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A Retaliatory Critique of Odinism in the White Racial Movement.

It is with slight regret that I am thus forced in 40 Ac (2013) to put pen to paper to make a retaliatory critique of the Odinist religious movement , not withstanding that it has merit as an educational/ cultural group). (Here I am using Odinist to refer to any present day Asatru/ Germano-pagan group with political leanings.) It is with heavy heart and regret, because the Norse gods were the fictional gods of my forefathers and the ancient gods of my race.

Personally I am intensely proud of my Viking roots and am proud to have an extensive knowledge of my ancestors. Indeed I would pit my knowledge with any later day Odinist. At the last count in my personal library I had over 81 books devoted to Scandinavian Art, Prehistoric Denmark, Sweden, Stone Age, Bronze Age, and Iron Age Scandinavia. The Bog people, the mound people, myths and legends of the Teutonic Race and the Norse Sagas by Snorri Sturluson. Also Viking age archaeology. Runes, runestones, the Baltic amber trade, stone age Scandinavia, The Nordic world, Viking mythology etc etc. So I can assure you I am not talking from a position of ignorance

At Leeds University my University Thesis was the "Origins and Classification of Viking Art in Archaeology." I have spent a good part of my life on archaeological reconstruction dealing with relics of the Viking age and Nordic culture. In my view I have contributed much to building modern day Odinism behind the scenes, what with encouraging re-enactment and a revival of Viking art and crafts (anyone that knows me personally knows this is true). I did not do this to reawaken spookism. At this moment I am stone carving a four foot diameter boulder with a Ringerike design. I was born in a place called Ormskirk, a Viking settlement in Northern England.

I have no problem with Odinism as a cultural expression, an excuse to dress up, party and socialise with others honouring and remembering their ancestors. I have no problem with artisans crafting their skills, working in wood, stone, metal and bone making Viking cultural items. The Creativity Religion defends benign paganism if anything.

Odinism is good when it generates pride in race, community and White values. Likewise I have no problem with battle re enactors dressing up just as the civil war buffs, waffen SS, Romans, Spartans, Greeks etc do. It is all good, clean White fun and we should celebrate our White History with pride.

When I say we should celebrate White History with pride I mean All White history, because our roots are ancient and  the Vikings were but 1% of it. Indeed the history of the White Race is a half of the Creativity Religion.

What I don't like is if the civil war buffs actually want to refight the civil war and kill other White people. Just as I don't like it when SS battle re-enactors denigrate Russians as if they wish a replay of the disaster of WW2. History has changed and our focus has changed.

I also draw the line when people begin to justify their dress up, play acting and pet pig as an excuse to divide the White Race, indulge in make believe, insanity, witchcraft etc. This includes praying to none-existent fictional deities, initiating and applauding conflict within the White Race and allowing the opportunity for and even glorification of fratricide.

If some Odinists without warrant or provocation attack the Creativity Religion, or if its adherents actually start to believe in spooks, goblins, werewolves, giants, loki and baldur then they are drifting into jew-promoted insanity. For this reason Odinism has to be criticised back. If it is becoming a divisive and negative a force in attempts by the White Race to sort out its multitude of problems then it becomes as poisonous as Christianity. Just another obstacle and road block in stopping our task of saving the White Race.

The trigger for this article has been some recent negativity from some Odinists against our Creativity Religion. There has been an ad hominem attack against our religious founder Ben Klassen that cannot go unanswered. It has been  said Ben Klassen "looked" none white and that the Creativity religion was too "jewish". What the hell? well two can play at that game- but I don't think I will because it is demeaning.  Name calling is infantile and does not help the racial struggle.

I could easily make a case that Odinism is really a Jewish concoction. There is enough circumstantial evidence for it. Wasn't it convenient for Judea during the Roman occupation that the Romans now had to contend with aggressive Germanics on the Rhine frontier? Convenient that the Roman White civilisation was now under permanent attack in its rear. But I don't really believe it.

