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What's your opinion about it?

Vito is strong conservative who cooperated with all including his opponents. Do we need Creator conspiracy like this? Hidden agendas are a reality in democracy. If we believe in the White race, we also believe in White court and police right? Is it possible to turn them onto our side? In William Pierce "Hunter", one police officer was pro-White inside system.

Lots of hidden agendas are interesting because of their hierarchical structure and how they are unstoppable. Can we also work on same way?

As Klassen said, we are on the point of no return.

I mention how it is impossible to be Christian or Communist if you want to be in top position in society. So other organizations who do not have such beliefs want to know what are you reading. In all cases you must be anti-White oriented. I recently noticed a top class business organization believes in old Indian system of class. In fact, non-White leaders of sects along with our elite finest Nordic women (who look like Valkyries) with promoting the most aggressive feminism, and men live lives of sexual degeneracy obsessed with destroying the family unit.

They are not like Silvio Berlusconi. They are more degenerate. They cannot save their upper class children from their hands such as Trump. For them here is historic fact: muds had infiltrated into old Aryan religion who conquered today India and they copy the Indian caste system/racialist program how someone is superior and someone inferior.

Muds live on the back of our White elders - not Zion. They stole all White symbols - including todays "jewish" hexagram known as the Star of David. We cannot allow such kind of gaslighting of the mind. Show our fellow Whites Creativity's Holy Books, and they will be on our side. Especially Holy Book number 03. A Revolution of Values through religion. 

Recognize how mud groups stand opposed as a solid mob against Whites on the entire spectrum without respecting the official laws of our state. We must not respect their pyramid of power and establish our own. All of Free Masonry - which was once White - was infiltrated by muds also.
Please List Here:
The Top Chapters or Most Influential Chapters For You of the Following Books

* Against the Evil Tide

* Trials, Tribulations & Triumphs

* The Klassen Letters Volumes 1 & 2

What is blood and soil? Is it family? Absolutely. Do members of one family protect them with all means? Yes. It is through genetic a family tree. It is like plants. Some of them are sick and they are destroyed by good. It is process of natural selection. Let well good family lead as great (genetic) tree while lower plants will be their executors. The main reason of failure of Creativity was because Creators did not have such tactic of organization.

We must be like animals in nature who do not respect voices of their enemies. Instead of it they are ready to attack and prepare to defend their group. Same tactic have also big corporations for protect the business with all means through establishing all well organized the most great plants in society.

It is also draft of Creator center about what Klassen had written. Jews are organized through (12) tribes not with their people who are outside that matrix. Family well know who are their members as society knows about success results of some family and it is impossible through eugenic mindset recruit idiots inside organization.
I highly reccomend to you all this book by croatian former diplomat and professor of political sciences in USA Dr. Tom Sunic "Post-Morten Report" who had been also guest on "London forum" who was infiltrated by Nordic leftist fool with self-hating White complex:

Short book who is according to me advanced than Klassen books. Author do not see problem with democracy until order is White. Instead of violence,he advocate peaceful racial segregation. He strong attack Christianity and saw that is religion reformation key for White man's future. According to book,other races are jelaous on us but they want to imitate our behaviour does not matter about their racial hatred over White man.

Book show the diffrence of WN in Europe and outside. WN in Europe can not be like American WN who do not support nationalism and best example of it was Yugoslavia what resulted with White conflict. Kevin Mcdonald learn about it as american what had not been case with Klassen. In Europe is not just important to tell what is your race,then also what is your nation what is not case in colonized areas who knows only for racial divisions.

He also mention White supermacy under Ottoman period how chief possitions had especially in Bosnia White lads under Turks as today in Istanbul you can see White people who are descedants of Greeks slaves how they live better then non-whites. As replacement for Christianity an author offers whole palette of ideas including evolutionism,nihilism,neopaganism but all must be european White man ideas.

 He is really brave for writing something like this in today times. Maybe because he is aware about his old years and that our race in some places have yost few decades. Author conclude,does not matter if White man is liberal or whatsoever,he will be pro-White with first contact with non-Whites.

Does not matter how White liberals hate us,they enjoy in areas who are clearly White and run when non-Whites want to kill them (White-flight).  So,any story about so-called "human rights" are illusion because of each group are fighting for themselves. The key problem of pro-White activity was that we did not deal with White people from exact,natural and tehnical sciences.

Nowdays we have great pro-White books for this and it is one of the best who I ever red and for all does not matter about class status,political orientation,whatsoever. It is not book just for White race then also for non-Whites because they always learn something from us.

