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Female Scientists Say Domestic Abuse Not Problem


Female Scientists Say Domestic Abuse Not Problem
Or: White Karens in Mixed Race Marriages Recant Claims of Domestic Violence

In Truth: There have been many cases where domestic violence has occurred, but because the perpetrator is Black and the battered wife is White, it's treated as a non-crime.

In White/White marriages where there have been claims of domestic violence, it's typically the woman violently attacking the man because she cannot get her own way, and relying on the police and courts to dispose of her husband.

Parody or Honest Reporting?

What is Creator program about it? Genetic test before marriage who would be obviously as ID card where White doctors can say what you can expect from your partner. Keep in mind that are Jews also behind psychoanalysis through Freud and want to represent all White leaders as lunatics.

What said Darwin himself in his book "The Descent of Man and Selection in Relation to Sex" about sex relationships and races? He strongly advocate racial segregation  and represented that womans have lover volume of brain compared with males. In my opinion,male do not must go in marriage with woman who is stronger than him by intelligence.

There is no Creator programme re marriage, other than ensuring to the best of your ability, that your proposed spouse is White. Why?

DNA tests are currently only as useful as your own eyes for determining the genetics of a potential mate. Yes, DNA tests are supposed to be better and are undoubtedly so when professionally done, but any company you or I would deal with would make use of DNA analysis by what are essentially DNA interpreters. If the DNA company or the DNA interpreter you are dealing with has decided to promote the idea that we are one, we are many and all from Africa bullshit, then your DNA test amounts to nothing.

In other words, don't give your money to DNA scammers who want to tell you that you are 14.88% African. Use your eyes and ears.

As for intelligence: I have no problem with a woman that has a higher rate of intelligence than I do. My problem is with women having a lower rate of intelligence. I did that once, and it ended up in divorce, and a retarded child.

My former wife was so dumb - How dumb was she? She was so dumb, she would make something up - pretending to know everything about something she had absolutely no idea about - get it wrong, then verbally and physically abuse anyone that attempted to correct her. Thereby appearing to be the complete and total retard I now consider her to be. To sum it up, I married beneath me.

--- Quote from: Charles Darwin ---"Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge: it is those who know little, and not those who know much, who so positively assert this or that ...."

Charles Darwin paraphrased.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: Albert Einstein ---"Only two things are infinite, the universe and Cailen's ex-wife's stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."

Albert Einstein paraphrased.
--- End quote ---


--- Quote from: Rev.Cambeul on 01 June 2021 at 10:16 ---My former wife was so dumb ... she would make something up ... get it wrong, then verbally and physically abuse anyone that attempted to correct her. Thereby appearing to be the complete and total retard I now consider her to be.

--- End quote ---

Because she had NPD (Narcissistic personality disorder). Klassen spoke about it and according to independent researches, liberals are high intelligent and mental ill and Klassen say that are they in general good Whites. I agree with him. I mean on psycho-profile and not on DNA. Unfortunately, a lot of high IQ people have some kind of mental illnesses. For example, genetic test in NS Germany was mandatory before marriage.

About DNA, Klassen well explained this, we are all animals with common ancestry including Whites and Blacks but it does not mean that we have intelligence and biological structure as Blacks or other part of mammals, we are not same. Darwin himself as I know did not accept theory that we are all from Africa, he rather advocated multi-regional evolution of human.

About races, he did not be sure if are we all humans homo-sapiens or different species. Klassen also sometimes called us as human race and somewhere as species for ourselves. However both of them (Klassen and Darwin) agree that is racial mixing un-natural. If you read book who I put upper, we can conclude that Klassen well studied Darwin and put his thesis inside Creativity. I remembered when Creators attack me because of my ultraconservative opinion about woman possition in White society but it was friendship discussion.


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