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Rev.Cambeul Forum Administrator

  • My Awakening as a White Racial Loyalist
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. . . The Shotcaller . . . Church Administrator, Creativity Alliance
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The Church of Creativity South Australia
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Southern Suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia
Declared un-Australian by Army, Police, Courts & Government
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South Australia
Scots - Just Scots: The first in the family born outside Scotland
Middle High School
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136 to 140 (See the Ben Klassen IQ Report)
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19 February 2008 at 14:30
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03 February 2023 at 21:17
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Today at 10:35

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Reverend Cailen Cambeul, P.M.E.
Church Administrator, Creativity Alliance
Church of Creativity South Australia
Box 420, Oaklands Park, SA, Australia, 5046

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Quote from: Private
To those that join Creator Forum and post here, welcome. Keep posting. You're free to come and go as you wish. Your only obligation is to Keep It White.

To those that join the Creativity Alliance - especially you Americans. You join to become a White Activist. You are expected to harden up, and get to work. I am not your friend that is here to entertain you. However, while I give you the freedom to act on your own, you essentially work for and report to me. And that's the way it will remain until 2023 when I will gladly turn the Creativity Alliance over to Pontifex Maximus, the Reverend Dr Joe Esposito.

Show your diligence and dedication to the Creativity Alliance today, and I will see to it that you are rewarded when PM Joe takes charge. ~ Private.
Joining the Creativity Alliance is Free - We are Not Profiteers