They must know that we will not run from our areas or allow non-White violence on us. Whole Whites who today support this non-White policy  against us will stay with us because we pro-Whites have solutions not just for White areas then also in whole world including climatic changes because environment is polluted mostly in non-White areas,Klassen speak about green policy long before mainstream.
It deserves also to be mentioned as separated views and here are quotes about Klassen oppinion about that:

Natures Eternal Religion
Chapter Twenty-Eight - Book II - Our Brilliant Future -  Page 465'sEternalReligion.pdf

Quote from: Ben KlassenNot only will we be rid forever of the destructive and debilitating wars that the Jews have manipulated upon us, we will no longer have to support a huge expensive and non-productive war machine as we are today.

Furthermore, our astronomical welfare costs, which are now being wasted on the parasitic nigger of today, will also be entirely eliminated. These two factors alone, coupled with the absence of Jewish plunder, I feel confident, will lower our taxes to a fraction of what they are today. I predict that taxes will be reduced to where they will be less than ten percent, perhaps five percent, of what they are at present.

Considering further that crime will be reduced to where it will be less than one percent of what it is today, it is not hard to imagine where the present huge costs of government, (with warfare and welfare eliminated) will be a small fraction of the burden that it is today. The White Man will then be in a position where his creativity and productivity can benefit those who have worked for it - namely the White Man himself.

Klassen answer to libertarians in last Racial loyalty known as "On The Brink Of Bloody Racial War":

Racial Loyalty Newspaper, Issue 68 - Part B: About Liberty, Chaos and Organized Society

Web Page Article:

Racial Loyalty Newspaper, Issue 68 (February 1991) - Page 3:

Scan Version - Page 322:

Standard eBook - Page 197:

Quote from: Ben KlassenLet us make one thing clear. We Creators are not talking about bigger government. On the contrary, we are for less government, not more. We envision a government that is smaller, imposes less, much less, in taxes, and interferes less with our lives. On the other hand, our kind of government, based on the White leadership principle, is more concerned with those duties a well-ordered government is properly constituted to perform in the first place. The first duty of such a government is to protect our life and property. Secondarily, it would also provide those orderly facilities such as roads, bridges, harbors, airports, schools, law and order, coining of interest free money, and several other necessary accoutrements that are incumbent upon a prosperous and well constituted society. The big difference between the present parasitical Jew-dominated society and a Creator oriented society is this: our kind of government will be based on the Leadership Principle, headed not by Jews, but our own White leaders whose overwhelming religious zeal is not to rob and destroy our White Race but to protect its integrity at all costs, and to work for the sole benefit of our own precious race. The primary goal of such government will be the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race, and expunging the cancerous alien mud races from the body of our society.

I spend lot of time for reading this even I am not englishman and I did not see that Creators mentioned it on forums when I spoke with them before.
The White Man's Bible
Creative Credo 59. Life, Death and Immortality (Page 543)'sBible.pdf

This is my favorite chapter from the White Mans Bible because it shows Creator lifestyle and I think that it must have special comment with something what Klassen did not mention through scientific laws. . Recently I had one really serious situation in my life  what could result with possible death on me. I understood that we can not know on what time will we die because all life is risk. Klassen forgot mention to us physical laws who are in harmony on that chapter and they are Laws of conservation energy and II Law on thermodinamic.

What does it mean? That when we will die,we become part of energy (this is what theists call spirit) with different shape (II Law on termodinamic) and that is energy eternal in all universe (Conservation of energy) what is something what Klassen call an eternal laws of nature (this is what theists call eternal life).  I think that this is important post for explanation such chapter,I never saw that some WN author mention it nor any Creator.

Such interpretation according to offical science deserve to be on offical page of Creativity and that Creator priests must put dogma for supplement this chapter with this two physical laws. What is dogma? Dogma is something what religious organizations put in teachings what perivous interpretation did not know before science proven it. For example Romanchatolic Crurch put dogma that is our planet not panel,evolution as fact,II Law of thermodinamic as fact and they upgrade their teachenings with roots in their holy books.
I am just going to say what is happening day by day in one of most product economic place in my state.

Recently Whites who are mostly Nordic protested against the Gypsies because they want normal life (a Brighter and Whiter World). Well with same reason muds are making many attacks against Whites (the rising tide of color against White world supremacy).

It is really critical place because state have most product for them and then she want to save population with redistribution of capital which will result in more Gypsies.

Gypsies practise their own form of Racial Loyalty. They do not look through eye of snake as does the White man. They are fighting with all means for their race and the government has not been able to solve this problem through years. Of course that will organized non-white group crush our neighbours just because they do not follow Credo2 from the White Man's Bible. (See Link at the bottom of this page.)

