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I'm pondering that we should start to move into film more as ameans of proselytising and conversion. I haven't been able to do film with modern digital stuff, I suppose i'm just an old fuddy duddy now..I was wondering was there a way to upload film clips to the website so that others can use them..

You could upload to YouTube. Depending on the content and format of what your calling film.

As well as YouTube and the half a million clones available on the world wide web, Church Members are able to upload video directly to their Church Primary Group websites. Unfortunately for you Reverend Albert, you are an Independent Creator, so you have to supply your own file hosting/website.


I'm saying that in terms of propaganda film and youtube seem to be the thing. I'm just from the generation that did stickers, books, leaflets etc...its just are they effective anymore? I think film has to be a medium we master.

I think this is going in the right direction!

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