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Topics - Rev.Cambeul

There was only one US-American who had the guts to do something against the Fed R B., namely James von Brunn, friend and ally of Ben Klassen, while the rest of the USA including his family did not back him up!

In 1981, he tried to place members of the Federal Reserve Board under citizen's arrest, but the attempt ended in his own arrest and imprisonment.

When James Von Brunn tried to arrest the Fed
Congratulations to our newest Minister, @Rev.FrankSmith for passing the Church of Creativity Ministerial Exam.

RaHoWa brother!


In the summer of 2020, Bubba Wallace claimed someone left a noose in his garage in an apparent hate crime. The ensuing controversy brought even more angst and tension to an already angst and tension-filled summer. Anyway,  a literal federal case was made out of Wallace's claim, and 15 FBI agents who had far better things to do in the summer of the craziest year in recent human history concluded that the "noose" in Wallace's garage was a pull rope to close the garage door.

The episode did not endear the Alabama native to NASCAR fans one bit, and the bad feelings evidently remain.

At Black Colleges around the country - where White students are forever banned - Biden is using his racial politics to enforce an anti-White future ...

Biden tells black graduates Republicans 'don't see you in the future of America' in fiery speech slamming right-wing 'extremists'

President Joe Biden told black graduates Sunday that former President Donald Trump and his Republican allies 'don't see you in the future of America' in a fiery takedown on race.

'Insurrectionists who stormed the capitol with Confederate flags are called patriots by some,' Biden told the seniors, graduating from the historically black, all-male institution. 'Not in my house.'

'Black police officers, black veterans, protecting the Capitol were called another word as you recall,' Biden continued.

The president added that 'extremists close the doors of opportunity, strike down affirmative action, attack the values of diversity, equality and inclusion.'

'They don't see you in the future of America, but they're wrong,'  Biden said. 'We know black history is American history. We know black men are going to lead us into the future.'

* * * *

Biden asks NAACP crowd what they think Trump would have done if January 6 rioters were black

President Joe Biden sharpened his racially-charged attack on former President Donald Trump during Sunday night's annual NAACP Detroit Branch Freedom Fund dinner.

'What do you think he would have done on January 6 if black Americans had stormed the Capitol?' Biden asked - as members of the crowd collectively gasped.

The president then added, 'No, I'm serious. What do you think? I can only imagine,' as Trump has long promised to pardon those involved in the 2021 Capitol attack if he's elected to a second term in November.

Biden's appearance at the 5,000-strong Detroit dinner capped off two days of travel dedicated to outreach to black voters in two key swing states - Georgia and Michigan.

In Michigan, the president told NAACP members he told the black men graduating from Morehouse that, 'I saw them, I heard them, the nation needs them, they're the future of this country.' 

He credited voters of color for electing him - and predicted they would do so again.

'You're the reason Donald Trump is the defeated former president,' Biden said.

'You're the reason Donald Trump is going to be the loser again,' the president added to cheers.

'My name is Joe Biden, and I'm a lifetime member of the NAACP,' Biden also said, later explaining that as young man the Delaware Democratic Party was too pro-segregation, which compelled him to get involved in Civil Rights.

Damn those Jungle Bunnies are dumb!

Quote from: Senator Joe Biden

Unless we do something about this, my children are going to grow up in a jungle, the jungle being a racial jungle with tensions having built so high that it is going to explode at some point. We have got to make some move on this.

"If the Jew, with the help of his Marxist creed, triumphs over the other peoples of the world, his crown will be the mourning wreath of humanity and this planet will move, as it did thousands of years ago, through the ether without people.

Eternal Nature relentlessly avenges the violation of its commandments.

Therefore, today I believe that I act in accordance with the creed of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I fight for the work of the Creator."
Adolf Hitler/Mein Kampf

It's not quite NER, but it's something.

FYI, plenty of Mein Kampf and NER mesh exactly, rather than loosely like this quote does.


Excerpt: The Vatican is set to hold a press conference announcing updated church doctrines on "apparitions and other supernatural phenomena" on Friday - exactly at the moment this Creator Forum post is made. htps://

Conferenza Stampa di presentazione delle nuove norme su apparizioni ed altri fenomeni soprannaturali

Notice of the press conference, which will be held in the Holy See Press Office at midday, sparked a wave of tabloid headlines earlier this week inaccurately claiming the Vatican could be making an announcement about "aliens".