I also work with a person who is Gypsy and I see that she look enemy in my "White Privilege" as Christian lower class who started to cooperate with muds and mixed themselves with them.  It is unbelievable how are White military, police, courts ineffective in solving such problems even if they have all means for that.

What will be happen when muds are one day given weapons? Well,they will show to us no mercy for our White Rights. They will establish their order and crush our culture.

The CREATOR SOLUTION for that is not to kill or enslave them. It is SEPARATION (who exist but not official) AND DEPORTATION at our cost, defend our territory and allow them to care for themselves as they want in their own Gypsy territory.
General Jabber / Exposing Liberals
Sun 23 Dec 2018
Recently I read two jewish books by Friedrich Hayek  (Path in slavery) and Ludwig von Mises (Socialism) after one liberal magazine spoke good about them and jews  and promoted jewish supermacy how it is normal that are they on top.  Such authors can easly confuse reader as rabbis in Bible. They are master of deceit for goys without doubt.   They separated capitalism and feudalism.  For them are capitalism war against French nobles what mean that are French revolution pro-capitalist for them also Marx support such revolution and see socialism in fact both saw jewish triumph against best goys.  So it is normal that whether you are capitalist or socialist if we use such terms, you as goy will lost.   

Hayek criticized of course NS and we saw how capitalism and socialism work with pact of USA and Soviets. On West French on East bolshevik revolution.  He criticized how NS society did not tolerate humanic sciences this is because higher sciences such as maths, natural and technic sciences are finnished by peoole with higher IQ and he attack and promoted humanic sciences as economy.  Hayek was in Britain on that time, he supported implementation of capitalism in White colonies, White elite expect cheap labor worker and result is death of colonies and White elite, today we see mongrelization of British nobles so this is final result of Freemason liberal elite. Conclusion is that are jews in fear of natural White order and our genetic advancement.  We knew that but that are intellectual background about that because I think that Klassen did not enough speak about that such as about Christianity and Communism where he gave enemy books as proof about that.
Let we know that I all anti-immigrant organizations across the world call as Trump effect. Recently I watched on  TV by one Slavic state anti-immigration guests whose voice mainstream media want crush with cenzorship. Same organizations blocked Creativity.

Guests were racist as KKK you know racist christians however they support Israel policy against immigration. They did not mention Kalergi plan of White genocide who is pro-zionist plan and they strongly support all zio anti immigration movements. Creativity is prohibited as religion and mugwumps are allowed. They did not attack Vatican does not matter that Romanchatolic Church support immigration and they are members of such Curch so their view on racist christianity is not accepted by christian priests nor their highestproest as pope.

They will continue baptized their children eventualno by non white priests and going in Christian Church. Remember that were American soliders recruit against Hitler in WW2 and stay with communism because Hitler was against Christianity. That is same way how would they react with anti-christian Creators.
Find his speech on youtube and put here. When I spoke with commies one od them said to me that is national socialism the movement of middle class. It is probably true. Recently I spoke with one European upper class and they want more immigrants for how they said to me advanced society who is in fact resulting with more hedonism because of more profit by poor wage workers but just temporary because commies movement of incapable undermans is comming and they will kill them as blacks killed white masters who created Jobs to them in african lands for example in creator program there is not muds who work in white firms nor undermans who are against selection in our race. What I saw many of poor white proleterians who do not have property accept muds so it will be future muds ie their ancestors. Without white middle class it will be impossible easy life for rich because hedonism is against nature and creator program od natural program. Middle class Will not cowarfly run nor Will be white flight People as many Rich who want to find čast corner on the our planet for run. I Seve that is middle class First enemy of liberals and commies,class who can have two kids or more without socialism problems. If white middle class die it will be end of our race.
I want to show my oppinion about what we must doing with our children when they are capable for understand something. We must reject Christianity and influence of their priests what mean that we will not baptize our Children and our children will not singing with mongrels songs for jewish god as we did. We can teach basic point of Darwinism that they are created by evolution and that are they part of best homo sapiens who we call the White race. We will teach just story of our kind not of jewish stupid freaks from the jewish Bible. Our children will work and teach all what is needfull in survival in nature. Our man will not be feminised who work just 8 hours if they can not earn something. Our man s will work much more without fear of work and our woman will not be nigger hookers than spend their time for children. Remember that is our founder from Menonite hertiage what is one kind of Amish so he was health and have sound mind because of strong family. Our children must left parents between 20- 30. Our mans can have children after 30 but for Romans is better in early years between 20- 30. Old Creators will dedicate whole life for next generations, they will not spent their money for stupid long life and work and work as they can. After they see that are time to die, they will accept nature laws that they must die. Our children will not be liberals who do not want to have children. They will be show as example of poor genetic material who do not know how to reproduce themselves and many lower species know that as muds and we will not allow death of the best in nature. We will reproduce ourselves and stop reproduction of muds because we follow natural laws who clean all who do not have will for survival.
I want to hear if such opinion exists in advanced Western states by Whites or is it just the situation in cultural marxist former communist states. One of the best firms in my place is capitalist who predominantly haves export world wide. However owner who is rich do not know what their workers think about him. He do not have mission to employ people, he gave this to another "professional" person who formed clan and employed people without selection. Such people knows someone in clan and then they gave the job.

