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Author Topic: 2019-01-18 Kentucky: C.A. Flyers at Murray State University

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Murray State University received some true education.

Racist, anti-Christanity, anti-Semitic group posts flyers at Murray State

January 18, 2019

 WPSD Staff

MURRAY, KY — Students at Murray State University saw flyers promoting a racist, anti-religion group around campus this week.

The flyer, which says “It’s ALRIGHT TO BE WHITE,” promotes the Church of Creativity, which is a white supremacist, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian group. The group’s own website — which it advertises on the flyer — professes that members are against Christianity and multiculturalism “amongst other things.”

Murray State spokesman Shawn Touney says the flyers have been removed. University police are reviewing video surveillance footage to identify who placed them around campus.

If you have any information related to the investigation, you are asked to call campus police

I urge every White Man, Woman, and Child to do your part and save our beautiful White Race. Stand up and fight in the Racial Holy War, become a Creator today.


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