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Messages - P.M.JoeEsposito


Greetings my brother!

Tell brother Lord C. @Rev.JohnBarletta and Br. A. I send mine.

Yes this system really sucks, but this is what the JOG agents want.

Hope all is well with you and your mom. As for me I'm well.

@DustinFletcher should be getting in touch with you soon. I spoke with him tonite.

In January you asked about my money, and we decided on march so you can send it next month. I have $18 dollars left.

Glad to hear about the CREATOR SONGS, AUDIOBOOKS and EBOOKS! Keep up the good work my brother!

I close now....

Rev.Dr.Joe P.M.
NOTE: The JOG shipped @P.M.JoeEsposito from Florida to Oregon because he had too much influence over prisoners in Florida. Now they wont allow him into general population in Oregon because he has too much influence over prisoners, and the Oregon Parole Board claims that they wont let him because he has too much influence over CREATORS. And so ... they want to send him back to Florida. ~ @Cailen.

My Brother,


As for me I am doing good. The JOG agents will never break me!!

As for Florida, MY PEOPLE ARE AWAITING THE RETURN OF THE BIG DOG. They know I teach ONLY WHITE LIVES MATTER!!! And Oregon is saving me money. I'll be closer to New York, Texas and wherever!!

Well, I'll keep you updated on what's up be sure to post the return to Florida for all to see!

I close now,
Rev.Dr.Joe P.M.
My Brother,


Send mine to Brother Adam and @Lord Connecticut

You can send the photos when you get the chance.

Great news about the AI of Ben and the books.

The Church and Alliance is building great, and White people are waking up again.

Well I hope you and your mom are okay, and send a big **R** to all creators world wide.

My captors are trying to send me back to Florida. They wish me harm and don't want to see me get out of prison.

Well I close.

***R***23*** My Brother!!!

Rev.Dr.Joe P.M.
I haven't reviewed this before posting, but what they say about AB leaders is typically the same shite as the JOG does about all of us.

CREATORS are not ARYAN BROTHERHOOD. People make friends to survive in prison. Tommy and Joe were friends.

As they mention SuperMax Colorado, Matt Hale is/was in there. So are other Creators whom write to me that you do not yet know. ~ @Cailen.

P.M. Joe has been in solitary confinement in Oregon since 2018 when they found a shiv he never needed in his cell only months before he was to get out - CLEAN. Then they sentenced him to 2025. Parole is not for CREATORS.
My Brother,


I believe that Rick is big Rick from San Jose, Cali. When I was in Cali I met him, with Boomer from Hayward, and Kenny Owens. Good people. Yes save the 81 movies and videos for me

Yes one bike in the calendar.

I hope all is well for you and your mom! As for me I'm good. I received a letter from Brother Anthony S.

Well, stay safe my brother ...

Rev.Dr.Joe P.M.