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Anniversary Editions of the the Holy Books?


I had an idea some years back about a collector's edition of the Holy Books.  Specifically, the concept I had in mind was a single large-format book that is a combination of the first 3 Holy Books (NER, WMB, and SL) combined into one volume. 

The book would look similar to those quality volumes you get from some place like  In other words we ought to have a definitive edition of our Holy Books in a form and format that actually looks like a high-quality bible.

I had in mind 8.5 x 11 pages, or perhaps somewhat smaller, gold gilding on the page edges, acid-free pages, integrated silk ribbon bookmark, genuine leather covers with gold gilt highlights, saddle-stitched signatures, etc.

The total # of pages for this would be a bit shy of 1,000 by my reckoning.  I'm not sure of the prices per unit but there's more than a few of us out there that would spring for a super-quality edition.

Any thoughts or feedback?


I remember old Brother Billy talking about the same thing.

He showed me, on camera, the Mormon babel he was given and it was impressive - as a book. Leather bound, blah blah blah. It is an idea for the publishers if everything goes right for them with the first books.



--- Quote ---While reading your post I thought about this- what if you tried fitting both books into a book the size of Portfolio One?
--- End quote ---

Not necessary to get it quite that big.  8.5 x 11 is large even by the standards of a hardback book, but this is the target to aim for because it is easy to print with and will allow a good deal of print density.  Beyond that size they begin to become a little hard to handle.  Portfolio One is positively unwieldy. 

--- Quote ---I agree with you to add a different binding look- but to honor BEN KLASSEN I wanted to do a first edition look-and it was cheaper- I got the first 100 books- and if we wanted to get 20 million NER and WMB out to the White Race- it would be kind of lame to all have the same looking book
--- End quote ---

No objections here.  I agree with what you are doing.  I feel that as things get further along, we ought to have a special edition printed in low quantity that combines several books into a single, classy volume.  A good way to honor the Word and Faith, as I see it. 

--- Quote ---It is an idea for the publishers if everything goes right for them with the first books.
--- End quote ---

Exactly.  I'm not saying we drop everything right now and jump on that.  I'd argue that we ought to consider it a little bit later down the road.

Its a good idea given time but I suppose other priorities have precedence. I have a copy of the Mormon Bible and find it quite hilarious. That people take it seriously shows what rotten timber we have to work with. I also have a good copy of the Koran and a history of the Moonies that are quite informative. I got my mormon Bible for a dollar. Some good artwork in it.


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