord" (he, they) create the devil in the first place? Or, having made this terrible boo-boo, why, instead of nailing his son to the cross, didn't he go after the real culprit and kill the devil? If he can kill his son, surely, he has the power to kill the devil, the real culprit. Why didn't he do it two thousand years ago? Why doesn't he do it today? What is your answer, preacher?

6. The most logical answer to anyone who still has control of their sanity is that all these claims about the crucifixion, the rising from the tomb, the "ascension" back into heaven and all the other peripheral hocus-pocus, does not have the slightest bearing on reality, nor on the real world that has existed for billions of years. On the contrary, they are nothing more and nothing less than the fictitious concoctions of lying, Jewish scribblers now long dead, their scribblings being endlessly recycled by gullible and superstitious goyim, much to the latter's own detriment.

Continues in A Revolution of Values Through Religion, Book II, Part IV
... The Passover, and the Parting of the Red Sea

A Revolution of Values Through Religion
Book II - The Wildest Stories Ever Told
Part XIII - Easter: The Big Event That Never Happened

This includes the Crucifixion, the Resurrection, the Ascension, the Rapture and all the rest of that sorry claptrap.

For more than seventeen centuries Christian adherents, meaning mostly the White Race, have been so cowed and Intimidated by the High Priesthood of Christianity that they hardly dared ask even the most obvious questions about "the faith" and some of those who did were tortured, hanged or burned at the stake. More recently, these unanswered questions are beginning to surface and press for answers. One of the most obvious questions is this: Are the "Sacred Scriptures" really founded on substantiated historical fact, or are they just lying to the bamboozled followers?

There are several scholarly theological study groups that are taking a second look at what has for so long been deemed as the GOSPEL TRUTH. One of these is a group of biblical scholars called the JESUS SEMINAR who recently met in Sonoma, California to study the question of whether or not Jesus really said that he would return on clouds of glory to gather the righteous just before the end of the world. This group consists of some 125 scholars drawn from Wesleyan University, De Paul University, the University of Minnesota and several dozen other colleges. The group was formed in 1985 in Berkeley, CA, and has spent the last four years critically examining the Gospels In an effort to separate what they think Jesus actually said, from words that might have been attributed to him later by zealous, early Christian writers. I believe that this is a fairly intelligent approach, since even the most gullible Christian admits that Christ never wrote a single word for posterity, (once, he supposedly wrote In the sand). Everything he is supposed to have said is only the product of hearsay, written by scribblers of unknown origin who had never personally seen or heard him.

Last October this seminar group met in Atlanta and achieved some notoriety when, after an in-depth study of the scriptures, the majority voted that Jesus never wrote the LORD'S PRAYER. The prayer contained some of Christ's "ideas", but was really composed many years later by early Christians, the seminar concluded.

This year in last month's meeting in Sonoma, a second look was focused on the Second Coming. Did Jesus actually say he was coming back to gather up his faithful flock at the end of the world, or did someone else write this nonsense for posterity? This time the seminar's vote was even more decisive than the one last October. The seminar voted by a lopsided 75 percent majority that Jesus did not predict the end of the world, nor that he would ever return. His supposed description of the Second Coming is to be found in the Gospel of Mark (Chapter 13, verses 24-27). The seminar however, concluded that this Gospel was composed at least four decades after the Crucifixion, and the Gospel writer, whoever he was, drew on Old Testament sources in the Book of Daniel.

Moslems are evidently not the only ones whose ire is aroused when someone questions the validity of their pet fantasies. Christians are every bit as fanatic. Dr. Robert Funk, who is the head of the seminar, received an anonymous letter which warned that: "if Iran's leader can give (a death threat) for someone trying to run down the Moslem religion, you should get a death threat too - for undermining the blessed-by-the-Holy- Spirit Bible." Shades of Ayatollah! Shades of the Inquisition!

Since it is now that time of year again, let us take a long, objective look at the Easter story and see what the big ruckus is all about. Basically, the stories are told in the four Gospels; Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. They are all supposedly telling the "Gospel Truth", and since all four Gospels describe the same set of events, they should coincide to the last detail. Furthermore, since the Christian priesthood claims that all the scriptures are holy, guided by the hand of the "Holy Spirit", the Super Spook who knows all, sees all. Is super smart and never makes a mistake, how does it happen that there are so many discrepancies, variations and outright contradictions in the four versions as told by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John?