I saw that many of such undermans hate someone who can " steal" "their" job. They are also in clan and think that through the dictatorship of proletariat can making decisions who is capable and who is not. I am really tired about them and such kind of employ. They are really anger on people who do not live on the back of society what mean normal white persons. People who live on village are Christards and people who live in town are commies. Christards have more children but they are poor what will result with more degenerates and commies are incapable to build family and they do not have children.

They are same and they have common jewish rules through Rabbi Jesus and Marx who had also Rabbi in his family tree. It all resulting that obe underclass party who is created by such garbage people will become second. I seriously think about left my state because it is just question when will reds attack. I would rather live with lower white population than full white niggers. I want rather see with quality whites muds than underclass. Better Slavs were comming day by day in better states and when they are inside them, they just accept better white rules and became average white persons as in Australia when many pro- Hitler Slavs ran by communists.
I started to read one book by a rich White man who have knowledge in business. Why is this important? Klassen could not know all. He gave to us religion where we can understand importance of our race how to build a Whiter and Brighter World.

Recently I heard on controlled TV question about too big world population and one white professor and white TV reporter started to speak about that. Academic White professor agree that is population on our planet too big and that we must educate humanity how she must be smaller what mean that he could agree with eugenics meaning that only clever people can understand it and that we have massive reproduction of mud people because of feeding them for more poor people who became parasites in White lands.

After Klassen died, we have virtual money and Creators have mission for answering on modern things as clones of animals, longer life. We must collect all knowledge by White man - does not matter about their religion because race is reason of White knowledge. We can also write some book if we successfully implement knowledge who giving to us members of our race who are mentally healthy and not wild White Gang as many White Movements looks like.

After that we are ready to speak with liberals and put question does the economy depend on the existence of our race and our personal freedom? Our answer is yes. Are liberal theoreticians White? Yes. So do you realize that are all knowledge stems from White Man's thinking and that we must have religion as our rules who can be changed in some details but not with main mission ie. Survival, Expansion and Advancement of the White Race.

This job is not for any lazy group of White Men. It is just for White persons who have influence among White people, and who can accept new way of life. This is my suggestion.
General Jabber / Brain bomb
Sat 26 May 2018
Klassen made one article on that and I am going to explain a power of Christian pollution through practical experiences of one white intellectual who was in pirson in my state who called him as mad man on court and he forcibly gave treatment in pirson hospital nine mounths after he is on freedom as health man and court was wrong. He is better than Christian David Duke but many of our people do not know him so I will just represent some of his ideas. He advocate interest- free money, monarchy and cooperation with all people against zionism and he also attacked as Romanchatolic his own Curch that are they zionist and not real Chriatian so he want religious national state who will be in war against zionism. He also attacked populist world wide who are against muslim invasion while they support Israel and also jewish organization support such movements because they will help then in their mission against muslims in Great Israel project. I watched his last show and he told that he came in Israel as tourist. That is because he belive that are jewish Bible his holy book so he is still impressed to them. He well know Hotlers oppinion about Christianity but he rejected it because Hitler is antichrist what was an argument of USA why they will comming in war not to defend communism than Christianiy so in ww2 we have white elite against controlled goys and today they have mongrel states and what is policy in pro- Hitler former states? I showed you on that article, many represijom against pro white activists throghohut all institutions. In Germany you can go in pirson because of Roman salute so our enemy is especially in fear of former pro- Hitler states.

Christians today have more muds than whites so it is impossible save the white race through such religion, accept jewish version of creation and not white Darwin version, going to kneel in jewish temple and coming as tourist in such state who are powerfull just because b bomb.  For saving the white race we must have white religion based on teachenings of best white intellectuals before Klassen but they never saw Importannea of religion. Jewish religion put their temple in white man brain as Christianity. Rabbi Jesus called himaelf as new temple so jews realized that they can not build it without immagination of white man becaus did white man have immagination of white temples, white priests it would not exist and such jews would be just jelaous people on whites creations and expelled from white society and living as muds who will be on Darwin laws destroyed by nature who is not created by jewish god than by laws of nature who are eternal and who really exist.

