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Thy Hallow Name should ring even louder.....


PM Ben Klassen is quite a man. Probably the most under stated sentence ever written. This gift to our Race was a Founder, politician, inventor, and author. There was no spell check or wide spread computer use when he built and established his Church. Imagine the difficulties of even getting to press, sharing this sacred creed of Nature's Finest, and whipping men and women of the 70's into fighting shape. I've seen these people. Google 1972 and see the issues and styles that encompassed that era. You'll have even more respect for The Greatest Pontiff, if thats even possible.I can barely get my work reports in on time.

A typical week in their respective lives:

Monday Night:
PM Klassen, creates and founds a religion so unique and unmatched it still draws in thousands of Whites annually .

John Hobb eats a hot dog and gets chilli on his $25 shirt

Wednesday Night:
PM Klassen writes more than 7 books, two which claim international fame and lead the White Race to independence from jews, mythical gods and demons, and a wayward life.

John Hobb returns an email to a friend. Three days later and with the wrong info.

Saturday Night:
PM Klassen coins the phrase Racial Holy War or RaHoWa, which inspires music to be made, groups to form, and countless articles/essays written trying to cash in on the expression.

John Hobb calls his boss Frankie instead of Frank and gets disciplined. Severely disciplined.

My point is I believe it to be impossible to grant the kind of gratitude, sincere compliments, and shear admiration this man truly deserves.
It starts at home. It starts with us Creators. His name should be more Hallow. Period!


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