The basic story, as all the world knows. Is about a central character named Jesus Christ who supposedly was sent down to earth to save us poor deluded sinners from suffering the ultimate fate of being fried in hell forever and a day, a booby trap he and his father had themselves constructed, in order to save us all. It was ordained by his father that he be let loose on earth to preach a new line (from the Old Testament) for three short years and set us all straight. Then the script calls for him being nailed to the cross, stabbed in the side by a spear, and left to die. This is supposed to bring us "salvation" and save us all from the grisly fate of being forever barbecued in hell. A weird story? Yes, indeed, and it would be considered a bizarre episode even in such TV fantasies as THE TWILIGHT ZONE series.

Now you would think that with such an important script, being guided by the hand of the Super Spook himself, these fellows, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John would get their act together and be able to tell a straight story that would stand up in court, but they do not. Their four different versions are full of holes, discrepancies and contradictions. Having just read all four versions, here are some (not all) of the discrepancies I find in just a cursory examination.

The 'Betrayal"

In Matthew, Jesus is betrayed by Judas and supposedly identified by kissing him. One of Jesus' disciples draws a sword to defend him and struck a servant of the high priest. Jesus tells him to put away his sword and says "Thinkest thou that I cannot now pray to my Father and he shall give me twelve legions of angels? But how then shall the scriptures be fulfilled that thus it must be?

Evidently the script had been scripted in advance by him and his father and they were bound to play it as planned. It would therefore seem that those nasties who crucified him were only carrying out a pre-written drama as scripted by Father and Son, who were really one, if you get the drift. Therefore, poor Judas was only carrying out his pre-destined role in a drama over which he had no control (God knows all, sees all, not a hair falls from your head or a sparrow from the roof but HE wills it. Remember?).

To Judas credit, since he was picked to play the heavy. It says in Chapter 27 of Matthew that he repented the role he played, returned the thirty pieces of silver and hanged himself. Such a deal! Poor Judas! If only the thousands of White race-traitors in "our" U.S. government (JOG) who are betraying the White Race today would have as much integrity as did poor Judas and do likewise!

In Mark the same episode is described differently, and Jesus does not make the same speech about being able to call up twelve legions of angels at will, but instead says in effect: Hey, I was in the temple any number of times. Why didn't you take me then? In Luke the story is similar but the dialogue is altogether different. In neither Mark nor Luke does it say anything about Judas repenting or hanging himself. In John's version it says nothing about the Judas kiss, but instead as Judas and the multitude come to "arraign" him Jesus Just says. Whom seek ye? and when the crowd says Jesus of Nazareth, he answers, I am he. Simple as that. Nothing about Judas kissing or hanging.

Lugging the Cross

There are similar contradictions about Jesus lugging that cross up the hill. In the first three versions a fellow by the name of Simon, the Cyrenlan, carries the cross, with Jesus walking ahead of him. In John's version Jesus drags it up the hill himself with his head encrusted by a crown of thorns. Whom can you believe?

The Crucifixion

In Matthew and in Mark, Jesus was crucified in a place called Golgotha. In Luke he was crucified on a hill called Calvary. In John, he again returned to a place called Golgotha where he was crucified. Come on, fellows. If you must lie, at least get your story straight.

King of the Jews

One thing all four "Gospels" agree on is that a sign was nailed at the top of the cross proclaiming that Christ was The King of the Jews, although they all differed somewhat In the exact wording. Matthew: This is Jesus the King of the Jews. Mark: The King of the Jews. Luke: This is the King of the Jews. John: Jesus of Nazareth the King of the Jews. Question: Why should the Gentiles be so hopped up about some mythical king of Jews?

Last Words

There Is a drastic discrepancy as to what Christ's last words were before he gave up the ghost. According to Matthew, as the moment of truth arrived, Jesus became desperate and cried out in a loud voice (in Jewish yet) My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? A damn good question. Where was the Super Spook while all this was going on? In Mark's version he says the same thing in Jewish Eloi, Eioi lama sabachthani? Except in Matthew "Eloi" Is spelled "Eli". In Luke his last words were altogether different and Jesus is quoted as saying: Father forgive them for they know not what they do. He then gave up the ghost. In the John version we have another set of dialogue. As Jesus was hanging on the cross he saw his mother below and said to her. Woman, behold thy son! Then saith he to the disciple, Behold thy mother! Next, he is quoted as saying I thirst. Someone thrust up a sponge filled with vinegar and put it to his mouth. Then in John 19:30 it says: When Jesus had received the vinegar, he said, it is finished; and he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.

The Resurrection

We now come to the so-called resurrection about which there is much hocus-pocus and there are a variety of versions. In fact, too many to recapitulate in much detail here. According to Matthew, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went to see the sepulchre. And behold there was a great earthquake: for the angel of the Lord descended from heaven and rolled back the stone from the door and sat upon it.

