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I highly reccomend to you all this book by croatian former diplomat and professor of political sciences in USA Dr. Tom Sunic "Post-Morten Report" who had been also guest on "London forum" who was infiltrated by Nordic leftist fool with self-hating White complex:

Short book who is according to me advanced than Klassen books. Author do not see problem with democracy until order is White. Instead of violence,he advocate peaceful racial segregation. He strong attack Christianity and saw that is religion reformation key for White man's future. According to book,other races are jelaous on us but they want to imitate our behaviour does not matter about their racial hatred over White man.

Book show the diffrence of WN in Europe and outside. WN in Europe can not be like American WN who do not support nationalism and best example of it was Yugoslavia what resulted with White conflict. Kevin Mcdonald learn about it as american what had not been case with Klassen. In Europe is not just important to tell what is your race,then also what is your nation what is not case in colonized areas who knows only for racial divisions.

He also mention White supermacy under Ottoman period how chief possitions had especially in Bosnia White lads under Turks as today in Istanbul you can see White people who are descedants of Greeks slaves how they live better then non-whites. As replacement for Christianity an author offers whole palette of ideas including evolutionism,nihilism,neopaganism but all must be european White man ideas.

 He is really brave for writing something like this in today times. Maybe because he is aware about his old years and that our race in some places have yost few decades. Author conclude,does not matter if White man is liberal or whatsoever,he will be pro-White with first contact with non-Whites.

Does not matter how White liberals hate us,they enjoy in areas who are clearly White and run when non-Whites want to kill them (White-flight).  So,any story about so-called "human rights" are illusion because of each group are fighting for themselves. The key problem of pro-White activity was that we did not deal with White people from exact,natural and tehnical sciences.

Nowdays we have great pro-White books for this and it is one of the best who I ever red and for all does not matter about class status,political orientation,whatsoever. It is not book just for White race then also for non-Whites because they always learn something from us.

They must know that we will not run from our areas or allow non-White violence on us. Whole Whites who today support this non-White policy  against us will stay with us because we pro-Whites have solutions not just for White areas then also in whole world including climatic changes because environment is polluted mostly in non-White areas,Klassen speak about green policy long before mainstream.

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