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The website is looking awesome. The intro pop up for the flyers looks good, theres some minor format error with it but I know those will eventually be hammered out. (when it pops up it somehow tucks itself under the menu options, maybe tell it to pop up a little bit lower)

This is just a suggestion but I think the front page also needs a contact form. This way first time visitors can send the PM a message, or hatemail, or whatever, without getting too deep, such as joining the forum.

other than that..  it looks good. the font is a nice touch

The popup is designed to popup into the centre of the screen/window. Change the size of your screen or window and you'll see what I mean. But if there are enough complaints about it getting in the way, I can move it around.

The Contact Form is a good idea. I'll have to add that ... I don't know why I didn't think of it myself?

The font is one of my favourites that I've been using since Windows 3.11 for Work Groups. They removed it in Windows 95, but I held onto it. The ability to successfully integrate custom fonts into all modern web browsers is a new CSS3 addition. Anyone who cannot see the unique old English style lettering in the headings needs to update their browser.


Ahh ok, I didn't know if the popup was supposed to be like that, it probably is just my screen resolution..  this pc is older so....  yeah.

Its a good font..  is it the standard windows font style? I have a collection of 9,000 fonts I don't use but I just like to keep around incase I need them

It's a standard Windows font from the early 90's ditched by Microsoft for Windows 95.

Here's one I've been working on ...

You can also access it from

You didn't think I was going to set up something that I couldn't use anywhere I wanted on our network, did you?  :D



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