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Title: Creator Email
Post by: Private on 29 March 2020 at 23:45
For security purposes, all Church Members are offered @creativityalliance.com email accounts

Sign Up to Skype.com (http://Skype.com) and join the Racial Holy War Chat
Stay safe and use your MyName@creativityalliance.com email


Note: If you choose to ignore emails sent to you, your email account will be terminated.

During this Chinese Virus crisis, we urge you to stay safe, and that also means do not give your Anti-White Government the opportunity to arrest and imprison you in a Corona infested cell just for being White and resistant to bullshit, so we we encourage you to take up our offer of an @creativityalliance.com email account. ~ Keep Segregated.

The Links (included below) are also available from our main website at https://creativityalliance.com
Just look for Mail on the far right of the top menu.


Our upgraded webmail interface uses Roundcube, a popular and modern webmail client that receives regular updates to add helpful new features:
• Drag-and-drop message management
• Better support for large mailboxes
• Spellchecking!
• Threaded messages
• “Find as you type” address book integration
• A responsive, mobile-friendly skin
• Attachment previews
• An improved email backend, with quick & reliable logins
• An open-source backend

Email Setup

Default Mailbox Size: 100MB
If you need a larger email box, let me know.

You can use the Webmail Portal or setup your own App or Program


Using Outlook, Integrate with Windows Live Messenger & Hotmail or Other Email Programs

Incoming Server
POP3 or IMAP? Use IMAP if you want to check email from multiple computers or devices. Use POP3 if you want your emails accessible always, even when there's no internet connection.
Username   Enter your full email address.
Password   Enter your email account password.
POP3 server   mail.creativityalliance.com
Port   995 (for POP3) or 993 (for IMAP)

Outgoing Server
SMTP (Outgoing Mail Server)
SMTP server   mail.creativityalliance.com
Port   587
Be sure to select that "my server requires authentication" and enter your username (username@creativityalliance.com) and mail password.

Secure Email Settings
MTP, IMAP, and POP / POP3 are unencrypted transmission protocols by default (like HTTP). One method to run them securely is to use TLS, or its predecessor SSL, as in HTTPS.

Creativity Alliance mail servers support TLS automatically when you select TLS or SSL in your email client. You must also use the appropriate port for TLS connections:
 Secure SMTP - port 587 (can also use the legacy port 465 - this may solve problems with SSL) (port 587 has optional TLS encryption, possibly using STARTTLS now, or use port 465 for SSL encryption)
 Secure IMAP - port 993 (port 143 has optional TLS encryption, or use port 993 with SSL encryption)
 Secure POP3 - port 995 (port 110 has optional TLS access, or use port 995 for SSL access)

 Using Android 4.*
 Incoming: Recommend port 110 with STARTTTLS (accept all certificates)
 Outgoing: Recommend port 465 with SSL/TLS (accept all certificates)

Direct any questions through your usual method of contact - or just ask me.

Title: Re: Creator Email
Post by: Private on 03 September 2020 at 03:20
If the above methods don't work for you, try ...

Incoming Settings

For IMAP: imap.dreamhost.com

For POP3: pop.dreamhost.com

IMAP | Port 993POP3 | Port 995

Outgoing Settings


SMTP | Port 465

Use your entire email address for User Name, e.g. username@example.com
For security settings, select SSL/TLS for ‘Security Type’ and use Normal Password for ‘Authentication’