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Title: The Creativity Bookstore - Rudy Stanko
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I write to urge all of you, without any further delay, to avail yourselves of the Holy Books of our Creativity religious faith. Do not let another day, hour, or minute go by without your working to obtain the books that our great Founder Ben Klassen spent twenty years writing for you as well as our entire White Race.  There is simply no reason or excuse for you not to have our great scriptures in your possession, for contrary to the common belief that they are difficult to come by, that is not so.  Right now, as a matter of fact, the following titles are available to you:

Nature's Eternal Religion
The White Man's Bible
Salubrious Living
Expanding Creativity
Building A Whiter and Brighter World
RAHOWA!  This planet Is All Ours!
On the Brink of a Bloody Racial War
Against the Evil Tide
A Revolution of Values Through Religion
Trials, Tribulations, and Triumphs
The Little White Book

These are books that Ben Klassen himself had printed before his death and so they have been sitting in boxes for more than twenty years.  That is an unacceptable situation for us Creators whose duty is, and always has been, to put our Holy Books into as many hands as possible of our White Racial Comrades and especially into our own hands.  So, I implore you to obtain all of the titles today that you are missing.  Send $10.00 per book ($3.00 per Little White Book) to the following address, cash, check, or money order:

The Creativity Bookstore
Rudy Stanko
Rural Route One, Box 171
Gordon, NE 69343


Edit 2020: The rest of the discussion from 2015 has been deleted as no longer relevant.
In short, the discussion was about the cost of transport of books, which would have required a pooling of funds and truck rental. This can be dealt with easily in 2020.

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Title: Re: The Creativity Bookstore - Rudy Stanko
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Title: Re: The Creativity Bookstore - Rudy Stanko
Post by: Private on 08 September 2020 at 13:17
Thanks a lot for sharing these! Your effort is much appreciated. Last year I found Salubrious Living and Expanding Creativity in my grandfather's library in his old property in Germany (https://tranio.com/germany/) and I don't have a single idea how they ended up there and neither my father. I have managed to read them during quarantine and I must say that they were very useful.
Title: Re: The Creativity Bookstore - Rudy Stanko
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There is nothing like holding a first or second print in your hands, but I can disseminate my religious texts ~10^x times faster digitally. Also, I can be tracked and harassed, but still not give one fuktard. I can also link to the CA page and send a few more hits home. :-\