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Rev. Masten's Monthly: The Skinhead Movement is a Stain on the White Race

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StephenMasten (Prison):
The skinhead movement today, in my opinion, is a stain on the uniform of the White Race.

I once was a skinhead and tried to reach out and be active with a number of people as a Creator, from Pennsylvania to California and back to PA again. Every time I extended my hand in camaraderie it turned out to be a disaster dealing with skinheads. In this article, I am going to give a brief overview of the types of people active in the skinhead movement today. I have had dealings with all of the following and called some comrade until they showed their true colors. I am not going to use full names or aliases, so as not to give JOG any information, so I have opted to use initials. I will use the full names of the rats that landed me in prison along with their affiliations though. The initials are true so some of these "skinheads" might be recognized. My goal with this article is to lead others in a more constructive direction than that of the skinhead movement.

J.N. was the first skinhead I ever met. This was while incarcerated and he seemed to be a good brother until his pill habit was discovered. He didn't even want to try to get clean. When he hit the streets he started abusing heroin and rumor is that he overdosed. Good riddance. His entire family, including children, disowned him years prior.

David Phillips of the Aryan Terror Brigade is a real piece of work. I met him in 2005 and he was on methadone. I didn't really know what it was then, but it's pretty much a replacement for a heroin habit. In 2010, he had a boot party thrown in his honor. Regardless, ATB accepted him into their ranks. It was also in 2010 that he attempted to force himself on my wife while she was intoxicated. She had to kick him off of her. He has a history of Aggravated Assault on a female and was charged for chasing a bunch of nigger kids with a bb gun. I finally caught up with him in 2010 and removed his eyes from his head. He ran to the JOG agents and ratted me out. At one point we lived together and I once called him comrade. Unfortunately, I quickly discovered that he thought activism was listening to White Power music and abusing drugs and alcohol. He also gossiped like a woman and was always causing problems from one comrade to another.

Wilbert Lauer a.k.a. Butch is also in the Aryan Terror Brigade. He is David Phillips' best friend and I was also close with him at one point. He has been on methadone for 10 years now and initially went on it to kick a heroin habit. The mother of his child is a spick. He also told on me along with David Phillips.

J.P. You abandoned your comrades to join another crew.

"Vinny" from ACS was also on methadone and abused cocaine. A known drug dealer.

"Saint" you are a dope fiend and a drop out. I shunned you as soon as I saw you.

Frank Cassiano a.k.a. Set... I gave you a place to live and patched you in as a Creator and as a skinhead only to discover you were a closet case crack head. We went into battle alongside each other, but you turned into a pussy when I said we ought to kill D.P. At your open guilty plea, you told on me in exchange for a lesser sentence. You still ended up with a 20 - 40 year sentence. Serves you right, rat.

"Hammer" you were my favorite, and best, comrade for a number of years. We lived together on the street and ended up in the same prison together for some time. When someone told on you and you went to the hole, I didn't hesitate to punch on the rat. But we are not of the same caliber. You walk the yard now with my co-defendant like he never told... and call him comrade. You also turned into a junkie over the years.

Well folks, that was the skinhead scene in Philadelphia as I saw and experienced it. Then, I moved to California.

J.L. was initially from Pennsylvania. I ended up in the same prison that he was in years prior. Turns out he was a faggot. In California, he put the real street address on a bunch of skinhead flyers instead of the P.O. Box. It resulted in the home being raided by the Feds and all Creativity related items seized.

K.F., you have two chink children. Stop perpetrating "skinhead."

Last, but certainly not least, is Mike Todd. At one point I admired your activism as a Creator, even though you were a skinhead. But the power went to your head when you started gaining numbers. You began acting as if you were P.M. When I left your ministry, you got petty and denounced me with false allegations... 10 years ago and still unsubstantiated. You did not establish, or operate, your Church or ministry as Klassen intended. In the grand scheme of things you turned out to be a rat and are now cowering in protective custody.

Brother and Sister Creators, this was my exposť of sorts. There are a lot more... but this should suffice. I also met some thorough skinheads but I would rather avoid the lot of them after what you read here.

Rahowa! 23/23

Rev. Masten

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Skinhead movement is working class while is Creativity intellectual movement. Keep in mind that was Klassen part of upper class and pro-capitalist. He was also against recruiting criminals within the movement and did not have good opinion about The Order. Creativity is strategy who teach us how to have enough money for our own benefit and not how to be criminal within White society.