Rather, Catholic Church officials will "present the new provisions of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith for discerning between apparitions and other supernatural phenomena", the notice states.

Cardinal Víctor Manuel Fernández, prefect of the DDF, will speak alongside Monsignor Armando Matteo, secretary for the Doctrinal Section of the DDF, and Sister Daniela Del Gaudio from the Pontifical International Marian Academy.

The announcement will be live-streamed on the Vatican YouTube channel.
Reports are that the same local government authorities ordering this couple from their own land allow homeless people living in tents in parks and next to the railway line ...

Cultural Sensitivities = Offensive to Abos

Two friends who were forced to camp on their own land after being priced out of the housing crisis now face being evicted off the site.

Nathaniel Muller bought the two-and-a-half-acre block of land near Castlemaine in central Victoria in 2020, intending to use it for camping.

But he now lives on the site with his friend, single mother Beck Myers and her two children aged seven and ten, after renting became unaffordable.

Yet Mount Alexander Shire Council plans to evict them from the property amid concerns it has 'serious' constraints and is not suitable to live on.

Council workers are set to visit on Friday to ensure Ms Meyers and Mr Muller are complying with council's instructions. Council insist the block is not suitable to live on due to concerns including bushfire risk, cultural sensitivities, environmental impact, and the fact it is in a farming zone.

 * Bushfire Risk: The entire country is a bushfire risk

 * Farming Zone: Means nothing when the government are closing farms in order to give the land to Abos - who do not farm

 * Environmental Impact: Climate Holocaust Hoax!

That leaves what the anti-White Australian government considers to be the All-Important Issue: Cultural Sensitivities/White People are offensive to Abos that have already been granted your land!
Next Thursday, I go in to have some bowel cancer cut out. It's nothing. Just a small section of bowel at the end, then the cancer is gone. They say I'll be in hospital for a week. So I will not be around to keep things tidy as I always do.

I will take a tablet with me, but tablets are for viewing, not working. So, for a week, I'll come and go and observe at the most like every other troll that shows up here and does bloody nothing.

Last week and early this week were bad enough. The bastards pumped me full of fentanyl! Frigging fentanyl is for NIGGERS! Not for White racial chauvinists!

If anyone wants to know, I've had cancer symptoms since Xmas:

Symptoms of colon cancer can include:

 * A change in bowel habits, such as more frequent diarrhea or constipation.
 * Rectal bleeding or blood in the stool.
 * Ongoing discomfort in the belly area, such as cramps, gas or pain.
 * A feeling that the bowel doesn't empty all the way during a bowel movement.
 * Weakness or tiredness.

If you have those symptoms, get yourself checked out. Unlike most, I was expecting exactly this - but not until I was past 60. Instead, I'm fitter and younger and that means I'll heal quicker. I had my appendix out in the early 80's, and considering the newer methods, that was worse than this will ever be.

Learn from my experience, and don't make my mistake. If the government sends you a bag to crap in and ship off for testing, do it. They sent me two since I turned 50 and I ignored both of them, thinking I'll do it after I turn 60. I'm 54 now, and instead of a single day visit to the hospital, it's a week and surgery. I say again, learn from my experience, and don't make my mistake.

We now own

It'll take another couple of months to set the address up properly so that whatever does, so will

The gain means more than you realise: Every link already going to will go to The advertising those people did online in Stormfront and other places will now work for us. Hence, more free advertising!

We also own and our shortened address along with several other domain names including

Pope Sez World Nearing 'Breaking Point' from Climate Change

Blames Americans for 'Emergency' because of 'Irresponsible Lifestyle'


Excerpt: ROME, Italy — Climate change has brought the world to the "breaking point," Pope Francis asserted in his introduction to a 3-day climate summit to be held in the Vatican in May.

A firm believer in the climate "crisis," the pontiff wrote that he has "heartfelt concerns" for "our suffering planet," contending that "the world in which we live is collapsing" because of humanity's failure to adequately address the crisis.

