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Author Topic: 2009-00-00 Israel: I Get a Mention from Tel Aviv University (Cailen)

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The Stephen Roth Institute for the Study of Antisemitism and Racism

Australia 2008/9

There were 614 reports of incidents of "racist violence" against Jewish Australians in 2008, two-thirds of which were abusive and threatening emails. An unprecedented 214 repots were received in January 2009 alone, during Israel’s Operation Cast Lead.

The Far Right

A plethora of groups promote antisemitism in Australia, most of them tiny, but for many it is their raison d’être. Among them are conspiracy theorists identified with quasi New Age, Libyan-inspired "Third Way" and political Islamist philosophies. The Australian far right fringe is internally dynamic and in a constant state of flux. Those that promote, for example, a return to policies that actively disadvantage Indigenous Australians tend to oscillate between overtly antisemitic groups, populist movements and pseudo-militia organizations. Extremist elements of the anti-immigration movement also swing between these groups and neo-Nazi or quasi-nationalist movements. In some cases, antisemitic material published on the Internet or in the mainstream media is the work of individuals acting in the name of a group in which they are the only active member. The various antisemitic groups, such as the Australian League of Rights, the Adelaide Institute (prominent activists: Peter Hartung, also of Australia Free Press; Anthony Grigor-Scott, also of the Bible Believers; and Fredrick Toben), Southern Cross Soldiers, Volksfront Australia, Stormfront Downunder and Creativity South Australia (prominent activist: Cailen Cambeul), have a growing number of Internet sites that post views and newsletters, some of which are also available at news stands.
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Congrats I suppose? At least the CA's active enough to be recognized in Australia.
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Southern Cross Soldiers an anti-semitic organisation? I don't think most of them (based on those I've met) could spell "organisation," or would know what an anti-semite was...

... Newsletters available at news stands? Where?

Good to see blatant lying is a prerequisite for Jewish scholars in their homeland, as well as everywhere else.

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