Then again  maybe Odinism was just spawned by the muslims to attack Christendom.  Maybe the Christians wrote an Islamic Scandinavia out of history. Viking interlace artwork seems related to and in imitation of abstract Islamic art. The coins of King Offa carried the "Shehada." Then again the paradisical Viking afterlife is muslim, as is the death in battle. Valhalla is the hall of Allah if you think about it. Ragnorak backwards is the Koran gar. But I don't believe that either.

You see it's easy to name call if you hate someone but We Creators don't hate anyone except our real racial enemies. As Creators we primarily love our White Race and we want to save it in the only way that it can be saved. With rational thought and action. With a win –win plan.

Defeat and death in battle Viking style is ultimately no substitute for victory. Extinction is not an option this time round. This time round we have to be wiser than the Confederacy, more cunning than the Boers, more intelligent than Hitler and more cohesive than the Jews. It is the only way to win this fight. We Creators have a complete plan, all that is needed is for people to listen. We want the Odinists on board with us, we don't want them reading runes and praying to rocks like mental patients. We want them on board with us the same as the Greeks in the Golden Dawn and the Russian Nationalists.

The fact is Ben Klassen was a Mennonite of entirely German and Dutch roots. You can even buy his autobiography if you actually care to read the truth. It is called "Against the Evil Tide".

The  Religion he codified in his lifetime is called Creativity. It is indeed a Racial Religion, as is Judaism. But to say that that is a "jewish" religion because it borrows the core of their effectiveness- is the silly logic of the loser and ignoramus. It is like the cavemen using clubs on one side of the mountain being trounced by the cavemen on the other side of the mountain using bows and arrows, yet refusing to use the enemies arrows  and bows because it isn't clubbish.

Another analogy is that it is like sheep refusing to be aggressive like the sheep dog because it is farmerish.

In fact why not take it further with this silly logic. Jews control business so we shouldn't do that , thats  too Jewish. The Jews control finance, banking and gold so we should eschew that because thats  Jewish too. Why, the Jews control newspapers, publishing, film and media so we better not get involved with that or we'll be like the Jews. We better not get involved in politics, governance and running society either because that's Jewish as well. In fact lets make sure we just stay illiterate, dumb, ignorant, gullible, poor, powerless slaves because that guarantees we aren't anything like the Jews. Yep lets go back to the stoneage like the Vikings.

If Jews take care of their health by eating kosher, supporting Jewish businesses by buying and supporting other Jewish groups, well we don't want to be like the Jews supporting their own kind, lets buy from Asians and Pakistanis. Lets eat garbage and be fat pigs  and have Viking beer bellies even if it turns off our women. It reminds me of the Bible saying "lets not be like the publicans"—Ben Klassen observed that Christians may as well conclude- If they take shelter when it rains.. why, we better stay in the rain and get soaked. If the publicans put their trousers on one leg at a time why we'll jump into ours both feet at the same time!

If the Jews have high tech weaponry, nuclear bombs, stealth fighters, laser guided bombs and drones well we don't want to be like the Jews...lets just have shields and axes and clubs.

It's a load of silly infantile logic really isn't it. Its a reversal back to the Stone Age illiterate and imbecile. If some White people want to live like that fair enough, tapeworms, lice and all but we Creators think differently. We Creators now have the most dynamic, the most advanced ideological and religious system in 6000 years. We will take advantage of every technology and strive for White Racial Survival by any and every means necessary.

We have a health system called Salubrious living which if anything is more akin to the ancient White Greek ideals of fitness, health, eugenics, natural hygiene and physical perfection and discipline than anything jewish..

Creativity indeed does have voluntary dietry requirements and a pressure for Creators to be fit and healthy. In fact a Creator should be combat ready at all times just like the 70 year old SS men that used to run two miles a day. Ideally Creators should have the fitness level of a paratrooper. What's wrong with that? Is that Jewish? You don't stay lean and fit by eating barbeques, kebabs, smoking and pigging out on junk food and beer. You stay combat ready by good nutrition, self discipline and daily exercise.

