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How Niggers Were Created

Started by Rev.Cambeul, Tue 25 Jul 2017

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I always thought niggers were created by jews fücking gorillas. I wasn't far wrong ...

HOMO ERECTUS Ancient humans had naughty SEX with a mysterious 'ghost' species, scientists discover

Boffins say boundary-breaking romps between our ancestors and pre-human species were 'the norm'

Extract: We are just one of a number of species known as hominins.

Members of this family include Neanderthals and Denisovans, which are no longer found on Earth.

"It seems that interbreeding between different early hominin species is not the exception – it's the norm," said Omer Gokcumen, assistant professor of biological sciences at the University of Buffalo.

Gokcumen tested the DNA of humans living in Sub-Saharan Africa and found genes which were "wildly different from versions found in other modern humans".

These genes probably trace back to prehistoric rumpy pumpy which probably took place about 150,000 years ago between our ancestors and a mysterious species.

"Based on our analysis, the most plausible explanation for this extreme variation is archaic introgression – the introduction of genetic material from a 'ghost' species of ancient hominins," Gokcumen added.

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My research leads me to believe "humans" were created by a cross species virus that went from Neanderthal to primate then from primate back to neanderthal or vice versa. Virus is able to change DNA and any pregnant developing fetus could be affected. So literally cavemen started giving birth to sick babies that were part primate.. And primates started givin birth to sick babies that were part neanderthal primate hybrids..  This happened for as long as the virus was active..  And this new race of virus created hybrids became known as homosapian.  And that is why primate DNA exists between both whites and blacks.. But neanderthal DNA is mostly nonexistent in African... Because the monkies got sick first.. Giving the neanderthal the primate baby disease..  And then a sick neanderthal primate virus hybrid was the originator of the virus going back to primate..  So the dna fragment to homosapian is still there but the neanderthal link is too diluted to cross over.  This also means that the neanderthal primate hybrid was the first human..  And was white. The primate human hybrid aka nigger came later.
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A brainwashed christian once said 'God made the niggers. He made them in the night. God made the niggers and forgot to paint them White'.......... ;D


What did God say when he created the first nigger?
Oh sh1t! I burnt one!

Why do Coons have big noses?
God holds them up by his fingers when he spray paints the rejects to warn people!

How do you know Adam and Eve weren't Ethiopian ?
Ever tried taking a rib off an Ethiopian ?
The Price is Reich!

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