When you have enough money,you have better promotion. Klassen want that rich Whites promote Creativity but problem with Creators is that were within people who would not pass eugenic test in possible Creator society. If you want to have serious organization,clean your own garbage within the movement. I can only conclude that members within organization did not enough study Klassen teachenings what is reason why normal White person do not want to be part of it.

I will never violate official laws in my White state,rather want to be respectful guy who have results in personal life where White society can have benefit from me. Serious adult Creator have children and take care for them what means that he do now want to have stupid criminal activity. Rather he can hard work for the benefit of his family. Serious Creator are frendly also with White police what means that he will always respect them does not matter that they do not agree with Creator program. Creativity belive that will Whites change opinion including guys in military and police and become pro-White.

I think only good can come from your avoiding skinheads. Definitely follow through with that. But has it never occurred to you to avoid dope fiends and race mixers? The fact that you even know the names of that many dope fiends and race mixers says a lot. People that aren't getting high don't hang out with a bunch of people who are getting high. Perhaps some of the people on your list have similar lists of their own with your name on it.

I notice that nothing on your laundry list of, sometimes rather petty, grievances had the slightest relevance to them being skins. Yet it is that they are skinheads that you perceive as the source of some great blight on entire race? Not the dope or miscegenation or faggotry, etc.

I don't think you need worry. Since 99.9% of world will never know they existed the shame can probably be lived down fairly quickly. It is a wonder that their shortcomings should now prick your conscience when you did not shrink to countenance familiarity with every sort of degenerate. Despite your willingness to heap derision on your choice of associates the impression that one gets, in every regard, is that you fit in well with them. Considering the length of your list and that the pattern persists wherever you go and what ever you do. At some point you should consider that the problem is you.


--- Quote from: Br.Rebel on 24 December 2020 at 00:47 ---Skinhead movement is working class while is Creativity intellectual movement. Keep in mind that was Klassen part of upper class and pro-capitalist. He was also against recruiting criminals within the movement
--- End quote ---

@Br.Rebel Ben Klassen saw Creativity as something for ALL WHITE PEOPLE. Rich and Poor, Male and Female. Prisoners who wrote to Founder Klassen were sent boxes of books, Creator Newspapers, shirts, .... When Founder Klassen first envisioned Creativity, American skinheads did not exist - at that stage, skins were uniquely British and had only spread to Australia and New Zealand. When the skinhead scene appeared in the US in the 80's, Founder Klassen was convinced to see it as a new, younger generation. Earlier Creators had been to war in Vietnam, Korea and White War II. While the skins were not the first Creators not to see war, they were a young and solid group, although undisciplined for the cause they had taken up and soon claimed solely as their own.

If you know Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs - the second book of Founder Klassen's autobiography (see at the bottom of this page) - then you know that he soon dispensed with the skinheads. What you don't know is that the skinheads Founder Klassen had displaced attempted to murder PM McCarty. Fortunately, they failed.

Rev. Masten's skinhead associates were Hale recruits. Far worse than anything Founder Klassen had seen, as at least some of his skins were decent people who just happened to be skinheads.

@RaHoWarrior You raised some good points ...

After his missus died, Rev. Masten went a little off the rails. Prior to that, he had removed the skinhead element from his life and straightened himself out. Still, all of those he listed are to this day considered heroes in the skinhead world he came from. Yes, he made some bad choices and that's one of the reasons he's locked up for the next 40 to 80 years. It was a lifestyle that he chose. He has had plenty of time to understand that he was part of that problem. Rather than pettiness, his reasons for denouncing them are to keep others from going down the wrong path - just as he did. Just because someone labels themselves a skinhead doesn't automatically make them the perfect White Racial Soldiers that they claim title to.

Rev. Masten is aware of his mistakes. He is paying his penance. That's what pricks his conscience today. You'll see about one article a month from Rev. Masten - call it an official Church request. He writes and I post them for him in the forum and in his own area of the Prison Portal.

BTW, the majority of those he listed were thrown out of Creativity. Some live in fear of our getting our hands on them. And they are only part of the reason we banned skinheads from Creativity - but Creativity's battle against skinheads dragging us into the gutter or attempting coups to remove all non-skins goes way back to Ben Klassen's time. We don't forgive and we do not forget.

For more, see the topic, Fake Creators: Creativity Prison Movement Attacks CA & Rev.Masten

Most young kids think it’s an old boy’s game.
They are more like hipsters now.

The biggest problem with skinheads is they want hierarchy and they are more concerned with “sniffing people’s arses” and “cock swinging contests” than anything else. Once they get hierarchy in their group they tend to change and treat others they were formerly friends with like crap.

Only a select few listen to their music, it’s not accessible.


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