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Note to Students: Do Not Ask for Interviews


We will not prevent you reading through our websites, but we do not give interviews or waste our time answering questions to students writing papers about our beliefs. The reasons are listed below.

Taken from
... As has already been pointed out, this is the same tired old student's trolling for information. What everyone is forgetting is that if the student is too truthful in his/her article, then he will fail. So what every student does is play to established biases. i.e. To us for information (the obligatory I'm going to tell the truth ...), and to the anti-White education system, which expects a certain degree of ridicule of pro-White beliefs.

So, you can tell this student all you want about your personal experiences, and he is obligated to say no more than something along the lines of "... a small percentage of white supremacists reject the term white supremacist and have adopted other terms more in line with their personal experiences, which relate to their perceived loss of civil rights. This at first appears to be at odds when taken into consideration that each (white supremacist) was born into a status of White Privilege. However, it appears that these people have simply failed to grasp the opportunities given to them on the basis of their skin colouring and failed at life. ... The majority embrace the term white supremacist because they really are unconscionable haters of all they see; believe in highly dubious conspiracy theories - more often than not of an Antisemitic nature; they are envious of black athleticism ... Assumed attitudes of personal and group supremacy deriving from an upbringing of being intensely bullied as a child, perhaps because of disfigurement from acne or obesity and the inability to gain a girlfriend."

That was a summation from memory of a combination of uncountable articles I've read over the years from the mainstream media, high school and college students. That is the type of garbage that the schools want. And if anyone gives them anything different, they will fail.

When a student comes to us begging for information for their essay, they know that they are in an area where facts and statistics count for nothing. The only thing that counts is promoting the doctrine that White people are born privileged and non-Whites are the eternal victims.

Passing a class or course or gaining a doctorate based on purely emotional context designed placate the powers-that-be is a cop out, because every teacher/lecturer/professor is duty-bound by the terms of their employment to approve of every instance of ridicule of any question of White Civil Rights, White Dispossession, and a growing and abandoned White Underclass.

Anti-White reports, articles and documentaries by students and journalists are devoid of reality, and are nothing more than feel-good-journalism to feed the Marxist machine.

We write as we do to wake others up to the truth - Not to keep rabid lefty school teachers happy.



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