Similarly we see no value in anything that the Viking religion espoused apart from perhaps dying an honourable death in battle. This was never exclusively Nordic but was also the Credo also of the Romans when they were still White. But then how many Odinists do actually die in battle? None as far as I know, so there they all go with their straw deaths to Nifleheim to be endlessly digested  and eaten by dragons.

It's not as if the Vikings really ever defended the White Race either. They were repeatedly being fratricidal, killing each other over spilt drinks. Or like Harald Hardrada laying waste to whole parts of Denmark, Scotland, France, England, Russia etc killing blonde people by the thousands. In fact attacks by Vikings were a major stab in the back for what remained of White civilisation in Europe or Byzantium. The Vikings severely hampered those White people who had been engaged in fighting off Muslim conquests in Asia Minor, Spain and the Mediterranean etc for centuries.

The Vikings also engaged in habitual slavery- kidnapping Irish women, Scottish, English and Russian and Polish women and selling them to Muslims as sex slaves. They indulged in Ivar the Boneless' rape war, which whilst it may have racially upgraded genetically parts of Britain, France and Russia is not particularly respectable, admirable or anything that should be admired by modern White people.

The Vikings were great opportunistic and violent traders and if they were here today would be certainly engaged in things like drug dealing, prostitution, arms and people trafficking. Things we law- abiding Creators find repugnant and criminal.

However we Creators give credit where credit is due. Yes, the Vikings were great fighters and physical specimens and represented perhaps the best racial part of the White Race in the dark ages but their philosophy and mind was that of children. They were easily fooled, tricked and spooked and were no match for Jewish phony bishops that converted and tricked them into Christianity. There was nothing in the Viking religion that explained the nature of the Jew to them. In fact Odin the highest Norse god had peculiar Jewish characteristics of being continuously deceptive, treacherous and wearing a Jewish style hat.

When Harald Bluetooth was convinced of the power of Christianity by a bishop undergoing trial by ordeal in a red hot iron glove and being easily fooled it showed that the Viking religion was impotent, naive and powerless. In contrast the Creativity Religion goes into great depth about the history of the Jews and their devious role throughout history and their continuous war against the White Race. Reading the 13 books of the Creativity Religion is the equivalent of a Masters degree in Religion, history, philosophy and genetics.

Some Odinists are given far more credibility than they deserve. At best they are braggarts, posers and minstrels whose only claim is often stabbing another White person to death. Big deal. The prisons are full of such fools who could have died a hero's death killing our real racial enemies. If all they say they are doing is promoting paganism.. whatever that is- since it isn't codified and never was anything to do with race or saving the White Race why is it even listened to? Asatru left no archaeological written records. What survived was written down by Snorri Sturluson 200 years after the Viking age ended. Snorri was a Christian. Modern Asatru is therefore no more than the equivalent of an English  version of Roman history  written down in 605. We actually have that. It is called "The Anglo Saxon chronicle" , it is garbled and vague in comparison to what has been learned since by modern archaeology. Put another way it is like the communist description of National Socialism; wierd, exaggerated, phony and loaded with prejudice and propaganda.

Back to paganism. We Creators say go ahead and say prayers to boulders, have sex in the woods and father good white babies but don't claim to be a White leaders or have any solutions to the problems the White Race faces. In fact why don't you get yourself a good pair of necropants and go the whole hog. You are no threat to the Jewish conspiracy with clubs and shields.

If however the Odinists want to save the White Race they are certainly going about it the wrong way. Creativity is the only real answer and the only fully codified Credo which addresses the real problems our people face. It was not "invented" by Ben Klassen out of thin air . It was founded and  codified by him. It is the observed laws of nature pertaining to human history and relations. It is built on a solid foundation of racial philosophy built up over a century by thinkers such as Madison Grant, Lothrop Stoddart, Adolf Hitler, Revillo P Oliver, Francis Parker Yockey, Alfred Rosenberg, Nietsche, Houston- Stewart Chamberlain, Elmer Pendell, Ernest Sevier-Cox, William Simpson and William Pierce.

