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Author Topic: 2006-01-31 Australia: Authorities investigate Adelaide website RACE HATE BASE

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Note: The Creativity Alliance was formerly known as the Crusaders of the RaHoWa

Authorities investigate Adelaide website RACE HATE BASE

Advertiser, The (Adelaide, Australia) - January 31, 2006
WHITE supremacist ``crusaders'' have gained a foothold in Adelaide, setting up a racist website attacking ``Jews and mud races'', and soliciting for donations.

Advocates of a racial holy war, the group operates through a box at the Oaklands Park Post Office at Westfield Marion shopping centre which is linked to an Australian Business Number. One part of the group's multifaceted website is hosted by an Adelaide-based internet firm, although there has never been a suggestion that the firm is linked to the group.

The White Crusaders of the RaHoWa (racial holy war) website contains blatantly racist material, including bemoaning the fact Adolf Hitler ``unfortunately did not break the back of the Jewish monster''.

After being alerted to the site by The Advertiser, Justice Minister Chris Ellison has asked the Australian Federal Police to investigate whether the site breaches federal laws.

Continued Page 6

Authorities investigate race-hate website

From Page 1

``The Howard Government views this sort of material extremely seriously,'' he said.

In a bid to shut down the ``offensive website'', state Attorney-General Michael Atkinson will alert Police Commissioner Mal Hyde, contact Australian web hosts and write to the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

``I am disgusted by the blatant white supremacist comments on this website and will act swiftly to seek their removal,'' Mr Atkinson said.

``Our state has long embraced people from all nations, and acts like this that seek to divide our society should not be tolerated.''

The group appears to be a revival of the Adelaide arm of the World Church of the Creator, which had an Adelaide presence through an Unley post office box in 2002.

The U.S.-based Anti-Defamation League's database says the Church of the Creator ``has fallen into decline'' following the conviction of its leader, Matt Hale, in April, 2004, for solicitation of murder. The White Crusaders' ABN was established in June, 2004. The group's ``Komandant'' is ``Reverend Col Campbell 3rd''.

Its Adelaide-based website contains a link soliciting for donations in U.S. dollars.

It includes a tribute to Hale and all others ``murdered or locked up to advance the cause of multiculturalism''.

It also includes a youth and children's section ``to make it fun and easy for children to learn about White Racial Pride''. Jewish Community Council of South Australia president Norman Schueler said there was ``no room for anti-Semitism in the modern world, let alone virulent anti-Semitism''.

``This site is totally beyond the pale and will be totally offensive for Holocaust survivors,'' he said. The Australian Taxation Office said online ABN applicants were screened for law breaches, but racist organisations and other groups were not necessarily excluded.

An ATO spokeswoman said privacy laws prevented the release of information about an ABN holder.

The state Office of Consumer and Business Affairs has no record of the group and neither does the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

The Australian Business Register database says the group is not currently registered for GST and does not have Deductible Gift Recipient endorsement.

This would indicate that a business has been registered but is not necessarily operating through the Australian system.

The operators of the White Crusader website have not responded to an email from The Advertiser.

However, an online response refusing an interview request from radio station Triple J said any interview would ``be used in a detrimental way against the White Racial Movement as a whole''.

OFFENDING: Oaklands Park postal boxes yesterday and images from the racist website.
Edition: 2 - Metro
Section: News
Page: 001
Record Number: ADV_T-20060131-2-001-246445
Copyright, 2006, Nationwide News Pty Limited

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"In the beginning of a change, the patriot is a scarce man, brave, hated, and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot." Mark Twain.

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It is sad the way the whole world is controlled by the jews... its OK for any nigger or mud race to condemn and threaten the white race, but let a group of Natures Finest get together and try to get organized and the whole world gets in a uproar...

The biggest mistake the white race ever made was to not support our beloved Adolf Hitler and its ashamed that if you check the facts, the 6 million figure is the biggest lie the jews ever told and stuck with it, "The International Red Cross document stating that the total death toll across World War 2 concentration camps was around 270,000!

Better, put 1940 jew pop. 15,319,359 then in 1947 15,690,000 that comes up with 370,641 people... these figures are fact not some bull* jew lie, go to Google and check me out!

Take this knowledge and spread the word to our children and young people, make them realize that the sole purpose the jews have had on there agenda since the beginning of the recorded time is to destroy the white race and there best tool is the christian Bible and of course the niggers! The best thing the White Race has on its side is knowledge and with superior knowledge we can make this Planet our, and build a Whiter and Brighter World!!! RaHoWa!
23/23 RaHoWa!
Always Remember the 23 Words
What is good for the White Race is of the Highest Virtue;
What is bad for the White Race is the Ultimate Sin!

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