Klassen wrote article in White Mans Bible about brutalno truth of inflation and finantion slavery. I saw the problems of credit money also and Many of our white racial comrades using credits for buy something. Klassen wanted an alternative creator money well it is possible only if Creators have enough businessman who can employ other Creators and create something as creator bitcoin. Creator un-credit economy is work hard and buy your house from interest free money who coming from your savings. It is economy against whole finantional istitutiom today because it would not exist profit from interest on money and it would result with self-responsibility people who buy only with money who they earn not on money from other people who is loan because in big loan we have inflation who is against productive workers. If you think that you must have more money work more than 8 hours as our foundar on farm.
German term for it is Untermench, english Underman. Lothrop Stoddard in his book Revolt against civilization wrote as whole problem of it and original od Bolshevik revolution. William Pierce compared in his article French revolution in San Domingo white underclass in French Revolution with niggers, Klassen wrote also about that but best example is Klassen chapters in Natures Eternal Religion I think Civilization without racial religion just destructive process for the White race. This is just few writenings for understanding about what I am talking. Well my state is approximately  98 percent of white however more than half are degeneric class. Such degeneric class just as in Greece can become second party and want alliance with fully anti-white South Africa and want state with stupid rabbits who are white just as skin but not by brain. Lower class have low IQ and have common brain as low IQ niggers. With compare my state with Australia the different is that you see how Many non-whites you have but in fully white state you can recognize them in whites who want to kill the best or as Marx said the capitalists. It is time for start prepare white flight of best elements of white race ie. true white people who are capable for white society and White racial teamwork does not matter where you from ie. it is comming time where all best elements of white people must find a way and be united with racial religion,print and translated creator books in all languages and cooperation with awaken white man ie. Creators.
I have looked on tv how one grand master in one state have full respect by reporter and said openly that is French revolution their revolution. Churchill as freemason on grand master degree said in one article names as Zio versus of bolshevism wrote one parallel in part of French and Bolshevik revolution and jewish question. I strongly belive that jew success depend on white intelligence who have mind subversion and self- destructive life against natural and scientific laws. Grand master about what I am writting did not have children and he died from cancer. He said that freemasons also in their state have one influence bank. He was deing man and he do not care much about what he said. It mean that even if we have our money in banks the can crush our hard work through inflation. Creator alternative for it is create crypto money as bitcoin who is proof that white intelligence can all if they want. All laws exist on Talmud principle. For example in my stare former communist have court who rule with force and same is in all states who have democracy. Creators must have same court from point of view by Klassen books and must wrote through their priests same conversation about Creativity where future Creators can put best decission. We must allow different oppinion inside Creativity as jews have in Talmud but they follow main zeal. Creators can become just person who are interested for Creativity for example masons do not have flyers etc they just see who is Inteligentna for rule over stupid mass and that is all. Creativity ispast recruit many dumb people just for attention please. Conclusion is having a lot creator business man who would create Creator crypto money and do not live in fear on workplace if you want to show your boss some of our books for example you can say do not sell your firm in third world you see what was happened in Rodhesia. We must fascinate people who are in Freemasons that they accept white globalism as creator religion.
Recently the Mormons came to me,really strange to see them in my area. They came from USA and learned our language and also want that people around the world learn English. Thier whole positive activism is cocncentrated to recruit new members and teach them into their religious school. I remembered what Klassen said about them and that Creators can learn something about them. They grow without doubt. I do not know how Many Creators we have. I heard approximately 40 000 so it is enough for creator administration without borders for expanding Creativity who can establish their own religious school.
I have noticed that Creators cannot explain to people a clear future of White order. Well in short Creator order is a theocracy who rule over White kingdoms as the Christian church did in the past, but did not have eugenics program so the underclass destroyed the White elite who spoke the Latin language. Such an order until White genetic downfall would have been peaceful; just as if we look into the past when Romans had Pax Romana.

Today in Rome, the natural Pontefix Maxumus remains the enemy. An old powerless weak leader what is a picture of a White man how the jew sees us in order to establish their Pax Judaica.

Romans destroyed the jewish temple and jews today want to build anew and want that we kneel under them.

The reason why they can do that is because today, we have a jewish temple in the White Man's brain. ie. Rabbi Jesus Christ: The jewish fiction for goys.

