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A Warning to Neighbours that Hoax-Call the Police


Note: This is an open message to a neighbour that is probably too stupid to check out this web page. Nevertheless ...

I have a petty, coward of a neighbour that gets off of making hoax calls to the coppers. It's an ice-freak, White Trash wigger family that typically harasses old ladies and poor old men dying of brain cancer. Recently though, I have been on the receiving end of a few hoax calls myself with coppers showing up with all sorts of accusations - just after midnight just gone being the latest example. These repeated hoax calls do not fit the same pattern as the treatment the old and infirm have received from that neighbour, but they do fit a pattern I've learned to recognise as an active White Racial Loyalist - Creator.

Who is Ultimately Behind the Hoax Calls, and Why?

There is a corrupt government agent or agency - either police or attorney general's department (the Security Intelligence Section of SA Police admit that they do monitor my activities) - keeps track of my whereabouts, obtains the names, addresses and phone numbers of my neighbours. Whoever they are, they have access to enough information about said neighbours that they are able to determine those that are not too bright - those that are greedy enough and stupid enough to think that having me arrested because of a hoax call or forcing me to commit a violent act in self-defence will make them rich. Several times in near twenty years at different residences I have lived at, someone has called a neighbour or two, claimed to be with the police and offered a no-questions-asked reward for ANYTHING that person can do to have me arrested. The accusation is always that I am one of the worst criminals Australia has ever seen and that they will pay good money for community assistance to get me off the streets.

I know because former neighbours have boasted about the money they expected to make at my expense.

It's an accusation that has forced me to fight for my life on more than one occasion. And it is an accusation that has led to police banging on my door with so many midnight stories that I've lost track.

 * Note that I have never actually been arrested because of this.
 * I do not have a criminal record.
 * I have been physically assaulted by neighbours, but I have never lost the fight.
 * The losers called the coppers expecting me to be dragged off, and found themselves locked up instead.
 * I have driven out every neighbour that has ever tried this and destroyed their lives in return.

Neighbour, this is your warning:

If you do not stop, we will come to blows. I will knock you to the ground and it will be my steel-capped boots that knock out your teeth and smash your jaw. I will hit you with whatever I have at hand. You will have broken bones. After your friends or family call the police looking to claim their reward, it will be you that is arrested. While you are in prison - because you will not get bail - you will meet some friends of mine. Meanwhile, I will have your wife and child thrown out onto the streets. And then I will make arrangements to utterly destroy what is left of your life and the life of your family.

There is no reward offered. It is a con by corrupt coppers to use you to get at me. And all you will get in return is pain and the destruction of your life. Try me neighbour; you will lose.


Oh! Not again! The Muslims move on and now a junkie wants to invade your privacy? Well if the cops won't fix him you will have to try swing something yourself.

So he just makes prank calls at night or other stuff goes down?

I live in a work camp and a lot of the workers are in their 20's or 30's.

A week back a heated discussion took place about Aboriginies being "owners
Of the land". This new generation are all lemmings. One stoped the discussion from being civil and swore at me and continued to after being told to stop.I shouted at her and she went
Off sooking.

So what came next was some sassy mouthed feminazi giving me a hard time .As
Women do they gossip. But because it is a work camp they all talk.
The thing is if you retaliate somehow you have to use some
Stealth.Neighbours know when you aren't home and can
Make trouble.


--- Quote from: Br.IanVonTurpie on 26 July 2017 at 08:23 ---Oh! Not again! The Muslims move on and now a junkie wants to invade your privacy? Well if the cops won't fix him you will have to try swing something yourself.

So he just makes prank calls at night or other stuff goes down?
--- End quote ---

It happened while the Muslims were still there, so it's old news to me. I know who was responsible, and I know the Muslims were in on it. I've got it all on camera.

The problem was that the dumb junkie filth thought they had a friend in Islam. The pair were next-door neighbours that spent their days plotting against everyone around them. Without the Muslims to encourage them, the junkie filth have discovered how alone they really are ... especially after I've already swung something myself.



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