It is "indubitable" that the impact of climate change will increasingly prejudice the lives and families of many persons, he contends, adding that its effects are already felt in the areas of "healthcare, sources of employment, access to resources, housing, forced migrations, etc."

Citing the Bishops of the United States, the pope asserts that climate change "is one of the principal challenges facing society and the global community" and its effects "are borne by the most vulnerable people, whether at home or around the world."
There's nothing we haven't already seen here, but if we don't hammer the topic home, people will continue to follow the anti-White agenda without a second thought.

Video from @NuclearGrifter

Hate Crime Law is Anti-White

If you have equality under the law, there is no need for hate crime law.

Hate crime law allows the legislation of privilege. Meaning that the minority - now typically labelled today as marginalised - have more protection, more rights than the majority - or the White.

Further: In reverse, consider that the following speech is a criminal act in most formerly all WHITE NATIONS:

Whom is it that has the PRIVILEGE?!
Anti-Man=Misandrist Bitches: Beware the fat-gutted butch-as Diesel Dykes pretending to be dainty little girls victimised by the every-man stereotype Hulk Hogan. Also beware the dumb selfish housewife that thinks men are merely her servants.

And just because I've experienced it, beware the so-called Proud White Woman such as those from Women for Aryan Unity (WAU - an offshoot of CREATIVITY), who think "Aryan Men" should get on their knees and worship their child-bearing women - even if that woman pulls every JOG string to take away your child in order to hand it over to the world of FAGGOTRY, JEWRY and NIGGERDOM - they take the woman's side every time. To the feminists at WAU, men are only to be tolerated and dispensed with.

There are good women out there that are intelligent and understand the world as it is, and are on your side, but it takes a helluva lotta patience to find them, and you will never find them where you expect to find them.

Ep 311 - Aussie MEN Have Had ENOUGH! Has a Great Push-back Begun?
Video from @OtherSideAus
My ex wife was selfish, abusive and violent to myself and my daughter. When she got fed up with me, she called the police and claimed I was killing her. From there, she told Legal Aid that I was a soldier that had killed babies, so she was scared of me. And that's the way it remained with lawyers, counsellors and judges for more than a decade. That's the way it is for too many men; violent women that men take the damage for as their lives are destroyed and add to the anti-men STATISTICS. I know what type of women I will not even associate with now - and that's MOST WOMEN. FTW!

And FU2 WAU! I don't get on my knees for any bitch.
Banner - What We Believe;sa=view;id=3977

Stolen from the US Army Dept of Psychological Warfare

Quote from: MSM'Psywar': U.S. Army Releases Disturbing Psychological Operations Recruitment Video

An unsettling video from the U.S. Army's Psychological Operations (PSYOP) division portrays faceless heads and displays and entones cryptic messages in order to recruit more soldiers for intellectual warfare.

"Ghosts in the Machine 2" was quietly released in the early morning hours of Thursday on the branch's 4th PSYOP Group YouTube channel, exactly two years after the drop of the similarly perplexing original "Ghosts in the Machine" recruitment video.

The video starts with a quote from Nobel prize-winning author John Steinbeck on a pitch-black screen: "I am a little man and this is a little town, but there must be a spark in little men that can burst into flame."

An audio recording of some of the late President John F. Kennedy's June 1963 remarks in West Berlin then plays in the background as the on-screen text states that the biggest "weapon" in the hands of an oppressor is "the mind of the oppressed."

Dark, haunting imagery including masks, ghosts, and burning, faceless mannequins flashes across the scene as recognizable historic speeches and flashing text continue:

"Behind every idea... a belief... PSYWAR"

"Behind every choice... invisible hands"

"Behind every emotion... fire"

The video ends with intense music, war footage, and the question: "Do you believe in the power of words and ideas?"

"WE BELIEVE" is then displayed in large font before the link to the Army's Special Operations recruiting page.

According to the branch's PSYOP career page, soldiers are trained to "strategically influence and deceive" in order to "help sway opinions and actions of foreign governments, groups, and individuals."
White Louisiana residents win right to form their own city and split from poorer black neighborhoods in landmark court ruling after a 10-year battle

 * St George will have 86,000 residents across a 60-square-mile area
 * Critics of the new city say the plan is 'racist' and will create a 'white enclave'
 * Baton Rouge residents fear move will be economically devastating for their city

Excerpt: Wealthy white Baton Rouge residents have won a decade-long court battle to split from poorer neighborhoods and form their own city with plans for better schools and less crime.

