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Author Topic: Norfolk, Virginia: Three Niggers Shot on Facebook Live Streaming Video

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Watch the Video

A FACEBOOK Live video has become evidence in yet another shock shooting in the United States after three pavement apes were seriously injured in a surprise attack from their gang-banging ghetto bruthas that was broadcast live to Facebook.

Two pavement apes, aged 27 and another aged 29, are seen sitting in a vehicle in Norfolk, Virginia, on Tuesday when the shooting took place, approximately five minutes into the live stream.

Before the shooting, the apes - on their way to purchase watermelon and fried chicken with their food stamps - parade their (C)rapping skills, smoking weed when, as always in Nigger Town, gun shots begin to ring out.

At least 30 rounds are fired in a 22-second span.

The camera then falls to the floor. It’s quiet for a short space of time until mild groaning can be heard from inside the car. The scream of a wounded porch monkey breaks the silence.

“Call the ambulance please,” one of the passengers can be heard pleading.

The exciting footage can be seen at around the 5-minute mark.
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