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I don't mean to beat a dead horse, but what that teacher said in that video really irked me. Had to write a professional email to her (Pardon me for spelling her last name wrong. Rogin I meant)."Talking+Race+%26+Kids"

--- Quote from: Rob82 ---Miss Rogin,
I watched a segment of your video titled, "Talking Race & Kids." And I must say, it is quite disturbing and reprehensible. What you are propagating is detrimental to the well-being of White Children and their parents. We are talking about children here, Miss Rogin. Children.
"White Privilege" is a new-age Marxist, anti-White term. It holds no weight, and its intention is to harm White people. Plain and simple. It's an invalid term.
Would you like it if someone told you and your children to "take a back seat" and be "quieter?" I think not.
The United States of America was founded by White people and initially meant for White people. That's an unchangeable fact, and there is nothing wrong with that. That's just the way it is. I am sorry if that bothers you and so many others. Imposing "quilt" on White children is not the way to go and is extremely harmful. I respectfully suggest that you rethink this anti-White-Marxist-Globalist agenda that is meant to impose fallacious drivel upon White people and their achievements throughout history, which can't be denied or erased. There is no "cultural fear" among White people because we have nothing to fear and to be ashamed about.

PS - These "resistance" from these so-called "Movements led by people of color," you mention, as in Black Lives Matter? The Marxist terrorist organization that burns down cities, calls for the murder of police officers, is anti-White and anti-American? Is that really a "resistance movement" led by "people of color" that you want to impose upon White children to listen too and be quiet about? Again, I respectfully ask you to rethink this extremist agenda whose only purpose is to revise history and falsely demonize and harm White people.

Robert Del Grande.  
--- End quote ---

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Of course all children are racist. All children, all adults are racist. Dogs owned by Whites are racist against Niggers - not because Whites train them that way, but because dogs recognise that the Nigger is a different species that does not belong. The point is, Leftard Extremists claim that only Whites are racist. If that's not bad enough, only White children are racist. Therefore, only White kids need be tormented, chastised and guilt tripped into apoplexy.

Teachers like Miss Rogin just want to Kill Whitey before Little Whitey grows to become the ultimate threat by being able to just say "No!"

Democrat House Candidate Works for Practice Claiming White Children Are ‘Racist’

Caraveo, who is running in Colorado’s Eighth Congressional District as a Democrat, is a part of a practice at Peak Pediatrics, Fox News first reported. On Peak Pediatrics’ website, there is a “Speaking on Race & Racism with Kids” section under its “resources” tab, which shows different organizations and websites in addition to a town hall on “racism” held by CNN and Sesame Street.

Fox News noted, on EmbraceRace’s “resources” page, there is an article — Explaining to My White Eight-Year-Old That Yes, She Too, is Racist — that supports teaching children that they are implicitly racist and why it is important to talk to them about “whiteness.”


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