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Letter to Enemy Academia


This letter is posted here for general discussion. If you wish to publicly express your disgust as I have or support for the fight against these overblown school Marxists, you may do so on my website at Remember, when in public, keep it nice.

To the Institute of Postcolonial Studies
Tel: + 61 3 9329 6381
Fax: + 61 3 9328 3131

78-80 Curzon Street
North Melbourne, 3051

To Mr Dylan Bird,

Your institute is an institute of hatred with contempt for reality. On the one hand you treat the biological separation of humanity into different races as a myth, and even go as far as to preach that it is society and culture that decide whether a person is indigenous to this country. And yet, you still choose to treat colonialism and White people with disrespect on every turn. Your form of Aboriginality is nothing less than Indigenous Nationalism. i.e. Black Supremacism in an attempt to exterminate White people through their assimilation into indigenous Australian culture and society. That is by definition, genocide.

I, and millions of others, view your behaviour with contempt. We as White Australians will not be joining your Aboriginal Nation of Indigenous Overlords that you seem to propose. Instead, we will steadfastly maintain our White Australian identity, culture, race and society in the face of your postcolonial racism.

Furthermore, there are many Indigenous Australians who feel the same. They are proud of their Aboriginality and dismiss the idea of marrying outside their race. Nevermind accepting a White man or woman as an Indigenous Australian, simply because he or she self identifies as indigenous to this nation. And I for one respect them for their stance. You Sir, deserve no such respect. If you are a White man, then you are a traitor to your race – and the same can be said if you do indeed have any Aboriginal heritage. Your views are an insult to both Aboriginal and White Australians, and the day that your Institute of Postcolonial Studies is closed down, the better for all Australians.

Yours Sincerely,

Reverend Cailen Cambeul,
Church of Creativity.

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