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Under Attack Again ...


We are frequently under attack from our enemies, and I as the leader of the Church, receive more than any amount of Creators combined. But that is my job and I bear the brunt without complaint.

The last attack on us was a poor cut and paste text lifted from PayPal's TOS rants about "racists" and "hate groups." Sure, it shut down so that we can no longer sell directly from the manufacturer to the customer. It also meant that I no longer had to pay $10 per month to keep that system running, but it didn't shut us down. In fact, business has picked up considerably. I guess our type of people just prefer to deal with a person rather than an automated sales website. Well, so be it. I will just have to build a new website for the Storefront for the thousands of items we can possibly have manufactured and sell.

Previously we thought that the Storefront had been directly attacked by PayPal - and perhaps it was - but the leader of a group of rather retarded skinheads that claim to be Creators has now assumed responsibility for that. This is the same group of skinheads that have caused a lot of problems for us over the years. Even when they have attempted to get on with their own business, they have rubbed other skinheads the wrong way, and because of their claim to be Creators, it eventually becomes a problem for us. Skinheads being petty-minded as they are, not being able to see past their patch, it means that although we don't have any actual enemies in the skinhead world, we do not have any friends either - and nor do we want them.

It has been asked of us time and again over the years Why isn't Creativity very big? The simple answer to that is SKINHEADS. Everything skinheads touch they destroy. Even if skinheads have absolutely nothing to do with you and perhaps denounce you, the MSM, the JOG, the libtards, the reds, niggers and Jew will continue to tar you with the skinhead brush. And where the skinhead goes, the rational person avoids. So, it's little wonder that for several years now I have been refusing to recruit skinheads into our Church, and those that remained from Hale's time, I've either eased gently out over time or ordered them out. Not intending to blather on about Hale, but you should understand that most of his members would not have been accepted into today's Church.  As far as Hale was concerned, give the man some money and you were immediately a Creator. Give him enough money and you could wind up as a Minister of Creativity and State or Regional Leader - or perhaps even become his personal bodyguard - in under a week. If you ever wondered why Hale is in prison doing a forty year stretch, it's because of his own capacity for recruiting FBI agents and retarded skinheads that had been rejected from every other group under the sun. That is why it's only a matter of time before some nigger shanks Hale and puts an end to his miserable existence - and that day can't come soon enough for me. He deserves it for his ego-maniacal usurpation and eventual destruction of everything Ben Klassen built.

So, when I confirmed yesterday that we had a couple of infiltrators from that skinhead group that falsely claim to be Creators, I was ready for them. Their usual bullsh*t denunciations were dealt with within minutes. Nothing was seen by the public. Just to show you how desperate they were, this pair were willing to sit out the mandatory six months as Prospective Church Members before they received their CA cloth badges and certificate. What they didn't count on was that I saw through their bullsh*t, and I put their lack of activism down to them being the attempted infiltrators that they were. In the past, we used to issue certificates and badges as requested, but after a particularly virulent individual called Logdog boasted of pissing on Creativity Alliance badges - or our "colors" as he called them - we stopped issuing them upon request and instigated the now mandatory six months as Prospective Church Members. I'm happy to say that no skinhead has since managed to pass that six months Prospective Period. And there are a few times where I've extended that six months, just as I did with these two infiltrators. They did not get their grubby hands on our "colors" and so they were unable to hand them to Logdog so he could once again piss on the logo of our Church - THE WHITE EMBLEM OF CREATIVITY!

Yes, we beat them, and we'll do so again and again and we will continue to recruit and grow. Why? For the simple reason that we refuse to recruit skinheads. And that, people, is why we will win this Racial Holy War. RaHoWa!

Reverend Cailen Cambeul, P.M.E. C.A.
Church of Creativity.


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