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The Art Of Suggestive Breeding


Greetings.  I’ve been rattling my brain like crazy trying to figure out just how to deprogram my white extended family while trying to reprogram the darkies against their white fetish. After testing it out in several social situations, here are the few methods that have had a level of success.

Say to a white person you know that has a mud fetish:   *Note: Developed from altered hypnosis script.

“ Let’s play a fun game, you’ll like this, it’s funny. Close your eyes. Without picturing anyone in particular, build and imagine the hottest (enter ethnicity and gender here) in your mind. Focus on all the details that you have accentuated for this imaginary, mythical person. (wait). Now, keep those features but (wait)  turn it into a white person. I bet it looks even better now doesn’t it. Ha ha ha.”

This next idea doesn’t come with a script, you have to position yourself socially right.  The main objective in this next section is to establish some sort of divide between the muds by the level of their darkness, shift them away from being attracted to whites, and to inform them not on the religion of creativity BUT to inform them on their our common enemy who may have been unknown to them…

The Jew.

This whole “Latino” and “Hispanic” thing going on in the US was a bit confusing. What I found what that their is already an anti-dark sentiment toward latinos and hispanic. The lighter ones are seen as basically being white while the dark ones are basically just spanish speaking niggers in their own clique. Spanish niggers are more accepted to the latinos and hispanic community than the average garden variety african nigger. I work with a lot of “minorities” and after gaining ones trust after a period of time I’ve been able to talk to him a little more openly about race and religion. He’s some Spanish Columbian dude. He’s almost white so I put him at ease in the topic and just said “Ha, well you look white to me.”. This way we could converse without unease.  He has a black/Spanish girlfriend.  Here are some of the thing’s I’ve said followed by the statement’s objective:

(1) “It’s your business and all but wouldn’t you feel weird raising a kid that was darker than you?”

Objective: He would mind. I have just made him question if he even wants to have sex with her anymore because that kid would be darker. If he’s not going to have kids with her, or have sex and maybe make a darker kid, why even stay in the relationship?

(2) “You know who’s really been getting on my nerves lately? Well you know how on south park cartman is always bitching about Jews? I was bored and went online and searched for reasons why people hate Jews just to see what hit problem was and yep, frikken Jews man, getting on my nerves” Follow this up with a few select facts about how we are goy, they are gods, they can rape 3 year olds, kill goy like we were animals, etc. etc.

Objective: The enemy of my enemy is closer to being my friend than my enemy is.  I encourage they do some research of their own. I tell them it’s “freaky”. If they are darker they may be at ease because I didn’t say “them damn niggers” are getting on my nerves.

(3) “Yeah, check out that (ethnicity&gender) right there. You know man, it’s true what they say, (ethnicity&gender) are the easiest. They don’t turn anything down.”

Objective:  This one is for when you find your target of choice (non-white) and you wish to program them to be more attracted to other non-whites. For some who have an ethnic fetish it doesn’t matter which ethnicity it is because the mental “thrill” isn’t based on race specifically, it’s based on an ethnic difference. So if you find a half mix male of one race as a target, by telling him that the females of another mix race are the easiest they are now the main focus. Example. Asian guy to Rican girl, nig guy to Asian girl, Rican guy to nig girl


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