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Author Topic: 2019-03-28 Australia: Police Target More than a Dozen "Extremist Groups" in SA

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What are they saying an “extremist” is?

Anyone White that doesn't immediately grovel in shame and guilt any time a libtard or non-White demands it.

Absolutely true, Brother

If It comes down to it and I get bullied by the state for being a thought criminal. I am going to do what this Singaporean guy did , wind up in the US and ask for asylum.

So they think you can’t be a :-responsible, law abiding gun owner if you are a free thinking right wing person?

Why the hell should any other citizen be granted a gun license because they “ think right”, making them “non-extreamist”?!

Now there is all this crap I heard on the radio about banning “hate speech” ....these lefty lunatics saying “free speech is ok but hate speech is not acceptable”.
“Oh that Senator Anning ban him from parliament, Pauline Hanson too, saying to halt Muslim immigration”.

They are putting boundaries on free speech. They think Tarrant’s manifesto about killing all the snakes young and old in the viper’s nest is repulsive.

I don’t know what the hell Tarrant is ,however there is some real fishy stuff going on for me to think he’s a genuine racialist.

His manifesto has alotof confronting things to read for most people, but why should it be banned?It’s up to people what they want to read. It’s going to be put next to titles like “Lady Chatterly’s lover”.
The Price is Reich!

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it's clear that they are using White Racial Loyalists as an excuse to bring in new laws and tactics. The same laws and tactics they have tried to bring in time and again but have been blocked for being "RACIST" against Muslims.

Behind another paywall ...

Cops call for better guns as RIGHT-WING TERROR THREAT revealed

POLICE More sophisticated weapons would be used by specialist police officers to better respond to a South Australian terrorist attack or major event crimes, under plans outlined by the state’s top cop.

As you would expect, these hidden articles match the standard FAKE NEWS that the MSM regularly put out:

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