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Try Opera's VPN. Access sites and videos normally blocked to you.

Opera VPN is free and comes built into Opera. It's not something the Norwegian company developed on their own; it's something they purchased from Canada.

--- Quote from: SurfEasy Reviewer ---Headquartered in Toronto, SurfEasy was acquired by a Norwegian public company Opera Software primarily known for their Opera web browser. Being a part of such an amazing company, it’s no surprise that SurfEasy strives to achieve excellence just like Opera does.

Even though SurfEasy was initially blocked by Netflix when Netflix started blocking all VPN providers, SurfEasy team quickly replaced banned IP addresses and had resolved all proxy error issues when accessing US Netflix.

Considering their zero-logs privacy policy and a number of additional security features, SurfEasy/Opera VPN is an excellent choice for individuals concerned with privacy and security.
--- End quote ---

I am forced to use Opera's VPN to access some of the prison email sites in the US, as they wont allow anyone in Australia to make use of their system.

My Internet Connection: For the last couple of weeks I've been on the fibre optic National Broadband Network here in Australia. Unlike ADSL, where I could change my IP in a second with a click on my router, being connected to the NBN means I have a relatively static IP. So changing IP now means using Opera's VPN. The Sydney Morning Herald, for example, IP locks non-paying readers to just ten articles per month. Change your IP and the problem is solved.

Videos: Some YouTube videos are blocked for anyone not in the US. Opera's VPN works as a get-around and lets you watch whatever you want on YouTube. It also works on Hulu and Adult Swim USA and Britain.

As for other security, I use the AdBlock and Ghostery extensions for Opera. And if you cannot find the Opera extension you want, make sure you install the Chrome Extension addon to Opera. Then check out Chrome's free extension range and add anything there you like.

Note that Opera is built on Google Chrome's software base, but nevertheless has its own style and methods. Also, importantly, Chrome users agree that their travels on the web will be logged and sold to the highest bidder - including the JOG. Opera does not track its users in any way at all.


I used Opera years ago and found it had a slow affect on browsing, but I am impressed. It feels light and that VPN doesn't slow speed and the fact that it can run alongside the browser without having to turn it on manually is a good feature also.

Where I am living now I cant get fibre at all so we still on copper and I have nothing but problems, 4 engineer visits and a free set of network extenders is all British Telecom can come up with.

I've made some updates and changes to the forum. You may or may not notice them.

Anyway, one thing updated was the RL Forum News Email Update. Let me know if you see any problems with that. There should be no visible changes.

Forum and site updates are normal. We/I must keep the updates up-to-date for security purposes AND to make sure our software works with the latest browsing systems.

Creativity is a White Racial Revolutionary Religion. Creators are Revolutionary and don't need to hark back to the so-called good ole days where everyone lived in crap and niggers lived a little worse. Creators do not fear technology nor fear the future; Creators embrace and revolutionise the future. Keeping up with internet updates may be annoying for me, but the internet is a tool and RL Forum is our Tool Room. It behoves our Church and the Salvation of the White Race for us to remain at the head of change.

And, if you didn't know, that's how the internet works.




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