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Author Topic: 2015-12-14 Montana: Artists Defy White Supremacy - More Book Destruction

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The sacriligious destruction of the Holy Books of Creativity will be avenged. I look forward to the day these so-called artists and their supporters are hanged for their crimes.


Artists Defy White Supremacy

Lucy Gellman | New Haven Independent | Dec 14, 2015

The first time artist Scott Schuldt looked at the words of Ben Klassen, founder of the white supremacist Church of the Creator and a believer in race-based eugenics, he could hardly stomach what he was reading. Vitriol sprawled across the page, glorifying 20th-century lynchings and the barbecue-like gatherings of white townspeople who came out to watch.

Instead of putting them out of his mind, he formulated a response piece, turning to his beadwork and his research with a compulsion to respond to those awful words.

Along with close to 50 works by 37 other artists, Unbound is part of “Speaking Volumes: Transforming Hate,” a traveling exhibition now at the University of New Haven’s Seton Gallery. The show will be up through mid-December, when it travels to New York.

The premise for “Speaking Volumes,” curated in 2008 by the Holter Museum of Art’s Katie Knight, and again for site-specificity in 2015 by Laura Marsh at the Seton Gallery, began in Helena, Montana, 11 years ago, when a defecting member of Klassen’s Northwest Church of the Creator, so-called for its belief that “the white man is the noblest creation in nature’s realm,” bought 4,000 volumes of the “White Man’s Bible” and partner texts, all espousing anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, and anti-people-of-color ideologies, out of publication and donated them to the Montana Human Rights Network. Working with the Network, the Holter put out a call for artists to respond to the texts, creating works that put them in conversation with systems of racism and injustice in the 21st century. Thirty-eight responded forcefully. The exhibition has been traveling [sic] across the country, taking on a slightly different life with each audience it meets, ever since.

For artists like Schuldt, participating in the exhibition felt not only natural, but necessary. “I went through a lot of mourning, working on Unbound,” he said, estimating the work took him between 160 and 200 hours to complete. “You’re sewing and you’re staring at this person, this life, the whole time. To be able to lynch a human being — you’ve reached a point when a person’s not a person [to you] anymore. [more ...]

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