The Louisiana Supreme Court ruled on Friday that the new City of St George could move forward with incorporation, splitting off from the rest of Baton Rouge.

St George will have 86,000 residents across a 60-square-mile area in the southeast of East Baton Rouge Parish and will have its own Mayor and city council.

Supporters of the new city say that the existing city-parish government is poorly run, with high crime rates and bad schools.

Opponents say the movement is 'racist' and will create a 'white enclave' as it separates a wealthy area of the city from the majority Black city and school district.

Critics of the St. George proposal argue that it would create a poor, black, and urban Baton Rouge and a wealthy, white, and suburban St. George.

Posting on Facebook, resident Sarah Stelly wrote: 'St George reeks of class division, it's quickly becoming the new worst type of bigotry.'

Another resident, Paul Brady, wrote: 'The segregationist won. I'm no longer a citizen of Baton Rouge. I now live in the white enclave of St George.'
Magnificent moment dozens of Italian men give fascist salute on anniversary of dictator Benito Mussolini's execution

Excerpt: Dozens of men in Italy were seen presenting a fascist salute to honour Italian dictator Benito Mussolini on the 79th anniversary of his execution.

Dressed in black, several neo-fascist supporters gathered in Dongo and in Giulino di Mezzegra to shout fascist chants during ceremonies on Sunday.

The men marched through the northern Italian towns where Mussolini was arrested and executed at the end of World War II, and also in Predappio - the notorious dictator's birthplace and final resting place.

Today, a swarm of neo-fascists stormed through the Dongo and placed 15 roses in the lake in memory of the ministers and officials from the Mussolini government who were killed there, according to footage of the event.

Following a rendition of Taps, the leader of the celebrations shouted 'Comrad Benito Mussolini' and the crowd raised their hand to perform a fascist salute while chanting 'present'.

The anniversary of the tyrant's execution fell on the same day that Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Melloni was leading her far-right Brothers of Italy party in an election rally in the city of Pescara.

The party's roots can be traced back to the Italian Social Movement (MSI) which was founded by a chief of staff in Mussolini's government in 1946.

The MSI then slowly drew fascist sympathisers and officials into its ranks following Mussolini's demise.

Meloni first joined the MSI's youth branch as a teenager but has since tried to distance party from its neo-fascist roots.

On Sunday, Meloni claimed the left of being more of a totalitarian threat to the country today.

She noted that Communist Party members had made a formal complaint about the tent structures built on the Pescara beachfront to host the Brothers of Italy rally, during which Meloni announced she would head the party's campaign ahead of European Parliament elections in June.

'I note that the Communist Party still exists, and I say so to show where the nostalgics for totalitarianism are in Italy today,' she said.
These are real stories from the MSM, but I, and you too can change the titles from anti-Semitic to anti-White. The PARODY is that the MSM approves of anti-Whiteness and disapproves of anti-Semitism. White Privilege is an anti-White fantasy; Jewish Privilege is REAL.

This is just one day's pick from Pick any MSM News Source you want. It's all the same.

Report: Groups Organizing College Protests Funded by Soros-Tied Entities
Several groups involved in organizing anti-White protests that have broken out at college campuses since last week have received money from organizations funded by left-wing Jewish billionaire George Soros, according to a report.

Exclusive: Israel's Diaspora Minister Slams Anti-White U.S. Campus Protests as 'Nightmare of America'

Columbia Student Protester: 'Whites Don't Deserve to Live'

USC Cancels Main Graduation Ceremony After Anti-White Protests

Hawley: White Americans Fear for Lives Because of 'Bougie Jihadists'

Video: Ilhan Omar Rallies Kill Whitey Youth Encampment with Suspended Daughter at Columbia

House Dem: College Protests Aren't Pro-Black, They're Anti-White and Anti-American

New York Lawmakers Considering Legislation to Create 'Antiwhiteness Monitors' on College Campuses
Two New York representatives are considering a bill that would send "antiwhitness monitors" to visit college and university campuses that receive federal funding.