Creativity's purpose is that White Man has a White brain, in order that a White Religion will destroy the jewish temple situated in the White Man's mind. And one day a new Pontefix Maximus - young and full of energy - will be put in place where the Catholic pope is today, raise a hand in the Roman salute and send the message to our enemies Delenda est Judaica! And White men everywhere will answer as one - not Amen, but  RaHoWa!
I recently read an article about criticism of socialist anti-White police of Mugabe and South Africa today and criticism of populist rightist WHO do not want a capitalist Free Market economy.

Well, Creativity wants a Free Market society, which is only possible in a White globalist society with more quality ... with better White People through a eugenics program. Why? Because capitalist economy was created by White Man - The global socialist economy was created by the jew.

Creators want more Market without wars between Whites.

Dear White Libertarians, Creativity is the utopia you are looking for which can work.
I studied and participated in some of activism who did not be racial. I saw that lot of people who you can collect into movement do not know nothing about it and that they need leaders ie. lot of people just follow logic "monkey see,monkey do" because be part of some group make among them emotional consolation and it is just trial what was reason why some Creators left movement and pro-white thinking. Lot of people who are leaders in movements are not capable for lead themselves so they can just fantasize about their power. Lot of people in pro-white movements looks like "bad guys" who will rather fear someone including whites than participate in movement on positive way. Also lot of people can not realize plan who they follow or they put money for someone of their leaders who making on movement their atm. Question is what is your activist strategy? Is it just narcissistic hoby or something more? In "little white book " stay that is Creator person who have respect in white society,who is well known and people have confidence in him. I strongly belive that is self-education through investiment better than be part of some formal organization because we do not yet have selective white person who can promote pro-white choice,they are outside pro-white movements.
I saw in the news that are leftist in Austria against white immigration from eastern Europe and he compared them with immigrants and say that it can be new balkan route,that such workers are cheap and that it is danger for Austria. However,we could not see that such opinion they have for non-white immigrants. On the contrary,they attacked new government  because they have negative opinion about non-white immigration (in fact new government is not racially awaken because they see in Islam fear,for example if we speak about Balkan,such region have white muslims,dinaric sub-race,proto-europeans who survived Ice age  so they would probably accept non-whites just because they are christians if they would be in decission about it but it is another story). Such attack we saw before in Trumps opinion because he want Norvegians and not *hole Haiti. There is no doubt,leftist openly support white genocide and favorizing just non-white immigration and confused rightist do not know that is this race war. Success of one nation do not exist because of nation flag than because of race. You can change language,nation,but not your genetic. Dinaric sub-race (or Balkans)  are wild but they are good if they see organized society with hierarchy because they are without it really dangerous and it could be problem with non-white immigrants because balkans will attack them and support austrian government,double problem with anti-whites.
When Klassen had writtened his books and articles,he thought that will Creativity
recruit atheists and white businessmens ie. best elements of our race. He also wrote
in NER that is mistake speak about Creativity throghout un-intelligent mass what mean
that about Creativity must speak just person who have respect in white society through
achievements. Instead of it,Creativity recruit many white persons who would in Creator
society have less children because of eugenic program and this had happened because
Creators did not have successful white leaders who can help future Creators in employment.
When we use word "Creator" we see many creators of our race who build society including
working class but if we go higher,we see ancestor of best white workers or workers who
oppened private firms who we can call as job Creator.

Creation of jobs is key for racial sociaslism what mean organizing white society with decentralized state,lower taxes what would
as Klassen said result that white man doing what he can do best,create and produce
and for this he must have his own money and not situation as today where state through
tax steal forom capitalist firms more than 70% by overall sum of production in money.

Such policy understand only white upper class and Klassen had been one of them who
saw mistakes in liberal policy and wrote religion not for white upper class than rether for
white lower class with his writings about jewish conspiracy,conspiracy about interest in financial policy
basically he used non sequitur logic falacies what did not recruit best elements of our
race who are liberal or libertarian. We can justify Klassen probably that he wanted
media provocation for expanding Creativity and then that better whites upgrade
his idea because Klassen was old and did not have much energy for something more.

Upper class whites do not belive in jewish conspiration theories and problem with interest
on money. Many whites of Austrian school of economy and most popular Adam Smith
theory supported interest on money what is explained in maths as "simple interest
rate account" (see what it is). I saw that some person did not belive in democracy and force
immigration like Hans-Hermann Hoppe who wrote one whole book against democracy
and support  natural order against state forced immgiration.  Whole intelectuals were white
so Klassen give us historic experience how is non-white immigration danger not just
for race than also for economy what we can saw in NER in story of San Domingo who
became Haiti.

