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A little Zundel for you this morning, good luck at your wage slave positions   ;D

Setting The Record Straight Is a documentary that discusses the lengthy court battle fought by Ernst Zundel against the government of Canada. A multi-decade struggle to defend Zundel's own right to speak his mind, and publicly seek like-minded individuals, turns into one of the most unique court cases in history. Because of the accusations of "holocaust denial", Zundel's defense focuses around proving that great deal of information about WW2 was actually fabricated by zealous Allied military officials.
Video Deleted at Source


Thanks for the links. As to the legal issues of Canada see this:

Legal Case Site

One of the best books ever written in audiobook format with an English accent.

The sayings of Redbeard: By Ragnar Redbeard

Yes. Arthur Desmond apparently is the author and the book had different versions one of which was more explicit on the jews.


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