The Creativity Religion states clearly that in order to defeat the Jewish behemoth and hydra we have to unify the White Race. If we don't.. suppose Scandinavia became a White, modern day (Viking) long would it last before it was attacked just like the third Reich, its people pounded into rubble. The Russians or Jews could rightfully nuke it as a threat to their biological existence. Alternatively it could come to blows with its neighbours..The pro-viking nordicists tend to look down on anyone they deem none "Aryan" so there they are back at square one having fratricidal wars with Finns, Poles, Russians, Celts, French, etc etc.. how stupid can you get? Just right when the White Race as a whole faces extinction! Don't they want to snap out of this "Groundhog day" of perpetual defeat?

The point of learning history is so that you don't make the same mistakes again. The last thing the White Race needs now is a return to fratricidal nationalism or White on White ethnic war. Especially as we face extinction. If the White Race returns to division and fratricide not only will it have lost its perhaps only chance to break the Jewish hydra. The Earth itself most likely not survive the overload of muds killing urgent problem that needs an immediate solution.

The only way that the Jewish monster can be tackled is if the White Race unifies..Hungarians, Greeks, Russians, British, French, Germans, Americans, Australians etc..Because the only way the White Race is beaten is by its own kind bearing arms against it. If we unify the White Race there will be no White people to crush us- ever! We can then stop subsidising the Third World. Let their population crash back to subsistence levels, then get on with sorting the worlds problems out. Odinists generally speak for themselves but some of them should maybe learn to be bit more Germanic, thinking before they speak and not making judgements without evidence.

Ultimately what are the Odinists afraid of?  Victory? If the White race unified under the one and only Creativity Religion we could sort out the worlds problems and save the White Race in six months. What do the Odinists want to do?..get drunk in Valhalla, kill White people forever? Over and over gain? How silly, how insane, how jewish.

The one objection made by some Odinists of some validity than is worth mentioning is that the Nordicists/ Odinists say they don't want to race-mix  –with with Italians, Slavs, Greeks, Spanish etc. Well we must assure them that Creativity is not about integrating the various White ethnicities. Creativity is about organising the White Race. Getting them to work together globally under a common flag and ideology. They all have their own homelands and no one wants to interfere with that. If Italians, Spaniards , Greeks, Russians are fighting for White survival we welcome them. Better Italians, Spaniards , Greeks, Russians fighting for the White race than Nordics fighting against it.

The British Empire enlisted various ethnicities in their own territories and regiments just as the Romans did. That is how to organise the White Race as a whole. The one thing the Romans lacked however was eugenics. That is why they declined.

The Creativity Religion counters this because essential eugenics is an integral part of the Creativity Religion so there is nothing for Nordicists to be afraid of. If anything Creativity is weighted to Germanics as the purest of the White Race and they should join with us and help upgrade the White Race as a whole.

Reverend Keith  Brumaire. 40AC
Perhaps the argument should be which is worse a jew controlled united states army of fags, spics and niggers or a russian army 30% turkic? Or which is worse a European union pushing gay marriage and intermarriage with niggers  or a traditional isolationist russia?
Does political correctness, health and safety and education for self censorship count as blue laws? I never heard of the term before. It reminds me of a star trek episode 1st series where a planet of androids say that the humans are unpredictable, reckless and a danger to themselves and others and so "must be controlled and made safe". Kirk replies that humans aren't meant to be safe but live dangerously and pioneer.
Isn't our modern jew world just coralling everybody into being controlled in every aspect of their lives "for their own safety" like cattle, goyim and slaves.
What about this dude. The only intelligent nigger in Niggeria got put in a psychiatric hospital! for not believing in spooks.

It is usually the case that almost all racial violence is now mud on mud in the former White countries.

This was blacks versus asians

muslims v blacks

roma v pakistanis

The fact is that the jewish laws have come down heaviest on White people, who  are now cowed, afraid, disappearing and withering on the vine. The once prosperous cities of the White man are now just the decrepit battle grounds for the dirty sub humans that have inherited the earth as the white race disappears.
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