If we want to secure white race and explain why is one religion
needfull for good ecnomy and other aspects of life,we must show that we respect
white elite in economic view,Klassen for example answered to libertarians that we
are also for less government,we accept some Klassen mistakes about too much conspiracy
theories and money system but we also have well arguments that good economy and
free market,happier society etc. exist only in white areas,that members of Austrian school economy
were all whites ie. we just must explain to them importance of race or we can call
best elements of homo-sapiens and that are pollution of genes similar
as pollution of product. We can also say that is downfall of our race just product of
our self destructive intervention on quality as our self-destructive intervention on goods so
you have low quality workers and low quality goods in racial pollution. Think about
this article who can help you in political activism for recruit new whites who want secure
our race.
I saw that pro-White people accepted non-Whites in their movements if they advocate White State what is impossible because if mongrel person speaking well English and going to an anti-immigrant protest, it does not mean that we solve problem because we have continue mongrelization of our people. I am going to put some examples of that:

Golden Dawn

Obviously non-White guy represent them. It does not mean if he have Greek first and last name that he is white if racial process of degeneration (what is key reason why is Greece so bad today and do not look as ancient Greece) took his genes.

I saw such problem with Jobbik memers where some of them are predominantly Gypsy, some people in Polish nationalist protest etc. I saw such problem with Jerry Springer show in Hale's time when Creators have one Spaniard guy who looks non-Whites and Springer ask him if he is white and some girl said that he is White because Spaniards are White. Well Indians today are not White because Indo-Aryans WERE White if you understand me.

If we have in movements people who can accept non-White persons, it do not impress me that we do not have clever whites who are liberal and they do not have such racial problems but pro-White movements are not for them because of white under-men without racial instincts with leaders who do not make nothing in personal life. Serious White movement must explain that also you can be White but if you are not capable for white society, you can not be part of them (eugenic policy) that so-called pro-White people do not have such stupidity.
Here I am going to put my expirience with one of center-left person. I must tell that it is one of clever discussion in real life who I did not see with them except just attack as "racist" and similar nonesense.

He: Hitler wanted destroy us Slavs
I : Hitler wanted destroy just communist Slavs because many Slavs fought for Hitler including Russians as former members of White army

He: Abraham Lincoln is rightist but person who I respect because he did not want blacks as slaves
I: It is truth about blacks but he have racist views and wanted to put them back in Africa and somebody kill him because of that

He: I belive in evolution,rightist people are religious
I: evolution is more rightist than leftist,she created inequality and rightist did not want to celebrate non-europan god,communism is atheist Christianity

He: It is true that are people inequal but it is also problem,so alternative is genetic modification for equality and genetic betterment
I: Similar wanted Hitler,it is eugenics who advocate self genetic betterment
He: It is true,lot fo SS people had been intellectuals and clever persons (he continue advocated eugenic for equality)

He: I want to integrate non-white immgirants because it is good for economy
I: They just want your salary through socialism,nothing more

He: so what you want,you would not allow such people in Europe?
I: no

He: but what would be happen if we had climatic changes,many non-white immigrant will come in Europe and we can not stop it only if we not kill them in borders (It is look through eye of snake)

Well,because we spoke in important place I did not want continue discussion

For me,he lost debate,he play game about killing non-whites where my answer can show to him how I am bad guy but what about non-white killing white people? He do not have interest for it because society is unfair for them so they must go in safe place. Read agains White Mans Bible credo 2. "we will not look through eye of snake". In such credo is explanation how stupid is his opinion,he would be rather die for him SJW views than fight for his own race but I think that he learn something from me.

In promotion of atheism,many upper class whites rejected some positive elements of Christianity like producing children. Instead of it,they accepted nihilism for self-destruction of best kind of homo-sapiens ie. the White race.  They accepted many atheists way of life like mentioned nihilism,liberalism,hedonism,orgies etc. and curhed down white workers who are basically still Christian who work for low money while white upper class spend their money for casinos and many kind of rubbish because of pure boredom.

Nature punished species who do not care about themselves so she will punish white elite because of that by mongrelized workers who will attack capitalism or white privilege as they said. When you as rich person have more children,you live responsibly and happier,you do not live for death than for be just proccess of natures plan by survival,expansion and advancepent,so you are ready for dedicaiton of life to your children. Anti-white atheism can be replaced with white atheism as Creativity where white race can live in harmony with nature laws. Instead of polluted mind,body,society,environment we can have clean situation by evolution of white race. White better class msut reject atheist Christianity who glory death without childrends.  I know some quality white persons who respect non-white business,have feminised white man children because they do not have creativity lifestyle or pro-white lifestyle because we had many quality authors before Klassen who spoke about such problems like Francus Galton,Charles Darwin and Adam Smith who look on the world without conspiracy.
I saw that some of my acquaintances are in relationships with non-white persons but I saw pure negro in my area what is really strange for white place. They are homogenized into their racial group but white rightist,nationalists,people who are part of ours accepted them through events as football for example where I saw that non-white guy became favorite person among hool patriots who reminded themselves on past while our state had war between another white state (like England and Irish,Ukraine and Russia,German and France etc.)  so I think that they would be against their own race with such mongrels with common flag of their own nation who do not represent race.

