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I have been considering, since the early days actually, a digital recruitment pack (cd). Containing the holy books in pdf, music and movies of church origin. Fliers, further articles on race and reason etc.... perhaps even an introduction video from the pontifex encouraging the prospect/s, what do you guys think?

I would certainly welcome your feedback and ideas..........and espeacilly your help with the project as i lack the technical knowledge to achieve this by myself....

Rev Shaun.
C.A. Queensland CO-Ordinator.

I've been planning on burning copies of Survival of the White race once I have a printer to put CD labels on. A proper data disc with the Holy Books and other material on them is a good idea.

All that needs to be done is for the proper materials to be collected (RaHoWa Directory), a menu to be made for the disc, then for the discs to be burned and a label designed and printed for them. It shouldn't take much more than a few hours to create and then, only a couple of dollars for each disc to be produced.

Good idea Rev. Rep point to you.


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