Mark tells It differently. Mary M. and Mary, the mother of James, and a third woman by the name of Salome went to the sepulchre to bring sweet spices and anoint Jesus. When they got there the stone had already been rolled away, and when they entered the tomb, they found a young man sitting on the right side, supposedly an angel who told them Jesus had left. It says nothing about an earthquake. In Luke it tells a similar story, except it says the women entered into the tomb, found no body, but there were two angels in shining garments. In John's version Mary Magdalene runs into the sepulchre by herself while it was still dark and finds the stone rolled away (nothing about angels). She then runs back to tell Simon Peter and the other disciple that Christ is missing. Then all three of them run back to the tomb. Still no angels, but what a story.

The Ascension

There are a number of severely conflicting versions about the Ascension. Matthew says absolutely nothing about such nonsense. According to Mark, Jesus delivered a short peroration to his eleven, and after he had spoken, he was received up into heaven and sat on the right hand of God. In the Luke version Jesus is engaged In a number of strange incidents, has a number of conversations and then at Bethany, as he was blessing a number of people, he lifted up his hands, parted from them and was carried up into heaven. In the last Chapter of John, the story is altogether different again, and much garbled. Evidently after the resurrection, Jesus appears to many people, wanders much, preaches much, and in the end sort of fades into the sunset. But It says nothing about an ascension.

The Rapture

The ascension seems like such a jolly good experience that a number of Christian fanatics are convinced that they too can and will at the end of time experience what is called The Rapture. I have seen bumper stickers on cars which say, "In case of The Rapture this vehicle will be unmanned." Evidently, they believe that they (being, oh so righteous!) will be sucked up as in a huge vacuum cleaner and zoomed up into heaven.

So much for all the hocus-pocus about the crucifixion, the resurrection, the ascension and the rapture. There is not one shred of historical evidence that any of this nonsense has ever happened. It is all based on stories supposedly told by the four "Gospels", Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. But we know nothing about them either any more than we know about Mother Goose, the cat and the fiddle and the cow that supposedly jumped over the moon. All we have is literature of unknown origins, concocted and revamped by anonymous people, now long dead and unknown. Is there any reason to believe them? I think not. Not only are these stories bizarre beyond belief, but as we have just witnessed, the different versions of the key events don't mesh. All I can say about whoever the people were who put these stories together is that the least they could do if they are going to lie to us, is to keep their stories consistent.

Actually, Easter is an outgrowth of a combination of Pagan festivals celebrating Spring and/or the Vernal Equinox. Such festivals were well established, and one of them was in honor of Eastre, Eostre or Ostara, the pagan Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring or dawn, akin to East. It also surfaced in ancient Teutonic mythology. When Christianity became more powerful and pervasive, they usurped this pagan holiday and converted it Into a Christian festival with their own concocted mythology as we have explored in the previous passages. Of course, now we also have the Easter Bunny, its eggs (which any good Christian can tell you is symbolic of Jesus' "rebirth"), and all the other crass commercial trappings, not unlike Christmas, to which the Jew looks forward so eagerly ($$$) each year.

If the Jesus Seminar we mentioned in the beginning continues to "investigate" the Scriptures as they are committed to doing, I believe they will divulge one hoax after another, until in the end they will come to the same conclusion as I did some eighteen years ago - namely, the whole spooks in the sky swindle is just that. Whether they are already aware of it and do not dare tell the whole story all at once, remains to be seen.

Regardless, we Creators have seen through this whole Jewish mess and have thrown it overboard for the garbage it is. We find the whole mess repugnant to our natural instincts as we do the Christian symbol of a dead Jew being nailed to a cross. How ghoulish! If we were to use a parallel symbol of, say, a dead horse thief hanging by the neck from a rope as our logo for Creativity, people would think we had gone bonkers, but it would be no more outrageous and repugnant than is the symbol of the cross. The whole Christian thing is a Jewish swindle from beginning to end, one that has needlessly laid a heavy guilt complex on the White Race for many centuries. It is my prediction that until we replace Jewish Christianity with a healthy racial religion of our own, we will never escape from the clutches of the Jewish vampire.

As we expand our own White Man's religion, based on the Eternal Laws of Nature, the Lessons of History and on Logic and Common Sense, we will again celebrate Easter as once did our pagan ancestors, as a happy and natural festival of Spring and the Vernal Equinox.

