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Creator Forum Feeds
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If you are looking for a Feed from a particular Category/Board, click on the orange RSS Feed icon next to the Category/Board on the Forum Home Page.

Feeds from the rest of RaHoWa Network Includes blogs.

Mobile Phone/WAP2 version of Creator Forum

Here is the first test of the Creative Communicator. I am unable to test it but it looked decent while building it.

Before you go promoting it, please test it. Let me know what does and does not work so I can see what I can do about that.

Needs a little fine tuning, but I like it! Works well on my Tablet and Phone. It's just a shame it wont work on my old Android TV.

Here's one that does work on my Android TV and every other Android product I own ...

Pulse News RSS.apk (Attachment Below)

I found that the latest updates force you to make use of a LinkedIn account and wont allow just any old Feed URL that you want, so do not upgrade it!

Benefits for our Church:
* Works on anything including old Android 2.2 devices and TV's!
* Use as is and add your own RSS Feeds.
* Can be edited to include our Church Feeds as the default Feeds.
* Can be edited for our own design aesthetics and links.

How to Edit:
* Rename APK to ZIP and extract to its own folder.
* Edit the files in the ASSETS folder.
* Re-Zip/compile as an APK and sign.
* Test and if ready, make it available.

My main thing is my kindle fire.. I use it everywhere (including right now) and it is handy for books and audio. The other big thing on it, and on most new communication devices in fairness, are apps.

Do you reckon an app might be worth looking into?


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