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White Lives Matter Canada - Email to Prime Minister


White Lives Matter Canada - Email to Prime Minister;sa=view;id=3128

To Justin Trudeau (

You are a disgrace. You are a Communist dictator who supports all forms of degeneracy and anti-Whiteness, with the agenda of destroying White traditional Canadian culture and history. You blatantly favor the rights of non-Whites over and at the expense of White Canadians.

And literally persecuting those patriotic truckers was criminal on your part. You and your government should be ashamed of yourselves. The same goes for the demented administration here in the United States of America.
Shame on you, Biden and so many others who are complicit in all this madness.

- From a proud White and patriotic American: with no so-called "White guilt."

Flyer Link: It's Alright to be White
Flyer Link: White Lives Matter


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