* * * * *

Never trust a Christian. Anyone who will lie to himself will lie to others.
Reverend Cailen Cambeul, P.M.E.
Church Administrator, Creativity Alliance
Church of Creativity South Australia
Box 7051, West Lakes, SA, Australia, 5021

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When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."
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And here is something interesting, and tells you why he (as a puppet of the Jew globalists) stole the presidency.

Trump SLAMS Biden's 'blasphemous' move to declare Easter Sunday 'Transgender Day of Visibility' as outrage grows after White House also banned kids from submitting religious-themed designs for egg art event

"Let's Go Brandon ... I agree!" :ok


Jewish Supremacist Quote: "The goal for which we have striven so concertedly for three thousand years is at last within our reach. I can safely promise you that our race will soon take it's rightful place in the world with every Jew a King and every Gentile a Slave." - Rabbi Rabinovitch, Budapest Conference of European Rabbi's - 12 January 1952. [More ...]


Quote from: Ben Klassen on Sun 31 Mar 2024For more than seventeen centuries Christian adherents, meaning mostly the White Race, have been so cowed and Intimidated by the High Priesthood of Christianity that ...

Christianity has done its job to kowtow the White Race, and is now being replaced with what the Jew considers to be the final nails in the coffin of "Whiteness". Hence, Easter and the worship of a Jewish zombie is no longer of any use to our Racial Enemies, and has been discarded in favour of the worship of the enforced sterilisation of White Children.

Welcome to Easter 2024, where Egg Hunts are banned, and little boys are encouraged to lose their eggs. This is your Holy-Day.

White House Prohibits Children from Submitting 'Overtly Religious' Art for Easter Egg Roll

White House Doubles Down After Declaring Easter Sunday 'Transgender Day of Visibility'

Biden's proclamation – issued on Good Friday, another sacred day for Christians – called for the passage of the Equality Act. That law would codify Democrats' embrace of gender identity, the made-up concept that one can identify as a sex other than what they were born as and become that sex.

'Transgender Day of Visibility' Is Just One of 50+ LGBTQIA2S+ Celebrations

National Mentoring Month
January 16 – 22: No Name-Calling Week
January 27: International Holocaust Remembrance Day

February 7: National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
Week after Valentine's Day: Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week
February 28: HIV Is Not A Crime Awareness Day

Bisexual Health Awareness Month
Week varies in March: National LGBT Health Awareness Week
March 1: Zero Discrimination Day
March 10: National Women & Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
March 20: National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
March 31: International Transgender Day of Visibility

April 6: International Asexuality Day
April 10: National Youth HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
Third Friday of April: Day of Silence
April 18: National Transgender HIV Testing Day
April 18: Nonbinary Parents Day
April 26: Lesbian Visibility Day (also International Lesbian Visibility Week, through May 2)

First Sunday In May: International Family Equality Day
May 17: International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia
May 19: National Asian & Pacific Islander HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (alternatively, Agender Pride Day)
May 22: Harvey Milk Day
May 24: Pansexual and Panromantic Awareness and Visibility Day

LGBTQ Pride Month
June 1: LGBTQ Families Day
June 5: HIV Long-term Survivors Awareness Day
June 12: Pulse Remembrance
June 15: Anniversary of U.S. Supreme Court Bostock decision expanding protections to LGBTQ employees
June 26: Anniversary of U.S. Supreme Court legalizing marriage equality
June 27: National HIV Testing Day
June 28: Stonewall Day
June 30: Queer Youth of Faith Day

July 6: Omnisexual Visibility Day
Week of July 14: Nonbinary Awareness Week, culminates in International Nonbinary People's Day on July 14
July 16: International Drag Day

August 14: Gay Uncles Day
August 20: Southern HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

September 18: National HIV/AIDS & Aging Awareness Day
Week of September 23: Bisexual+ Awareness Week, culminates in Celebrate Bisexuality Day on September 23
September 27: National Gay Men's HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

LGBTQ History Month
October 8: International Lesbian Day
October 11: National Coming Out Day
October 15: National Latinx HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
October 19: National LGBT Center Awareness Day
Third Wednesday in October: International Pronouns Day
Third Thursday in October: Spirit Day
Last week in October: Asexual Awareness Week
October 26: Intersex Awareness Day

Trans Awareness Month
First Sunday of November: Transgender Parent Day
November 8: Intersex Day of Remembrance (or Solidarity)
November 13 – 19: Transgender Awareness Week
November 20: Transgender Day of Remembrance

December 1: World AIDS Day
December 8: Pansexual/Panromantic Pride Day
December 10: Human Rights Day
December 14: HIV Cure Research Day
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