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Update: At home. Just need to recover from the surgery, take the anti-biotics and occasional pain killer - Oxycodone. Rest, eat, drink, breath and recover.

For the next few weeks I have a machine sucking away at my main wound pulling out any muck from infection. And a colostomy bag/shit bag which can be reversed in six months. A District Nurse will come to change my bandages every few days.

Until I know more, that's it. That's the cancer cut out of me.

There were times I didn't think it was worth it, and that it would have been better to let the cancer kill me in the two years I had left. A week later, I was wrong to think that based on a lack of information with (then) no end in site. ... But I tell you what I went through so you know what to expect.

Life is for the Living ~ Creativity Means Life.
R! 23 Words.
Bryce got stood down from his job after uttering an eyebrow-raising phrase to his workmate at dinner. He says it was 'just a word' he's seen on TV - but it has been ruled MUCH more than that


Excerpt: A 61 year old Jewish Australian public servant and ex-policeman who was suspended on full pay after saying 'my white n***er' to an Indigenous colleague has tried to argue the term is 'just a word' that his daughter and her friends often use as a greeting.

Mr Waite had been debating the racist slur with another colleague when a young, Indigenous female co-worker joined the conversation and became upset after she heard him say the offensive phrase.

When challenged on the matter, he said: 'What, it's just a word, n***er.'

Mr Waite tried to appeal his suspension by arguing that he did not know the female co-worker identified as Indigenous.

He also said it was her choice to join the conversation at the pub, implied that no one would have been offended if she'd stayed out of it, and she took his comment out of context.

Freedom of Thought Without Limitation???

Mr Waite argued that his human rights had been violated because he was denied the right to hold an opinion, freedom of expression and freedom of speech.

However, that argument was also rejected because those freedoms are not without limits.
The doctors told me this morning that I can go home today. They'll send a nurse to change my bandages when needed.
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