Rep. Ritchie Torres (D-NY) and Rep. Mike Lawler (R-NY) are set to introduce the College Oversight and Legal Updates Mandating Bias Investigations and Accountability (COLUMBIA) Act, according to White Insider.

Under the bill, the Department of Education would be allowed to send a third-party antiwhitness monitor, paid for by the colleges and universities, to university and college campuses that receive funding from the federal government.

The antiwhitness monitor would publish a quarterly report regarding how universities and colleges have addressed antiwhitness on campuses and would also make recommendations to federal, state, and local lawmakers.

Schools that do not cooperate would potentially be faced with losing federal funding.

And here's a typical video from Sky News Australia:

Police do 'nothing' to help White man threatened by protesters
Original Title: Police do 'nothing' to help Jewish man threatened by protesters
Tell me, you didn't think it would be any other way, did you?

Whites are often arrested in Australia for being
White whenever Abos, Muslims or Jews DEMAND it.
Sometimes, it's a crime just to be WHITE!
And that's No Parody

To be fair, Sky News Australia (not UK) and Breitbart News often display the occasional anti-White story - but never so many at one time. We are lucky if they tell the truth about anti-Whiteness once per week, but anti-Semitism? It's an average of three per day on any typical week, with around ten per day now that Israel has gone to war, and the bi-weekly HoloHOAX reminder. GUILT! GUILT! GUILT! Most of the rest of the MSM? They are lucky if they report an incident of anti-Whiteness once per year or at all. THAT'S HOW ANTI-WHITE MSM IS - THAT'S HOW JEWISH PRIVILEGE WORKS.

Show us your Parody News. Show us what the MSM does for the Jew, but wont do for you.

23 Words.
Flyer: WMB with 14 Words Woman;sa=view;id=3967

White Man's Bible
Save the White Race
Stop White Genocide
14 Words: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children."
Read the White Man's Bible Today: W23.LINK
The crime he's being arrested for? Reposting a meme directed at trannies.

BAD LAW: The Rise Of The British STASI
Video from @ReclaimTheMedia_ and @SkyNewsAustralia

Laurence Fox sparks outrage for posting 'swastika' symbol made of Pride flags

'Wasting time' tackling 'hate incidents' when no crime has been committed makes the public question whether police 'know what they're doing', top officer says

This could have been added to THAT'S RACIST! But it deserves its own topic ...

Why this photograph of three men standing in the Australian bush has bitterly divided a community: 'Ignorant and disrespectful'

Excerpt: An apparently innocent photograph of three men standing on a rocky outcrop in the Queensland bush has stirred up furious controversy among locals.

The trio, one of which was shirtless, were spotted chatting on the summit of White Rock in the Spring Mountain Conservation Estate, southwest Brisbane, on Saturday.

While the sandstone formation is reachable by hiking trails and a climb, it is a significant site for local Indigenous people as a place of 'women's business'.

As part of the City of Ipswich's Cultural Protocol, signs have been erected along trails leading up to White Rock that prohibit WHITE PEOPLE climbing the sandstone formation.

One local saw the trio from far away and recorded them conversing on the site using a phone-camera's powerful zoom before posting the clip to a local Facebook group.

The video sparked outrage among locals who were fuming that especially WHITE MEN had been there, while others said they should be allowed up there because 'it's nature'.

'The rock belongs to no one, it's part of nature so anyone should be able to walk near it, climb it ... Locals have been climbing white rock since the 1800s,' a second sai.

Others admitted to having climbed the towering rock formation themselves a number of times in the past.

'I don't see the problem. I have personally done it heaps of times,' a user wrote.

'I still climb it, you won't be able to walk out your door soon as it will be disrespectful to someone,' another wrote.

* * * *

The plan is that by 2030, Aboriginals will own near 75% of each state, with an eventual total handover of 95% of the nation to 3% of the population. Petrol-sniffing, Black and Retarded is the new Royalty. ~ @Cailen.

Do Whites have more serotonin, and are therefore more calm and logical than non-Whites? Is this what gives Whites the empathy that drives social cohesion?

