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William Christopher Gibbs Expelled from Creativity


William Christopher Gibbs of Georgia, Expelled from Creativity

 * Insufficient explanation for use of beans that make ricin after exiting prison.
 * Use of titles he is not authorised to use: Reverend, Pontifex and Pontifex Maximus.
 * General disobedience as a PROSPECTIVE CHURCH MEMBER.
 * Usage of Aryan Brotherhood imagery without authorisation and for personal gain.
 * Usage of outlaw motorcycle club names without authorisation and for personal gain.
 * Attempting to declare wars in the name of Creativity against outlaw motorcycle clubs.

In total, we consider the above to be the acts of someone that is either severely intellectually impaired and living a fantasy life, or is working for law enforcement agencies as an agent provocateur. We also take the opportunity to remind current and future Church Members, that weeding out the William Christopher Gibbs types is why we have a mandatory 6 to 12 months as Prospective Church Members for all that are new to the Church or exiting prison.

William Christopher Gibbs /AKA Wm. C. Gibbs /AKA W.C.Gibbs, is therefore expelled from the Church of Creativity and forever banned from association with Creators. All Creator items in his possession are to be surrendered to his National Creativity Alliance Contact Point in Illinois. And the Creator Emblem that Gibbs reports as tattooed onto his back is to be removed or covered.

It is the duty of all Creators to treat William Christopher Gibbs with extreme hostility should they meet him. And to ensure that Gibbs has no Creativity paraphernalia in his possession.

Any groups or individuals that William Christopher Gibbs has offended with his usage of the Creativity Alliance or Church of Creativity name for his own personal gain, are instructed to do as they will with Gibbs. The Church of Creativity does not support Gibbs in any way at all, and disavows all future contact with him.

Further: Any group that may in the future choose to support Gibbs will be shut down.

By Order
Reverend Cailen Cambeul - Church Administrator
For Reverend Dr Joe Esposito - Pontifex Maximus

I think this is a good decision. He started spamming the forum with his writing.
Gibbs is eager for attention. He seems to be an ordinary lunatic and has no place among the Creators for him. Because we must strive to really justify our aristocratic position in nature.

Although an ordinary lunatic eager for attention is how it seems, often it's those lunatics that work for the JOG. I've seen it online and I've seen it in person: The JOG - state Police and Feds - make extensive use of lunatics. The lunatics will do anything for money and attention. They have no self-restraint. The JOG considers theirs and your arrest or death to be a Win/Win situation.

Anyway, as I said to P.M. Joe:

Gibbs' total history with us is: Showed up in 2016. Did six months as a Prospective Church Member, but hardly had any contact with us - just enough to pass as rational and dedicated to 100% legal White Civil Rights. A few weeks after the end of that six months, he's arrested [messed up with homemade RICIN] - but the charges are dropped. He remains locked up, but for previous criminal activity and revoked parole. [If Gibbs had been immediately released, we would have put him on trial ourselves and in all probability thrown him out in Bad Standing.]

Next: Shows up less than a week ago, and has now been thrown out.

While it behoves every CREATOR to attempt to straighten out the White Man's Thinking ... there are some White Men that cannot be straightened out, without the efforts of a straight jacket.

Today, more than ever, we have to strive to put our Prospective Church Members to the test, and weed out the lunatics before they become established; because today's lunatic is tomorrow's excuse to label every CREATOR as a Terrorist.

All lapsed Church Members and former prisoners must - by our Church Laws - perform a mandatory six months as a Prospect. Gibbs was given twelve months and failed in under seven days. A FAILED PROSPECT. That's all that Gibbs will ever be to us.

And just so you can all have a laugh, Gibbs has pissed off three different outlaw motorcycle clubs in the past week as well as us - and sources tell me he's about to try his luck with the National Socialist Movement. He'll be lucky if he lives out the year.


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