It is not doubt that will white lower class people mongrleized themselves because they as I saw do not have racial instincts. Nationalist era is over and it is time to closer speak to white leaders about Creativity,about union of white people without borders. It must be selected,successfull white persons in personal life who will spread Creativity and not persons who want emotional consolation in such movement how we could see in past. People in post-comunist garbage do not belive in nation and look go in west as all white better stock but they are totally confused,they are betrayed by their own state and think that is liberalism answer and they need modern atheist religion as better answer on pro-market society.
I here wrote few articles through my posts what I think that can be helpfull for pro-white activity does not matter of group. How crony capitalism works? State with force collect by your salary more than half and question is for what? Basically for redistribution and so-called social welfare but who really have profit from that?

Crony capitalists and their agents who can stop bettter individuals. State (your money) give money to wannabe capitalists and then crony capitalists give donation in policy to politicans. What is reaction of working class? They also insist for more redistribution,more socialism because capitalist with state steal from them and you have communism as reaction of self-proclaimed capitalism ie. cultural marxism in economy because of redistribution as war for equality. So what we have today? We have some self-proclaimed central planners who are bad for society.

Such economy was on target by Lothrop Stoddard,Ragnar Redbread that you can not have best elements on power if you have big state control. In my state,we have still White race but she die slowly because of bad birthrate who are run not by jews but with white mans who live in fear of eugenics not by state than by market. Of course,white elite must first have zeal put lowest IQ 110-120 and higher for to this and when we coming much higher then they must repeat such policy for example have zeal that lowest IQ on white race must be 130-140. Main danger is that are on market stupid things as football,american pie and many others where you do not have prolotion of intelect. Well,we must first have better IQ for reject today market and establish market of intelligence.
This topic is reaction on thinking by female persons about other races. I heard that one female would accept black child does not matter that it is not her. Reason is because black childs are cute. She is good schoolgirl and I saw that one female good inteligent girl accepted black guy and changed religion on Islam as forme Christian. How is this possible if we know that they  are not communist nor christians fundamentally?

In darwinism we teach on our French revolution school child just evolution of lower species. We say that we are all homo-sapiens and equal and that race do not exist. Well,Klassen accepted offical science thinking and he answered on this next:

yes,we are all homo-sapiens and have evolution brothers but it does not mean that we have our brothers as ancestors as separated people. He said that is hard to tell what is exactly White race but it is also hard to tell where are borthers of Atlantic okean but we know where it is. So White race=natures finnest=best elements of homo-sapiens.

Many white liberals are basically good white persons and I agree with Klassen about that. They have well economic knowledge about what Creativity agree with pro-capitalist economy but they do not have natural science in their mind so through market it is possible that lower elements have big money for example through football rather than through intelectual thinking. White intelectuals must use Francis Galton thinking but how? First we must get as race IQ over 100 and then we can decentralize state and have free market through Creativity program. This is just proposal of discussion about white upper class.
You also can give to them Churchill article who was antifa where he mentioned French revolution:

Do not glory your nation with them because they look international without borders what is good if we have within members of our race who create and produce because they can tell you ok you are nationalist as jews so why you attack their nationalism if they do same as you?

I remember when I drink much alcohol,smoke all adverse substances who are really dangerous. Also I every night celebrate my Christian god who will not help me and though taught "be poor white".

I change lot of through salubrious life when I know for Creativity but this is just topic about salubrious life. I gave the point about it,book is translated but I read just some part on first and last in eugenic program. It is not interesting book as other for me but it is soo important to practice health life.

First I rejected cigaretes and after that alcohol,I do not love my enemies yet who are white because I live in white state but they are poor whites,uncreative and really danger for white society. I became unmerciful for this white garbage who glory nigger and act like them. Many people see that I change myself. I start work on my body not through danger protein for example,per day psysical activity and I gave good structure through health way.

I do not agree with salubrious life in many things but if we do something like that,we have respectful change. Some middle class liberals also work on that but they drink proteines what is not real strenght  however they do not have clear situation about race and they are still mind polluted,they are ready to fight but they do not know who is their enemy,probably white persons.
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