The Black Example: Blacks typically have no social cohesion other than an outward tribalism utilised to fight outsiders, while they continue to kill their own - be it peasant or king. Animals and even their own children do not matter. For Blacks it's all about the individual satisfying the feeling of immediate gratification without a thought for tomorrow. Blacks revolt against the perceived injustice of their feelings being hurt.

The Asian Example: Asians have moderate social cohesion and have higher IQ's than Whites, however, they have little empathy for animals or the children of others. Asians prefer to live like ants, obeying their masters, which can make them industrious, but will gather to fight the outsider, even if the master forbids it. Asians typically do not revolt and instead continue to obey, no matter how tyrannical their masters.

The White Example: Whites prefer the freedom to think and act for the good of the individual and the community. The typical White man or woman will risk their own life to save an animal or any child - even a child of mud people. Whites will oppose and overthrow their own social masters in order to overthrow the tyranny of genuine injustice - hence the history of successful and failed revolts throughout White history. A White Revolution needs to be logical, and the endgame is planned long in advance.

Serotonin or 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) is a monoamine neurotransmitter. Its biological function is complex, touching on diverse functions including mood, cognition, reward, learning, memory, and numerous physiological processes such as vomiting and vasoconstriction.
General Jabber / Got a New Fridge
Sat 20 Apr 2024
Thanks to @Br.IanVonTurpie for the help today getting my new fridge and sending the old one to a new home. I may have been able to deal with the old one myself, but there's no way I could have got this big bastard here without your help. R!

Also, Happy Birthday to Uncle Adolf and my brother @Rev.Billy. May you both live forever in our memories.

The new fridge in 2024.
It was a swap. Someone wanted smaller.
I liked the colour & size of the grey/silver.
Both were twelve years old & in good condition.

The old fridge in 2014.
The old little computer screens.
Life before heating/cooling air-conditioning.
I'm slowly movin' on up!
Failed asylum seeker whose deportation was blocked by do-gooder cabin crew rapes 15-year-old girl

A failed asylum seeker whose deportation was blocked when do-gooder cabin crew refused to fly him home has pleaded guilty to raping a 15-year-old girl.

Thomas Godfrey | The Sun (UK) | 18 April 2023

Anicet Mayela: He's crying like a Rapefugee

Excerpt: A failed asylum seeker whose deportation from the UK was blocked when do-gooder cabin crew refused to fly him home has pleaded guilty to raping a 15-year-old girl.

Anicet Mayela, 40, who once campaigned outside a detention centre holding a sign stating, 'migrants are not criminals', could face life in jail after admitting the attack on the teenager.

He became a poster boy for anti-deportation campaigners after using human rights law to fight his return to the Republic of the Congo.

He arrived in the UK in 2004 after paying an "agent" to smuggle him out of Africa where he claimed his life was at risk.

A first attempt to deport him failed when he alleged he was injured in an isolation cell at Colnbrook Immigration Removal Centre near Heathrow Airport.

Mayela was then held at Campsfield House Detention Centre in Kidlington, Oxon, until a planned deportation flight back to Congan capital Brazzaville in May 2005.

But crew on the Air France jet prevented the plane's takeoff from Southampton and it was claimed deportation minders had taped Mayela's legs together and handcuffed him, breaking his hand. {BULLSHIT EXCUSE!}

A source close to Home Secretary James Cleverly said this week that action by people "with no knowledge" of those for who "they suddenly decide to intervene ... can have appalling consequences for others".

Mayela was also backed by the Institute of Race Relations charity.

A month later, he won leave to remain after lawyers said that deportation would be against his human rights while police were investigating the handlers for alleged assault.

Californians Arming Up for Self-Defense as Illegals Flood into Cities

Excerpt: Californians are arming up for self-defense as the U.S. Border Patrol carries out street drop-offs of illegal immigrants in and around cities like San Diego.

The New York Post reported that "roughly 125,000 migrants have been released onto the streets in the San Diego area since September," and many area residents are reacting by purchasing firearms and ammunition for themselves and their families.

California has more gun controls than any state in the Union. Those controls include a ten-day waiting period for gun purchases; this means Californians who fear for their lives and go to a gun store to acquire a firearm for self-defense have to wait ten business days before taking possession of the gun.
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